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Saturday, September 17, 2016

*slides into seat* *brushes off dust* *loads up photos* it's been a while since I've done one of my normal posts, huh *cranks up

projector* well here you guys go

it's sort of sad actually, how we had to take down our pool. it sends that feeling of "SUMMER IS OVER" through you. then the

temperature starts dropping and you sit there tapping on the thermometer like, JUST GO BACK UP, OKAYYY? I'LL GIVE YOU


anyways taking down the pool is just an excuse to splash each other. don't worry, I made sure my camera was a safe distance

away from the danger zone. #noonewoulddare #donttouchthecamera

me: "what are you drinking?"

my four-year-old sister looks up from her cup: "coffee"

me: "coffee?! ewwwwwwww"

then she looks at me matter of factly: "nuh uh. it has sugar in itttttttt--yummy sugar"

I've come to the conclusion that people are born either liking coffee, or not. I had coffee at her age for the first time and was

like, "WHY DO YOU GUYS LIKE THIS STUFF" of course, my four-year-old brain didn't exactly say that.

It was more like: *sips* *shivers* *stares at coffee* yuck *dad laughing in background*

have you missed my "normal" posts?

thoughts on coffee?


  1. I've definitely missed your normal posts, I love all your posts though to be honest. ;)


    I don't really think you're either born liking coffee or not liking it, sometimes it's just something you have to get used too, I used to think it was gross. *shrug*

    1. aw, thanks. I really have to admit I really got into the feeling of my blog when I wrote this post tho. :D

      IF COFFEE REALLY IS SO GOOD WHY DO YOU HAVE TO FORCE YOURSELF TO LIKE IT -- i just don't get it. oh, well. More for you I guess.

  2. GAH I LOVE COFFEE. Like, I'm an addict. haha
    Funny story...the first time I ever had coffee, I actually hated it, but my parents like it a lot and I felt bad being the only one that didn't like it, so I kept drinking it until I did. Now I am addicted and can't imagine my life without it. :D

    I am going to miss summer, but fall is my favorite season, so I am STOKED. I love your normal posts!! Your blog is fabulous. ♥


    1. *shields self as you drink coffee* nooooooooooooooo that's okay. we can still be friends. xD
      lol!! really?? Maybe I just didn't drink it enough or something. I dunno--it just doesn't appeal to me. Maybe it's just too strong a flavor for me.

      Fall is pretty nice..but summer is..*happiness* oh well, it has to come at some point. aww, thanks so much, Megan! <333333

  3. I like all your posts- but it's nice to have your normal ones back. =) I love fall, so I'm actually glad it's starting again!

    Coffee... I love the smell but not the taste! That's hilarious that your 4-year-old sister drinks it- I'm sure mine wouldn't! xD

    1. I feel better doing my "normal" posts, but sometimes it's like to have a break up. :D

      Funny--I used to get headaches from the smell! I don't anymore tho--which is good because a lot of people drink it over here. lol!

  4. YAY a fellow coffee disliker. WOOOT.
    A lot of my friends just love coffee. BLACK. LIKE HOW??? Ugh I just don't understand it :)

    Aww you had to take down your pool. That's so sad :( I DON'T WANT SUMMER TO BE OVER.

    1. *fistbump* WE ARE RARE PEOPLE

      black. BLACK. *shivers*

      aw, yeah I know. ughhh. ME EITHER. but fall isn't too bad I guess. Still, summer rules.

  5. I USED TO HATE COFFEE. Like, ew. But now I work at a coffee shop, and I get free coffee, and I'm tired all the time, so coffee and I have become friends. We're not BEST friends yet, but getting there. :D

    And omg your little sister. <333 XD

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. WHY DOES EVERYONE SAY THEY HATE IT THEN FORCE THEMSELVES TO LIKE IT *mind explodes* oh, well, free is good. bahhahaa

      IKR?? seriously so adorbs <3333

  6. Haha! I think some people just don't like it, at all, period, of course. But for some people I think the real issue is just the bad memories of their first sip. EVERYbody I hear of who hates coffee, ALWAYS seems to have had their first taste at 4-6. Usually it was on the sly or as a joke from a parent, the child was expecting magic (their parents love the stuff!), and they got cold, nasty coffee made to their parents taste and not theirs (the amount of sugar and cream, and even whether you brew it in the keurig or double strength in the pot, makes a HUGE difference in the taste that we don't think of others not liking when we like it ourselves). Most of these people have never tried it again because the memory makes them shudder, and I've always wondered if they really hated coffee, or just cold coffee (and even I, who love coffee, admit that sometimes cold coffee is reminiscent of dirt.)
    Funny story: My Uncle experienced the on-the-sly torture, and never recovered. He then married my Aunt, who loved and worked at Starbucks for YEARS leading up to their wedding :D.
    I'll be done now. Coffee gets me excited...

    1. Maybe I just don't like the strong flavor of it. I used to get headaches from the smell but I got over it. xD Well, when I was 4 I asked to taste it and since then I've had a couple sips (mostly forced/dared by friends) lattes are okay because it's not so potent..but normal? I dunno..

      lol!! maybe I have to try it again. ;)

  7. Oh that's so sad:( Noooooooooo!! Summer please stay!!!!!

    Your sister!! Haha.....tell her great job for liking it;). I would be such a sad person if I did not have coffee.

    1. I knowwwwwww. there are so many cool things to take pics of in the summer (I know you'll understand me) and in the winter it's like: "oh, let's take a picture of..look MORE SNOW."

      hahaa, it kinda surprises me that she likes it because she is very similar to me--I prefer my hot cocoa but lattes aren't that bad. xD

    2. Yes! Totally! Or you could take a picture of another stick:)

  8. I love your blog! <3 Also, coffee is goooooooood. :)

    1. aw, thanks so much, Hannah! <33333333 lol *hands over extra coffee* xD

  9. SWIMMING. Yes. *sigh* Definitely glad you're back to your regular posts! :D AND YOU DON'T LIKE COFFEE??! Both you and Julia. Goodness gracious gals. LOL (It's okay, 'cause I didn't start liking it too much until recently, soooo...) HAHAAA. I really like your description of the first time you tried coffee... "*dad laughing in background*" XD

    1. lol--hey, more coffee in the world for you, 'kay? Julia used to like coffee--maybe she just had too much of it. hahahaaa xD It's funny, because I can still remember tasting it. Don't you love it when you remember stuff like that and you're like, "I WAS FOUR?!" xD

  10. Yes, summer is over! But I'm actually quite happy because that means AUTUMN. And cozy sweaters and socks, hot cocoa with whipped cream, and cozy reading/writing days. <3

    Oh, and coffee. Nada. xP

    1. WAIT WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY THAT WAS THAT AN EXCLAMATION POINT surely I am mistaken. Okay, okay--cozy sweaters, socks and hot cocoa and good BUT THAT WAS AN EXCLAMATION POINT.

      btw i'm actually even sadder because the weather for this winter is predicted as "lots of snow and really cold" noooooooooo. I'll live walking around with my blanket. or maybe hibernate.

    2. HAHA YES IT WAS AN EXCLAMATION POINT. And here are a few more: !!!! I am seriously SO excited for fall. I just can't even. <3 <3 <3 But I will miss summer. :'(

      SAAAAME. Except for the snow. There might be a little snow where I live, but not much, only rain. I mean, I absolutely adore rain, but... constant storms means being completely trapped up on the mountain where I live. WHICH MEANS WE CANNOT REALLY COME OUT OF THE HOUSE. So I'm sure that will get old, but I'm just going to try to enjoy it. :P

    3. AHHHH AN EXCLAMATION POINT (it's a good thing you added you'll miss summer) hahahaaa

      awe, rain is okay--I guess. atleast the rain stops and doesn't melt and refreeze and make driving impossible then the snow drifts alongside the road :P ughhhh well, let's enjoy fall while we can. Or should I say summer--we only have 1 day left. GAH. xD

  11. I've missed these posts! Haha, splashing in pools and camera definitely do not mix! ;)
    Yuck, yuck coffee! :)

    Sophia xx
    A Lantern In Her Hand
    The Inkpot Girl

    1. lol yes. I'm very careful with my camera--no one else hold it often and I always shield it even after I've warned everyone to be careful. I say, "watch the camera!" pretty often. ;)

      hahaa, really?? *fistbump*


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