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Thursday, May 05, 2016

 So at this zoo we went to, you can sleep in a camp right above the hill where the bears are kept.
Like, no thankssss.
Never. Nope. Not me.

How strange we humans are. We ride in this SMALL box with wheels to get to this place where we see animals in cages as entertainment. We pay to ride camels around in a circle (I didn't, lol), and we buy feed to toss at birds.
...we are strange.
Can you imagine how many times God looks down and just laughs at us?

Note to self: Next time I do NaNo, finish my book in the month. Just do it.
Note to self: Don't ever take a break after NaNo.
Note to self: Stop getting ideas in the middle of my book. It makes editing a pain.

P.S. otters are totally adorable. <3

would you ever sleep nearby bears?
do you ever ponder how strange we humans are?


  1. Sleeping by bears, I think, would be an adventure, although at the same time rather unsettling. :P
    Indeed, humans are strange, we have little devices that we carry around with us everywhere that we spend a lot of time touching and looking at that we use to communicate with eachother, some animals we're afraid of, others we let live in our house, we wear different clothes for sleeping and different clothes for swimming. We listen to vibrations to get inspiration for the words we combine to make stories. We are indeed interesting creatures.

    1. ....*puts up hand* stop, please. No more.

      *head desk* we are so strange. I was thinking more about how we ride in strange, confined boxes with multiple peoples stuffed in this small space that you would normally never do. The box has clear, see-though square holes where we can see to drive though. With these sticks to wipe the glass if it rains. We have holes in the roof so the sun can come through. And we have this rope-like stuff to hold us in. We have holes to keep cups in. And we get placed by pushing this thing with our foot and turn this circle wheel to get places.

      ...I should stop now.

    2. I wish I could 'like' these comments! This is quality material to make me sit back and question my existence. XD

    3. lol! They should make a 'like' button, shouldn't they?? ;)

  2. I would sleep in a camp above the bears cage. That is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and the bears can't climb out. :)

    1. haha, I think I would like it-until it was pitch black dark. XD

  3. Hey ;). I'd NEVER sleep by bears, if i could help it!

    1. lol! oh, come on. Wanna do it together?? ;)

  4. I loved your point about how strange we people are- it's very true that we often do things that make no logical sense. <3
    As for me, I would totally sleep by bears.

    1. God created such a beautiful, unique world, didn't He? It's amazing. :D

      hahaa, well, let me know if you do! ;)

  5. yeah... no. No bears for me, especially in the dark, when you can't see anything... yeah. no. And yes, we humans ARE strange!


    1. yeahhh, I think the darkness around me would be the worst part. :P It probably wouldn't be THAT bad though, right??

  6. Yes, I would love to sleep by bears!!!
    ...I say from the comfortable safety of my keyboard... XP Honestly though, if I ever had the chance, I wish I could be brave enough to do it! It sounds awesome!

    Anyhows, I love your photo of the lion :D

    1. LOL. That is very true. Some people say they will do it, but once you are actually there..it's different. XD Probably the only way I would do it if a sibling challenged me. lol!

      Thanks so much! <3 <3

  7. Sounds like fun! (Oh, and I would totally sleep by bears... ;)


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