festival || lost childhood

Monday, September 28, 2015

 The other day, we went to a festival that we recently discovered...I was quite intrigued at the calligraphy part. A lady there did real calligraphy of peoples names-each of us got one. :) It was sooo amazing to actually watch someone do it with the authentic pen and ink. There were also all sorts of looms there - AMAZING. I've always been a crafty person and all the things I was interested in were in that building. It was really neat to watch someone spin wool, how neat is that?

A thrift shop that we have gone to for years is closing down in a few days. They are turning it into a Goodwill. :P Lately, it seems as if many places we have gone to when we were younger have closed down. Such as earlier this year, a 5&10 shop closed down, and an old store we went to in our town did many years ago, along with the movie rental place, they tore down a large clock tower in our town.. :( Seems like everything is being replaced with bigger stores, such as Walmart and Goodwill. I always loved those cute shops, they were always different and fun.

I've been looking around at the color pencils..you know, the 50 and 100 packs. SO. AWESOME. Imagine all those colors?! I have 12 at the moment, (my sister got the 24 pack on sale) so sometimes I borrow some of her different colors. I find drawing/sketching pretty fun. I go for the more cartoonish/real look-because it's less detail and more fun to color. ;) Once I get some good photos, I'll have to show them to you all.

what are some of your favorite places you went to as a child?
do you like colored pencils?

adamantly against coffee

Sunday, September 20, 2015

I absolutely adore how these photos turned out! I love the lighting. ;) I think "Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller and smaller after every mistake" is my favorite ever..thanks to my friend for suggesting the quote. ;) I enjoy quotes, longer ones especially. I love adding my own touch wherever I can. I'm like simple. So that one was a lot for me, adding the twists and such. I love simple, clear, cute fonts. ;)

Hot cocoa for the first time for autumn. Not technically autumn yet, but hey. Actually, the first of Autumn is on the 23rd. Crazyyyyy. Hot cocoa is my favorite drink ever. I was chatting with a friend today, and asked her if you could "force yourself to like coffee?" she replied that there are different flavors, but she didn't think so and why should I want to. lol. I was just wondering why most writers seem to have the "coffee fad" and why it hadn't struck me. lol. When I was oh, 8-9 I tried a sip of coffee, my reaction: YUCK. I never touched it again, I used to get a headache from just smelling coffee beans. Iced coffee isn't horrid, but I still think-it would be better without the coffee flavor. LOL. If I go to a coffee shop, what do I ask for? Hot chocolate. Yep. This year you may find me huddled in my soft blanket, drinking hot chocolate, cider packets or fruit tea and writing, (hopefully the last part). I may go into hibernation. :P Can you tell I don't like the cold?

are you the simple type, or cursive? 
are you adamantly against coffee like me? 

10,000 steps || colored pencils

Thursday, September 17, 2015

As you may have noticed-my sisters and I are very competitive. We recently got some pedometers, that have made way for another competition. Don't worry, it's all in good fun. ;) So far, I really have no idea who is winning..but it is quite crazy. So far today...5,552 steps...and somehow we are supposed to work up to 10,000 steps a day?! Or so the website we looked at says. What I want to say is: HOW?! It may be the death of me. :P

Writers block has been lessened somewhat. I've been writing here and there, jotting down notes more than anything. It's hard starting a new story, after all, I had been working on my novella for six months straight. It became so normal, I feel like a traitor starting a new one. lol!

I've recently got some colored pencils (totally awesome!) and have been sketching more. I've always enjoyed sketching, painting, crafts, anything creative. Art has always been so fascinating to me, that I just have to try everything I find. lol. I very much love sketching with color..sketching people is hard, but I'm practicing with different features at a time, playing here and there with colors. When it comes to drawing, hair and lips are the hardest for me. Facial expressions, I admit, are fun. I was about drooling (not really), over the 100 pack of pencils the other day. Like, whoa, imagine the possibilities!

Camera settings, I admit, have improved my photos greatly. I'm excited for my next post. Yes, I had two posts ready with photos. lol. I finally sat down and wrote the post. Your welcome.

have you ever gotten a pedometer?
do you sketch/paint? If so, what's the hardest thing for you to draw?

radiant light || writers block

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Lately I've been experimenting with my camera setting...I'm stepping out of my comfort zone of using the "auto" mode and am learning the tips and tricks to aperture, shutter speed and ISO. It's fun to watch them all work together and start to understand things. I LOVE the aperture bar that show me if it's too low of light, or too high. (one of the best features ever ;) ) I figured out where those settings are, and I'm pretty excited to learn how to use them. I'm also going to be trying out the "portrait" mode in my camera...I've seen some tutorials and thought it looked pretty neat. :) I actually pulled out my cameras manual today, and read it all. lol!

We got our piano course the other day! It looks pretty neat..the videos will be out in a couple weeks-so we will be starting then. I'm pretty excited about learning how to read notes, I hope it will be easier to learn songs when I can read notes. ;)

I have writers block. It's horrid really, I've never really experienced it this badly before. I want to write..it's the most horrible thing a writer experiences. I feel inspired when I talk to friends about writing, but when I sit down with that pen and paper-my mind goes blank and I fight with wanting to write or not. I know I should. Because when I get going, I love it. Ugh. I hope I get out of this writers block soon, if not, you may find me living on a mountain. (inside joke, lol)

Do you use Auto Mode, or are you adventurous? 
Have you ever had a horrible case of writers clock?

open when || music

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I got this Bible for review..and so far I love it! It has wonderful notes at the bottom, section titles, and maps-

which I really love. I love how smooth it looks, though, they could have added some sort of design to the cover

to make it cuter. ;) I took off the cover because I've never liked those. ;) I really love the size, and it's really nice

to use. :) The pages are very nice, because the pages don't bleed too easily, and you can write with pens or

pencils in there. Have you ever seen a sketch Bible? Those are the neatest!! :D

My sisters and I have been enjoying playing around with the piano. As I said before, Julia and I are learning a

duet that we found off Youtube. When I was younger..around seven I think, my sisters and I took piano

lessons. After we stopped doing that-I lost track of it and never really was able to read notes, (which I so badly

want to do). So, we found an awesome course that we will be taking now, as soon as the books get here, I

believe we will be starting! I'm pretty excited, I've always loved music..I love classical, jazz, christian contemporary

music and other such stuff. Though, I admit, classical is my favorite when doing school-though, I love

singing along with music. :) 

Have you ever heard of the "open when" letters? Well, a friend and I will be doing those..I found some

pretty neat ideas on Pinterest. ;) They're pretty neat, only, you have to wait to open them. lol. Can't wait to

get mine! ;) 

what is your favorite genre of music?

have you ever done the "read when" letters?
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