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Sunday, May 01, 2016

The other day Julia and I were walking through all the craft aisles, with me ooh-ing and ahh-ing at every. single. craft. item. oh, gosh, look at all that amazing stuff. XD
I turned around, and Julia was gone.
"Juliaaa," I rolled my eyes and walked down the aisle. Peering around the corner, I find Julia looking at all the cooking items, "stop wandering off," I grabbed her arm to drag her away.
"I'm not-" she pulled away from my arm to walk away again, "ooh, look at this."
"Stop acting like a kid," I arched my eyebrows before following her.

aaaannndd, that's what it's like shopping with Julia. XD

For all you people out there who think Julia is my YOUNGER sister *inserts evil laugh*, she is the older one. (But you can think what you want, hhahahaa)

Camp NaNo is overrrr! I can't believe that month is gone. For the last two days I procrastinated dangerously until I ended up writing at 1 A.M. :P #notrecommended
But, I DID finish. I won at 35k. *dies*
It was a good month. I only felt like quitting a few times. And my cabin mates were awesommmee. Sometimes writing was painful, writing horrible words that I knew I am scratching. Other times, it was super.

Overall, it was a good camp session. See you in July, NaNo!

do you enjoy wandering the craft aisles?
if you participated in NaNo, how much did you write?


  1. Awe, you were an awesome cabin mate too! <3

    1. We'll have to do it again this July! :D

  2. Craft isles are wonderful! I almost never buy anything, but I love looking. :D I didn't do Camp NaNo this month, but I might another time!

    1. hahaa, I wish I could say the same...but I can't. XD You should totally do NaNo it's awesome. :D

  3. YES, I LOVE wandering the craft aisles. The rest of my family is done in the craft stores wayyy before I am.
    The other day I went into a Hobby Lobby for the first time and loved it! I never wanted to leave.
    And wow, 35k words! Congratulations…that's awesome! I'm a HUGE procrastinator when it comes to my writing....which is why I don't ever do NaNo! Haha!

    1. oh, yes. I pretty much stick around there, I just tell them to come back later. I'd still be there. ;) Hobby Lobby, for the FIRST TIME? *shakes head* it's toooo lateeee. Turn back nowww! hahaa, just kidding. But, that place does make you want to start up five hobbies at a time you never had interest in before. ;)
      Thanks so much! ugh, I often am. But when I am challenged to do much better. :D

  4. Haha! That sounds kind of like how it is shopping with me. Only sometimes, though. ;) Congrats on finishing NaNo! Erg. I know...procrastination. XD I do it too. Sadly. Oh, so sadly. ;) I had two kind of big essays to do for school and I finished one in a day, but it took a really long time (as opposed to working on it little bits at a time) and I still have the second to start and finish... :P I need to work on that. ;)


    1. hahahaa, well, you and Julia had better never go shopping alone then. XD Thanks so much! ah, yes, procrastination often comes back to bite you. :P Oh, well. Hope your essay goes well! <3

    2. Haha! We would probably a very long time if we were to go shopping together. ;) You're welcome! :) And thank you!

  5. Yay! Congratulations on finishing NaNo! That's awesome. :-)

  6. Ahh, sisters. :) I have four of them so I would know. ;) BUT YES. Aren't the craft isles in stores simply amazing? I love looking at all the beautiful things and imagining that I was using them to make crafts. :P

    Congratulations on Camp NaNo! *throws confetti*

    1. lol! Yup, yup. oh, yes. All those watercolors. And then you find other things and are like, "oh, I could start *this* hobby," but then your wallet says no so you sadly walk away. XD


      oh, I've been meaning to ask you, do you have a blog?? :D

    2. No, sadly, I do not. Maybe someday. :)

    3. aw, well, let me know if you get one! ;) You should totally start a blog. :D

  7. I have always wanted to do camp NaNo and finally made an account this month but I didn't find enough time to write anything. :(


    Allie D.

    1. You should totally try it next July! You don't have to do a large goal at all, whatever you feel like doing. :D

      IKR?? XD

  8. Ahhhh congrats on NaNo! *high fives* That's amazing! Do we get to hear what the book is about? *sly grin*

    Hehehe I love the dynamic of your relationship with your sister already! XP

    1. Thaaankks! XD ahahaha, guess you'll have to wait until it's published. Someday. :P XD

      ah, yes. You only get to see a piece of what we do every day. ;)

  9. CAMP NANO! ohmygosh you did SO AMAZING. Even if you had 1am writing sessions. ;) (though... I did way more of those than I'm willing to admit. whoops.)
    *sprinkles confetti and cookies all over you* CONGRATULATIONS! Now keeping up the motivation to finish the novel is the hard part... :P

    a writer’s faith  

    1. Thank SOO much! <3 ah, yes, it isn't so bad writing at 1 in the morning. No one else is awake then. ;)

      Congrats to you too, you did AH-mazing! ugh. I kinda wished I had pushed to finish it, now I took a break and have to get myself back into it. oops. :P


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