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Saturday, January 09, 2016

I bought these smaller bulletin boards that Julia helped me put up on my wall once I realized I just didn't have

enough room to pin up all my art. I just needed more space to pin up art from siblings, things from friends in

the mail, and drawings and such. So my siblings made these cardboard cameras where you "take the photo"

and pull out an image you drew. ;) Adorbs! 

My youngest sister: "Say cheese!"

Me after she shows me photo: "That's a bad photo of me."

To which she replied: "uh uh, you is prettyful!"

My hair is super, super, super finicky. Like seriously, I can't get it to curl for the life of me. 

I spent 45 minutes one time just to get a curl with the curling iron. Fail.

I spend 30 minutes using the heat curlers. Fail. 

If I want extreme curls, I use the overnight curlers. But I don't like extreme curls. Sometimes, french braiding it

over night works. In other words, my hair just doesn't curl. 

So I got this book a while back to review, and dried the new "style" of blow drying my hair. 

Normally, if I blow dry it...Poof! Disaster. :P 

If I left it and let it dry normally, I had extremely flat hair. 

So I found this new technique of blow drying hair.  yeah, sure, righttt. That's totally going to make a 


Well, I was wrong. lol. It works great! So great, that even *GASP* Julia now has me doing her hair. lol. ;)


what texture hair do you have?

what is your hair routine?


  1. There's a technique for blow drying hair? I'm impressed. I'm so sorry that your hair isn't easily curled! I know how much of a pain that could be! I don't really do much to my hair... just using the usual shampoo and conditioner. :)

    xoxo Morning

    1. lol. I know, right?! I suppose it's just drying certain parts first and using a certain brush. Yeah, I don't usually do much. I just like leaving my hair down most of the time. ;)

  2. Hmm, I have a couple of ideas on the curling hair issue!

    1. Do you typically curl it dirty or clean? Whichever you've been doing, do the opposite. Most people say that their hair does a lot better when it's dirty but personally mine works better clean. Figure out which works for you!

    2. What temperature of heat have you been using? I had a friend who just could not get her hair to curl until she put the iron on over 400 degrees- but it worked!

    3. Another tip is to try a spray on your hair before you curl it, either a curling serum or hairspray.

    1. Normally, I curl second day hair because I heard that was the best. What kind of curler do you use?

      I actually don't know what tempture is it, I think it goes automatic. I've been looking into getting a new one (ours is pretty old), but wasn't sure if I wanted to because my hair doesn't curl easily..lol.

      Hm, I've never tried that. Do you find it's good to put hairspray on after curling? Or does that just ruin it?

      Thanks for the tips, Grace! :D

    2. I've used a Remington wand and a Bed Head wand. OH! Have you used a wand? They work better than irons.

      Hmm. If it's old that could be part of the problem.

      I like to spray it lightly after curling, just not too much of I tend to get flyaways. But using some hair spray definitely helps.

    3. I've been looking at both of those brands actually! I haven't used a wand, I heard they were better and I found a nice one I'm interested in online..it's a Remington I believe. :D

      When I curled my hair yesterday, I didn't spray it with hair spray, because if I do that to my hair it always looses it's volume. It stayed in all days anyways! :D I'm going to have to look into getting a wand tho, my hair is too long to even wrap all around our curling iron. lol!

    4. If it's red, then that's the one I have! It's great.

      Oh, awesome! That's so great haha xD

  3. Hey Sarah! Have you ever tried doing a heatless curling tutorial? I've done this one several times, and it works great! http://www.kayleymelissa.com/#!Heatless-Halo-Curls/c1rfl/EA64D5FA-3B28-4586-B70F-8FC3EBFB71D3
    But then again I have thick, wavy hair. Hope this works! ;-)

    1. I have seen it, but I haven't tried it before! The over night things usually work for me, just the heat curling doesn't really. ;P
      Thanks! :D

  4. Haha, you're siblings are hilarious:P Yeah, my hair doesn't curl very easily either; my older sister curled it once - it took an hour and by the time she was finished all the curls she had done first had straightened out:/ My hair had a slightly burnt smell after she was finished.......... :P

    1. lol. and adorable. ;)
      oh, that stinks. :P I tried that also, no matter how long I held it IT WOULD NOT CURL. :P boy, I've never had it smell burnt before..I admit I've worried about it though. lol!

    2. That was me trying to curl my younger sisters hair, Mikayla! Haha! Thankfully, we eventually found that french braiding her hair while damp overnight worked!

    3. ah, yes, french braiding does work for me. Just heat curls don't for some reason. ;)

    4. Haha :P Well my hair is really thick so when i put it in a french braid overnight, the next morning it's super frizzy. And then i kind of look like Mia from Princess Diaries......... :P

  5. I have really thick hair. I do blow dry my hair everyday. I just started doing that a few weeks ago. My hair has a hard time holding curl as well. I'll have to try curling it after I blow dry it now that I dry it everyday.
    And yes, you are very "prettyful" Sarah!!

    1. That's awesome! Your hair looks really cute short, because you have such volume. My hair does not look cute short. ;) Do you use a heat protector? :D Tell me if it works!
      aw, thank you! <3 <3

    2. No, Ive never used a heat protector....might have to try that sometime:)

    3. I use it some times, most of the time I usually forget. ;P

  6. Those corkboards are super cute! And I have curly, long hair, so I don't face the same problems. I will say that moose is my friend, as it prevents frizz and shapes any natural curl. I use Suave professionals moose, and I really like it for its affordable price.

    Sisters are the best, aren't they!

    1. Thanks, Hannah! <3 Ah, do you ever wish you had straight hair? (I always was curious if it was just the straight haired girls who wished for curled hair. lol) I tried moose once, just to see what it would do, and all it did was make my hair greasier faster. :P I believe we have that same brand. :D

      Oh, quite. I don't know what I would do without them. Without all the teasing, the poking, doing each other hair, staying up superr late (or early), the whole awesomeness of sisterness. ;)

  7. Hey Sarah! I just tagged you for the Liebster Award!!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Mic! <3 I'll totally check it out!

  8. I love your room. It looks so cool!
    I never try to get curly hair. I'm pretty happy with the hair texture I have (I mainly braid my hair anyway), but I also dutch braid my hair before bed and sleep on it. When I wake up I always have crazy poofy curly hair! But my hair doesn't hold a curl for long. It's normal straight again after a few hours.
    Also, I tagged you for the One Lovely Blog tag: http://sophiesseabed.blogspot.com.au/2016/01/one-lovely-blog-tag.html

    1. Thanks, Sophie! :D
      I haven't tried a dutch braid on myself, normally I just french braid it. If I curl my hair, it holds it for a while—sometimes into the next day!
      Thanks for tagging me! :D

  9. Hi Sarah!
    I design Blogs and I was wondering if you would like me to design your blog?

    1. Hi Allie! Sorry, but I'm currently not looking for a designer..I usually design my own blog with my sisters. We're a pretty good team. ;) Your designs look amazing though! Did you recently start designing?


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