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Friday, January 30, 2015

I've been nominated by Maddy, Hannah and GPL for the "You are Amazing and so is your Blog Award!" Also, I was nominated by Sophie for the "Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!"
Thanks girls!
Sophie's Questions:

1.If you could be a book character, which one would you be and why?
hm, I would want to be Laura Ingalls Wilder, she was real though, but I just loved that time period. It was so awesome!

2. If you could have any super power, what would it be? be able to do things in my sleep! ;)

3. What city would you like to visit?
I don't really know.. ;)

4. Where would you go in a time machine?
To...the future? Maybe, that's a hard one. 

5.  If you were an ice cream what flavour would you be and why?
Mint chocolate chip, it's the best ever! Because it tastes SO good!

6. How would you describe yourself in three words?
hm, quiet (depending), witty, (as my family says), and sometimes a teaser.. ;) 

7. What kind of music would you be?
Lullaby music...I like calming music..hehe

8. If you were a colour, what would it be and why?
Rose! Because it's pretty, and is a good name. :)

9. What type of chocolate is your favourite?
Oh my, oh my, milk my upmost favorite. I'm not a big fan of dark chocolate.

Maddy's questions:
When did you start your blog?
I started it on October 28th, 2013! 
Your favorite school subject?
Spelling..sign language, (that's a course really,) and sometimes I enjoy history. :D 
What is your dream vacation?
um, I just like sleeping in a tent by a bike trail and creek where we can go fishing! 
Your favorite book?
Seriously?! Doe's everyone ask that question?! ;) I have no idea....there are too many..
City girl or Country girl?
Oh, country girl all the way! 

Guinea Pig Lover's questions:
What is your favorite junk food?
Does chips and salsa (homemade) count? Oh lime chips...oh also, chocolate. I just LOVE chocolate!
Are you a tomboy or girlie-girl?
Sort of in between..
What is your favorite post you have done? Like it here:
This one, it just seemed to homey to me. :D 
If you only had 1 hour to live left, where would you live it?
With my family, at home I think.
Comfort, or uncomfortable fashion?
In between, depends if I'm going out, or staying home. 

Hannah's Questions:
1. If you had to choose one of the places to live, which would you choose?
A humid rain forest treehouse, An abandoned castle, or an underwater cavern? ( where you have to swim underwater to enter but inside there is air)

Rain forest tree house! I always thought that was so neat. ohh, NO water please!! 
2. Do you like drawing? :D
Yes! I recently have been drawing my characters for my story. :D
3. Favorite drink?
Hot chocolate! 
4. Have you watched The Lego Movie? If so, who was your favorite character? :)
| O _O  | <- that was supposed to look like Unikitty....

Nope! :)
5. You wake up to find a baby dragon in your bed! What do you do?

Take a picture! ;)
6. Describe your dream bedroom! :D

Ohh, sea blue walls, with dark blue bedding, a brown bedstead with no end, a big loonggg shelf for all my books, a large closet with no door, a roll top desk (I REALLY WANT ONE!), and a nice window where the light shines through, a blue and green rug..and I think that's it. ;)

Here are my questions for both awards!
  1. Do you ever run out to get the mail?
  2. Do you like cold or warm?
  3. Do you like playing around doing different do's with you hair, or are you the kind of person to keep it the same?
  4. Have you ever wondered how many times you have said the same word in your life?
  5. Do you write?
  6. What is your favorite thing to cook?
  7. If you were snow bound all winter, what would you do for activities/keeping warm?
  8. Are you a changing person, or a person who likes things to stay the same?
  9. Do you like drawing your own drawings, or would you rather use a coloring page? 

I award...
Bonnie || Bonnie's Blessings
Clara || Reasons to Smile 
GPL || Lord's Girls
Ashley || Precious Moments
Maddy || Digital Diaries

and the first person who says....
*everyone else is awarded as well.. ;)*


  1. Thank you for nominating me, Sarah! I am looking forward to doing this!

    1. Your welcome! I can't wait to read your answers! :D

  2. Thanks so much for doing this! The future would be a great place to visit.

    1. Thanks for awarding me! :D That's what I thought, maybe! ;)

  3. This is fun! You did an awesome job with the questions.

    1. Thanks, Bree! :D It's fun making questions!

  4. Thank you o much Sarah! I will definitely do it soon! Great answers!!!

    1. Your welcome Maddy! Great! I'm looking forward to it! :D

  5. Thanks Sarah,
    How do i do it?


    1. Well, just copy the questions and put it on a blog post, answer them, nominate other people and make questions of your own! :)

  6. Enjoyed reading your answers, Sarah! I completely agree with you on mint chocolate chip ice cream being fantastic--the best!

    1. Thanks, Bethany! :D Oh yes, along with cookies and! :)

  7. I would SO love to be Laura too! I really liked the books when I was much younger, and the show has always been fun to watch!
    I have to agree with the mint chocolate chip too... yum!
    Great answers! xx

    1. Oh, have you ever tried listening to them? I LOVE the audio books! We have watched the shows a lot too, actually some tonight.. ;)
      Oh yes! :) Thanks!


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