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Thursday, September 22, 2016

I've found a four leaf clover twice in my life. As I was looking for some with my siblings I was seriously like, "How did I ever find those this is impossibleeeee." Like a needle in a haystack. Or a clover in a yard. whateves.

I still remember pressing the clover in my Bible--not often that you find a four leaf clover, huh? Seriously tho--I just sit there like, "whaaaa" when people claim our world "happened by chance" and "started with a massive explosion of chemicals and gasses"

*stares at the world in front of me* ha. yeah. SUREEEEEEEE.

I mean, our God puts random four leaf clovers out there out of the thousands of three leaf clovers for us silly humans to find for enjoyment. And you know what we do with it? "Look, it's a LUCKY four leaf clover" *headdesk*

I enjoyed the last day of summer yesterday (today is the first day of fall, btw NOOOOOOOO) by making chalk roads on our driveway and the sort for my siblings and riding bikes all around. Ya know, giving people "tickets" for passing stop signs or passing and such. We used to do that all the time when I was younger--I haven't done it in forever. You know what, it felt good. The little things in life are what matter. Not the things that *seem* important, actually, the ones that don't seem important actually are the ones are. If that made any sense.

well, peeps, I'm off. Autumn is here and I intend to make the best of it, although, I'll miss summer dearly. Over sized sweaters, hot cocoa and cozy writing days here I come. *reluctantly hands over summer* *winces* NO. WAIT. *cries*

have you ever found a four leave clover?
what did you do for the last day of summer?


  1. I love how you just used a four leaf clover as an example of God and all that He can do. YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! ahhh I don't get it sometimes how people don't realize there is a God. But then I think, lots of people kind of do, they just don't want to? I dunno, it's a mystery.
    I am so excited it's fall!! Now I can talk about fall-sih things and not get judged or annoying comments how it's still summer technically. I live in Washington, the moment it hits September, it begins to act like fall.


    1. ughhh, I knowwww. It's rather amusing at times (but not) how people can believe our world started from nothing WITH NO PROOF WHATSOEVER. In fact, they make up fossils to prove their theory and say they are the real thing--I mean, come on. The problem is, they state it as a fact, though, in truth, it's only a theory. (can you tell I've been taking a course on the subject?? hahaa it's been really interesting)

      hahahaha, yes, yes--I know it. Seriously tho I don't know how but it feels like fall. like, it's in the air. nooooooooooooooooo

  2. I am pretty sure I've found one or possibly two before. But you find them, and then you wonder quite what you are going to do with your new four leaf clover! :)

    We had the last day of winter, here in New Zealand! Hooray for Spring. So can't wait for warmer weather.

    1. I seriously don't know how I found them when I was little--they really are so cool though. xD

      that is..awesome. WINTER IS OVEERRRR for youuu luckkyyy xD

  3. GREAT post, Sarah!!! <33333 I HAVE NEVER found a four leaf clover (at least, not that I remember). RIGHT?! "Look, a four leaf clover! I must have good luck." LOL nope. And I'm pretty serious when I say that yesterday I knew today was the first day of fall, but for some reason I didn't really think "this is the last day of summer" I just thought "tomorrow is the first day of fall." IDK what was going on. I like different things about all the seasons so, AUTUMN HERE I COME. I do like wearing comfy things and drinking warm tea and such (or coffeeeeee ;D). (But the cold lasts so longggggggg.)

    1. awww, thanks so much, Micaiah! <333333 lol yeah I know I first thought, "tomorrow is the first day of fallll" then I was like, "wait. last day of summer. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Comfy things are good and tea is okay *shoves coffee over to you* yeah, winter isn't that bad except that it seems to last FOREVER.

  4. Great story! Four leaf clovers are so hard to find. I think I've like . . . one in my entire life. XD
    I am sorry that summer has come to a close as well -- miss you, dear hot summer! :)

    Sophia xx
    A Lantern In Her Hand
    The Inkpot Girl

    1. oh, I know. Whenever I've tried to find one recently I end up giving up. Maybe I just had more patience for it as a child. xD

      YES SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS it's really chilly today gahhhhh it's okay, I guess.

  5. Sarah, I think this was my favorite post of yours yet. I loved the four leaf clover example and the part about "it's the little things that matter." :'')

    Oh, and... I'm really sorry, but... Yesterday was the first day of fall YESSSS. (<< sorry, I had to. xP) I am so excited for fall. *dances in imaginary leaves*

    1. awww, I'm so glad! <333333 It's really encouraging to hear you say that -- thanks so much! <333

      UGHHH WHY MUST YOU DO IT ah, well, I guess you do have the right now. hahahhaa. I went outside to get the mail today and it was CHILLY. NO. NO. NO. it's okay, I could seriously live with fall. it's just..winter. noooooo okay, I'll stop now and try to enjoy it. xD


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