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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


- wrote 30,009 words for nanowrimo making my book around 81,682 AND ITS NOT DONE

- designed ju's book cover

- I went sugar free for a week DUN DUN DUUUNNNNN

no dont worry it didn't snow like that much just a few flurries
- participated in a festival and earned money for christmas gifts *whispers* yaassssss

I legit got a nickname this month. I don't remember who came up with it (someone in my writing group) but now I have the nickname "Sare" YOU GUYS SRSLY MAKE ME SO HAPPY JULIA EVEN CALLS ME IT NOW i've tried forever to get Ju to use a nickname for me and you guys did it in a week okay

I had the best birthday -- that's all I can use to describe it k

- got the most adorable mini whale from Hannah for my birthday LOOK AT THIS THING xD

- a bunch of girls in my nanowrimo group did a collab Narnia party themed hack. TOTAL EPICNESS.

- okay I was looking thru my planner and last month legit wrote 8k for the whole month of October. OKAY WHAT I WROTE 11K IN ONE DAY THIS MONTH what have i even been doing

November 1st - *dies* I wrote 11k okay.

Nov 8th - wrote 1,362 words in a 25 min sprint. yeeaaahhhh my group was gonna call the nano police on me lol

November 21st - WRITERS BLOCK OKAY.

November 26th - has not written for three days ugh

*when you decide that today is going to be dedicated to writing and end up running errands literally all day* *headdesk*

- symphony of silence by sophia noelle -  << *sighs happily* just. these words okay.
- the monstrous beast of comparison by hannah white - << okay can we just all like scream right now at the epicness of this post yes we can uh huh *nodnod* like, TRUTH is written all over this post okay yup
blanket by lorraine - << this post is so real to me -- i often wonder if when I see someone, when i utter that 'goodbye', if it'll be the last time i see them. and once, it was.

my airforce man by elizabeth anne  - << can i like go cry in the corner plz

what is nano really about by hannah white -  << so bc hannah is so awesome I had to mention this post too BC LIKE TRUTH AGAIN. I didn't go for 50k this month, and, I'll admit, I did feel quite bad when I looked back on my planner and discovered that legit 15 days had "0" words written. HALF OF THE MONTH OKAY. well, I realized then that well, maybe I *could* have done 50k. but, nope. Do you know how busy I was? I'm satisfied now as I look back on this month--I legit wrote 30k amidst it all. so, thx Hannah, for the reminder. XD
as of late by hannah - << where I learned you can go without sleep for 96 hours. (apparently google does not know me hahaha xD)
apart by julia ryan - << yesss, i'm a good sister I mention ju *nodnod* but rly this post is real. 

lost camera card. me: "I already looked in the couch!* *looks everywhere* *julia finds it in couch* *headdesk*

- *loses lens cap outside during photoshoot* *looks for it outside three times* *finds in pocket* whoops.

- *rakes leaves* *gets blister* um yeeaaahhhh. gloves. whoops.

- *is looking for lockbox key* *goes under bed* *ohh look old writing* *finds writing from when I was six. ewwww no* *shoves it away* *gets to bottom of box* *forgets what I was even doing* "ohey I found the key"

- finding the most adorable thing ever at the store

- *sets down bowl of oatmeal from microwave* *faintly touches finger on hot stove* mom: "oh! did you get burnt?" me: "nah" later: "oh look, a blister. whoops."

- *awkwardly runs thru store in heeled boots bc the store is closing (a.k.a. is closed) to get the paper plates your mom asked you to get*

- *when your sister pretends she turns to into a pumpkin at midnight, and is groaning on the kitchen floor*
me: ....

- the awkward moment when you are mixing your frosting and realize 30 seconds into it that it's whipping air bc you forgot the paddle attachments

- that crazy moment when your mom and dad bring in your cupcakes and stuck in each individual cupcake is a single candle that is exploding fireworks. legit you blow them out and they come back. like, they crackle with blue light of electricity. good joke mom. xD
- when you are at the store and this elderly gentleman asks you to try on a pair of leather gloves bc he is Christmas shopping and your hands look a similar size to his wife's lolol

- sitting in the car eating Doritos and drinking soda with your bros as turn up the Christmas music

- TAKE OVER THE BLOGGING WORLD jk jk *ahem* I mean, comment on more blogs, yes, of course that's what I meant to say *nodnod*

- start and stick with my new bullet journal

- finish my mess of a book named Oblivion, get chapters organized and print the thing out in book form *squeals*

- try to see the bright side in taking pics of snow (when it does rly come) and embrace it for pics

- finish ALL Christmas shopping (almost done already) and package and send out gifts to friends

- update my friends page which is in dire need of such mentioned

- write one poem and force myself not to hate it lol

well guys, what do you think of my new 'monthly update' thing? xD
how is your christmas shopping going?


  1. This is awesome! Congrats on your novel!! :)

  2. I love monthly update posts! They're so fun to read! :)

  3. Awwwee "when you are at the store and this elderly gentleman asks you to try on a pair of leather gloves bc he is Christmas shopping and your hands look a similar size to his wife's lolol" that's SO CUTE...ALL THE CUTENESS

    I loved your monthly update! ALL THE LOVE. Okay so I may be in my element rn because there's literally monthly recaps sprouting as I speak...type. BUT AII LOVE.

    1. lol IKR it was kinda awkward tho to be honest hahaa

      aww, thanks!! <33 lol IKR it's like

      29th: *blogger world normal*
      30th *blogger explodes*

      awww, thanks!!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS I lost my camera card once too!!!!! IT WAS IN THE TRASH OKAY so be glad your situation wasn't worse xD Awesome post!!

    1. I WAS WORRIED IT WAS IN THE TRASH ugh so glad I found it tho like *scary* aww, thanks girl! :D

  5. Sir not to alarm you or anything but your whale is upside down. XD
    And just...this entire post, oh gosh. XD

    1. *scrolls up* *flips whale* he likes to see the sky okay xD

      lol thanksss I guessss xD

  6. Girl I just lost my camera battery charger so I think I'm in a worse place right now. AGHHHH. I'm currently very unhappy about that :)

    I love this post so much though! Monthly wrap ups (or any type of wrap up) are my favorites. I CAN'T BELIEVE it snowed either. It's crazy. But I wouldn't mind some snow now though, tbh. And congrats on Nano! You did so awesome...especially writing 11k in one day like WHAAATHKFJSKFJDS I didn't complete it really, but then again, I'm not beating myself up too much because I kinda figured I wouldn't anyway xD

    1. *dies* *hugs charger close* noooooo did you find it?! :P

      aww, thanks, girl! ikr I still don't know how I did that 11k like craazzzyyy. lol aw, maybe you can try it next time right?! It was insane tho--I don't know if I'd do so much again xD

  7. Lol, the gloves though!
    Wait . . . Julia was pretending to turn into a pumpkin? Sisters are the best. 😄

    1. lol ikr xD

      ...yeaaahh. and yep they are. hahaa xD

  8. So glad you did a monthly update! I really like how you formatted it! (still need to figure out what I want to add to mine next month.)
    and I love how a random guy asked you to try gloves on. I've had similar experiences. XD

    1. aww, thanks! I tried to make it as least possibly messy as I could..although, my month wasn't as organized as this post. lol. xD

      hahaha, ikr :D

  9. "*loses lens cap outside during photoshoot* *looks for it outside three times* *finds in pocket* whoops." << this is basically my life right here described in one sentence. :''')

    *gives you the superhero prize whatever that is*



      to be honest, I can't rly either. xD aww, thanks!! <3

  10. *can't remember if I already commented on this post and hopes I didn't* xD

    HOW is your book 80k and NOT DONE?! You are insane *nodnod*. Ooh, you designed Ju's book cover? That's cool - do you think she'll be posting it? 'Cause I'd love to see (or you could share it in the Hangout :D)! Oh, and WHY was Ju pretending to turn into a pumpkin? *knows there must be a story behind this*

    And I LOVE your monthly update thing! It's so fun when bloggers do these xD. And I've about half finished my Christmas shopping *feels a tad proud of self for already being half done* xD

    ~ Savannah

    1. lol nope *pats back* I know..the after effects of nano *nods in understanding* lol xD

      I HAVE NO IDEA OKAY YEP IM INSANE and yep I designed her cover -- I think she'll prob post it once she gets it in book form as will I xD I actually think she shared hers before and I actually just shared mine on there xD

      ..umm, yep, *points at ju* you ask her xD hahaa

      aww, thanks so much!! ikr I've always enjoyed reading them so I decided to give a try at it. oohhh, ikr it's it so nice when the shopping goes well?! XD

  11. Congratulations on your nano book!! You are incredible. <3 How exciting that you are thinking about printing out your book in book form! #Ineedtodothis
    Eeep, thanks so much for putting my post up there!! So glad you liked it.
    Haha, love that mixing frosting part in random moments. I can't even tell you how many times I've done that -- ridiculously relatable. XD
    Ooo, I'd love to see the book cover you designed! And yes to whales!!! <3 <3
    Great post. :)

    Sophie xx

    1. Thanks so much, girl!! I KNOW it's the best I can't wait to do it and yes you have to do it too :D

      aww, of course! your writing is ah-maaazzingg. :D

      lol ikr i do it allll the time. It's like that moment where you hope no one else noticed but of course I'll post it on here bc *shrugs* I just do that xD

      once I publish it I'll TOTALLY be doing a post on it -- hopefully within this month or the next. eep!

  12. Oh my gosh your month sounds so productive, I feel like I'm done nothing, yet I was super busy, so who knows what the heck was happening.
    And oh my gosh can I just go cry tears of joy, You're so sweet <3

    1. I know the feeling -- it was a super busy month and all my projects just suddenly ended so now I'm moving back into a "slower" routine. xD

      aww the post is so amazing tho <33

  13. Random: I l-o-v-e that Kermit GIF.

    1. dude how did I miss this but yes it's the best XD


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