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Saturday, December 3, 2016

nanowrimo yep we all know it. the 50k in a month along with insaneness, lots of cabin wars and headaches. yep, yep.

a few months ago, my friend asked me if I was doing nano.
me: "I dunno...I don't think I'll have time to finish this novel and come up with an idea for a new one. and like, 50k amidst crazy busy life. umm."

I literally thought I'd be passing up on nano this year. I did. I don't actually remember how it happened but I decided I'd use nano to finish up my book. ya know, maybe 30k more until this thing is done? ha. sure.

I was scrolling through my hangouts a week before nano -- having not done like any plotting to finish up this book. Someone in my writing group had send this link for a 5k in one day thing.
me: *clicks*
...wait. I'm in--wait what I just sign myself up for um

so I then proceeded to drag the Ju in and as you know, on November 1st I wrote 11k. INSANE OKAY. *still hasn't fully comprehended that* so moving on *presses fastforward* *skips 28 nano crazy days*

I was glancing through my calendar at the end of last month. For 15 legit days of the month I hadn't written--it shocked me. I mean, I know I had been busy. But could I have done better? could I have pushed myself to reach 50k? My book isn't finished--maybe I could have done it.

but that isn't the point--is it? I mean, yeah--it is. To write 50k in the month. but it's also just to get words written. and, I did that. My novel is 82k now.

yeah, I did feel like maybe I could have done better when I watched my writing group reach 50k like dominoes. I looked at all those empty wordless days.

this is wayyyy to accurate ^^
But if I showed you my calendar all you'd see is days filled (like literally there is no more space on those squares). It was busy. I mean, just look at my monthly post for november. like, nuttsss.

I've come to the conclusion that all those 30,000 words I wrote this month--well, I probably wouldn't have written them otherwise. I did write them and that's a fact. Throughout this crazy month I legit wrote 30k--no, it's not the normal 50k but I don't care. I did it--I reached my own personal goal and accomplished what I set out to do.

yes, my book still has prob 20k more until it's over. Yes, maybe I could have stuffed it in November. but rly,

that just wasn't what I wanted--I didn't want a "stuffed" ending. I did what I set out to do and, well, I wasn't going to write this post...but when I thought about it--I know there are prob some of you out there who didn't finish nano but maybe you did get some words written and you know what,

YOU DID IT OKAY. I don't care that you didn't reach 50k YOU WROTE. YOU ROCKED IT. don't ever feel that you aren't good enough, or you can't do it. bc you can.

and to all you nano winners out there YOU ROCKED IT TOO. we all did. Maybe next year I'll go for 50k--guess we'll see, right?

did you write at all this month?
do you ever feel that maybe you could have done better?


  1. Girl, you're still so freaking awesome. I mean I didn't even try nano because I was too afraid of trying to reach a certain number. But you're right, nano should be about writing and bettering your novel, and if you don't reach 50k so what?
    Again, you're my writing inspiration. Next year, I'm coming for you..maybe.

    1. aww, thanks girl!! IKR I've felt the same thing - it's rather annoying but really good once you get past that feeling of "you have to do it" EXACTLY. *nodnod*

      goodness girl, thx so much! YES WE MUST DO IT TOGETHER *fistbump* Have you heard of the camp nano's?? The next one is in April and you can set your own writing goal which is eeeppiccc. xD

  2. Great post! Dan's that eighth into the hangout is accurate! Had no idea what it'd be like XD
    so excited for you! 30k is awesome!

    1. lol IKR xD

      congrats to you as well, girl!! SO EPIC. xD

  3. Congrats, Sare! It's sooo true. Writing any word is an amazing accomplishment - and one to be proud of! <3

    1. aww, thanks so much!! oh totally--how did nano go for you??

  4. Yesyesyesyesyes

    As you know i didn't finish NaNoWriMo either. But I agree, it's not truly about "winning" NaNo. It's about WRITING THE WORDS. 45k, 30k, 15k, and even 3k are great accomplishments. Because even one word is better than none :D

    1. yesyesyesyesyesyesssss xD

      well, you still wrote SO THERE. XD I'm totally agreed *fistbump* xD

  5. Yay I love this post so much :) i didn't "win" Nano either, but I'm okay with that. I didn't want to push myself too much, because we were already so FREAKING BUSY in November and I knew I couldn't compromise my health too much either. So all in all? I wrote more words than what I had at the beginning of November, and I'm pretty happy for that. This is an awesome post, Sarah!

    1. aw, thanks <3 *fistbump* IKR November is just SO busy. Right on, girl -- at least we wrote, right?! we could have totally given in -- but we didn't so there. xD I'm aiming to finish my book this month soo *hopes I can* XD Good luck to your novel! :D

  6. Yes! This is so true. I was super busy this year. I didn't have half the time I'd normally have to write and that meant I didn't get so much written. It's hard watching everyone I know reach twice their goals in only a few weeks (literally) and still be struggling to make the daily word count. I guess maybe I could have tried harder to make more time. Maybe I could have fitted in a couple of extra word sprints. But I still worked myself so hard and though it wasn't a massive word count, I made it and I'm proud of that (though the story still has to be finished off). And you should be proud to! 30k is still a heap of words and for someone who was busy, that's amazing! You didn't awesome Sarah. You truly did.

    1. oh, I know it--but that's okay. We've still written through it all, right? I know, maybe I could have tried harder but you know what I'm aiming to finish it by the end of this month and if I don't reach that goal it's okay bc I'll have written something.

      aww, thanks girl! your encouraging words are just what I needed right now -- i'm facing the didn't-finish-but-nano-is-over thing and, well, I set myself a goal so here we go. *scurries off to write*

  7. I love all the pictures! Hershey kisses are the best! =D

    I didn't do Nano, I'm too lazy. =) Besides, I had already finished a novel, and though I wanted to start another... IT WOULD BE INSANITY.

    Love your blog, by the way. =)

    1. oh totally agreed on that like *eats all the hershey chocolate* *gives you some* XD

      lol well that's alright too - hey, you just finished one so GOOD FOR YOU. *gives you more chocolate*

      aww, thanks, girl! <3


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