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Friday, December 16, 2016

whoa, yeah, what am I even doing like why am I doing this.

I've managed to keep my book and snippets to myself AND I'VE LET A TAG GET IT OUT OF ME (btw, thanks to Savannah for tagging me - I think. xD) oh, well. Let's get started, shall we? *stumbles off to rummage through my messy novel* *ignores the fact that I skipped the rules* psh. WHO LISTENS TO THOSE ANYWAYS.

// 1. Share your most gripping, fascinating, and hooking first line of a story. 
wait. whhaattt. it has to be the first line of my story? *revolts bc my first line is baaddd*

But he didn’t need to say it. Trey knew how it was. Things were happening. Changing.
You could feel it in the very air you breathed.

^^ this is actually the ending of a chapter. shhhh no one saw that #cheater 

// 2. Share a snippet that made you want to shout to the world that you're SO. HAPPY. 

okay prob not a scene that made me SUPER happy but im lazy and done looking thru my messy novel k thx.            

Eleena pushed her way through the large, packed crowd. She grunted as she went, forcing her way through until she got to the front.
            “We can’t face this oppression any longer!” a loud voice sent rumbling of murmurs through the crowds, “we must fight. Fight for our freedom,” Eleena grimaced as she made her way to the front. She knew that voice.
            “Flin,” she hissed, “what are you doing?!” she stared up at him. He stood up on a tall platform. He looked tall up there, even if he wasn’t normally tall. He looked down at her and grinned, “get down here,”  she added. He ignored her, “I saw guards nearing—now get down if you want to still have your head tomorrow!” he jumped down at her command. She sighed. He was new to the group and didn’t understand what it was. It wasn’t a cry for war. It was a cry for something altogether different. The total opposite.
            Eleena stepped up onto the large platform, “No—this isn’t a time for war,” she tried to keep her eyes off the guards atop their horses nearby. Tried to ignore them. Out of the corner of her eye she watched with relief as Flin skillfully weaved his way through the crowd and was lost. Safe, she thought. She didn’t totally blame him. Keeping peace was hard. Especially for the wild, young 15 year old he was. War sounded like the brave thing to do. But he didn’t understand. It wasn’t like that at all. She made a mental note to reprimand him later.
            Talk like war could bring down the lives of the whole village.

like, ohmygoodness the editing to be done 
// 3. Share a snippet that gives you a bit of insight into one of your most favorite characters ever. 
Trey felt like throwing the shovel as he dug into the earth. He shoved it in further, throwing out his rage as he worked. It wasn’t right. It shouldn’t be like this.
            He looked up to find Philip on horseback staring down at him. Trey grimaced as he wondered how long Philip had been watching.
            “Where have you been?” Philip blinked as he saw what Trey was digging.
            Trey slammed the shovel in the dirt, “Digging another grave because that seems to be all I do nowadays." He lifted the shovel up and slammed it in again. He felt himself shaking as he worked but forced himself to move. He knew that if he stopped, he would break.
            He couldn’t break. Not now, not ever. 
            Philip dismounted slowly and held onto his reins in his hands, "We were worried about you—“ he hesitated, “when are you leaving?"
            "Leaving?" Trey blinked, looking up at his friend, "oh," he said slowly. He swiped his forearm across his burning his eyes, "guess I forgot," he shook his head, "day after tomorrow, right?"
            "I guess," Philip shook his head, "you're in bad shape, Trey—maybe...maybe you should reconsider."
            "No," Trey snapped, thrusting the shovel in for another blow. His shoulders felt weak as he did so, "if I stop," he glanced up, "if I quit," his tone went low, "then I'll be digging another grave pretty soon for someone that's too small to be laid in one,” his tone cracked as he threw the next shovelful of dirt out, "I won't be doing that—I won't, Philip—not if I have anything to do with it."
// 4. Share a snippet that gets you beaming with pride and you're just like 'yep, I wrote that beauty'. 
            “No, no it won’t! You’ll die like everyone I care for does. Just hurry up and leave if you are going. Go!”
            “Tessa,” her brother reached to clutch her by the arms, “stop it, will you? I mean it! You are acting like a child. Stop being so selfish. I am going to help others because they need help—would you want people’s lives to be deprived?" he paused, "do you want others to feel the way did when mother died? I’ll be fine, Tessa, if the King wills it.”
            "And what if He doesn't? What if He makes you die?"
            "He doesn't make anyone die—he'd allow it, maybe, yes. I can't stop Him and neither can you, Tess. I could die here. So could you, or father. Don't fight it," Gabe sighed, "I gave up fighting it a long time ago," he turned away, "it just tires you out. The fighting does I mean. When mom died—"
            "Don't—" Tessa said quickly, shaking her head vehemently in protest, "please, don't. I can't—"
            "You can Tessa and you will. Stop telling yourself that you can't. When mom died you shut yourself up in a hole—it's been years Tessa. Do you think mom would be proud of you for losing yourself in your own world of pity," Tessa opened her mouth to speak but Gabe wouldn't let her, "No, Tessa, don't. I mean it—you shut yourself out from everyone and everything...while father tried to forget. I was left to try to mend the two of you, and well, I found out I couldn't. I couldn't, but the King can. So I gave it up. I don't have to fix you. Because I can't fix you. I just can't. The King can, but I, most definitely cannot. It's time to come out now, Tessa. Mom died years ago, you can't bring her back and you can't fix what happened," he looked at her steadily.
            "What do you mean, 'fix?'" she stared at him, her face pale.
            "You know what I mean—you don't think I didn't see through you? Come on, Tess. I know you better than that. You wanted to fix what happened—bring mom back...turn back time."
            Tessa turned away, putting her chin on her lap she shut her eyes, "I just wanted everything to stay like it was."
// 5. Share a snippet of genius, deliciously witty dialogue between your characters. 
*whoa had nothing witty in my book this is bad i need to fix this* *shoves scene at you* LOOK ITS OPPOSITE DAY *cough cough*           

 Dremrick knew full well that the maps were perfectly updated and well crafted. He continued, turning away from Ryan he turned to Merek, “And who, are these reports from?”
            “Your own personal spies, sir. Along with multiple of your faithful followers in the land,” Merek did well to hide his tone of annoyance.
            “Peasants that’s what they are. Not to be trusted. You should know that full well, captain,” Dremrick growled.
            “Sir,” Ragin’s eyes popped open, “your spies are very well trusted. And quite capable of such things.”
            Dremrick stood up from the maps, “If I call them peasants, then that is what they are. Don’t contract me again, captain.”
            Ragin swallowed any further words. He practically swallowed his tongue along with them.
“My father could not even conquer over a small peasants King because he was a coward,” Dremrick placed the palms of his hands on the table layered in maps, “gentlemen, I, however am far from what my father was. I am grateful to say.”

// 6. Share a snippet that leaves you breathless, in a cold sweat with action-induced intensity. 
He breathed heavily as he stood up trying to get a hold of some cleaner air. His arm was bleeding and scratched. His face had had several raw spots in result from the pelting sand.
            It was dark inside as Trey slowly moved around. A steady sound hummed in his ears, stopped, then began again.
            He ducked in closer to see a small bundle huddled against the cold stone wall. Only a hazy blue light even allowed him to see it. “Layn?” he touched the small bundle carefully, using the name her elder sister had used. The bundle rocked slowly giving a slow moaning sound.
            The bundle froze, then turned to look at Trey slowly. She looked scared, at first, then reassured as he picked her up into arms. Her body shook with cold at the movement.
            “Where’s your mother?” Trey said as he continued to survey the inlet with her yet in his arms.
            “She told me to stay—here,” she said between shivers. She pushed her head against Trey then mumbled, “she thought father might be here—but he wasn’t.”
            “How did you get in here?” Trey asked uneasily as he watched the waves crash higher until the water began to creep to ground beneath him.
            “The d-door in the back,” Trey held her closer as her lips grew blue, “she said to stay,” she whispered again as her eyes began to blink in exhaustion.
            “Door,” Trey mumbled to himself as he used his foot to kick against the wall in the darkness, “where did you mother go, Layn?” he gave her a light shake then shook her again before she groaned in protest.
            “She went—“ she blinked rapidly as her voice drawled, “down. T-the shore.”
            Trey tried to hide his grimace, “Why?” he said again as she shut her eyes, “Layn, why?” he gave her a little shake again as he continued to kick the walls.
            “Another—cave,” she finally mumbled right before Trey’s kick went through and a small door banged open, “she said to…stay,” she said again as Trey tried his best to gently pass her through. The door was small, but workable as the space inside the door was larger then the height and width of the door itself.
            “Stay awake, Layn,” he said as he turned back once more. The water was coming higher as the waves roared on. He grimaced, hoping the water wouldn’t go upland. Though even now it didn’t seem likely as to how high the drop off to the shore was, “Layn,” he raised his voice. She mumbled something indecipherable in reply.

// 7. Share a snippet of a most interesting first meeting between your characters

It had been several days when Trey had been called into the large tent soon after Dremrick had arrived.
“He is reliable, sir,” Ragin had warned, “but maybe a little too, into his beliefs for your purposes.”
“Nonsense – not firm enough to ignore such an offer am I correct?” Dremrick pushed it off, ignoring Ragin’s shrugging reply. “I see a weakness in his strength,” he mumbled so low that even Ragin couldn’t hear.
Trey pushed back the tent flap. Arching a surprised eyebrow at who he guessed to be Dremrick after the descriptions he had heard. He bowed his head stiffly, waiting for someone to speak.

// people i'm tagging; michaila, hannah, katie grace, chloe, jesseca

*cringes* well, guys, I hoped, enjoyed this. btw these are not in order whatsoever and I only did basic editing yep yep k im leaving now *waves* *leaves this post far behind me*

btw I just reached 90k on this thing. I SEE THE END IN SIGHT. *scurries off to write*

soooo. honest thoughts on my snippets?

would you read my novel?


  1. Wow, that was really good. It made me really want to read your novel, especially the action one! You have got crazy good writing style, Sarah. Keep up the awesome work!

    1. aww, rly? thanks!! well, I'd love to have you beta for me if I ever edit it worthy of reading xD that means so much to me, thx, girl!! :D

  2. I KNEW YOU TAGGED ME. I'll be back to read this...btw.

    1. WELL OF COURSE I DID *remembers i can read your book now* EEEPPP *scrambles over to google docs*



      Intense scenes. You had me gripped to the webpage, with this child-to-boy relationship between life and death, struggling, yet pushing for the child's life. It was lovely, heart-wrenching, and perilous. *claps loudly* BRAVO! <333

      And whose Phillip? And WHY is Trey digging another grave :[ ?
      I need to finish all those chapters you sent me...


      *dances around* EEP. I love to hear that xD YASSS. just the reaction I wanted. XD

      Philip? *cough* weeelll. *pushes you to go read more* SHHH. I will tell nothing. xD

  3. Love these snippets! And I OF COURSE WANT TO READ YOUR BOOK!!!

    1. EEEPP WELL OF COURSE YOU WILL ... after i edit a bit okay xD

  4. AHHH, OH MY GOODNESS! PLEASE CAN I READ YOUR NOVEL RIGHT NOW?! like how could you do this to us, just leave us hanging like that? 😓😭😭
    What is the title? (Plzz tell me😢)

    1. AHHH PAIGE THANK YOU SO MUCHHH *whispers* it neeeedss editting firrstttt. i know, i know. I'm so horrible. *laughs* muahahaa

      the title is Oblivion - I'm think it's going to be the middle book of a trilogy actually xD

  5. DUDE WELL THIS IS LEGIT. 100% awesome snippets

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE your snippets, Sarah! You have such a captivating writing style. (and oh my goodness #6 *gasps* so well done. Although my favorite was probably #3--GORGEOUS RIGHT THERE)
    Congrats on your new word count, and on seeing an end in sight!! That's got to be a rewarding feeling.
    Thanks for sharing your work with us! Love you!!

    1. EEEPPP THANKS GIRL!! <33 aw, rly?? thanks so much - that's great to hear because I really didn't think i had a particular style. xD *squeals* those scenes were THE BEST to write xD


  7. Nice snippets, Sarah! :D I'd be interested in reading it, yep yep yep.
    Merry Christmas!
    -Angela |

    1. aww, thanks, Angela!! WAAIITTT I have to finish and edit this things first hahaha xD

      Merry Christmas to you too! :D


    Trey slammed the shovel in the dirt, “Digging another grave because that seems to be all I do nowadays." <--- ugh the feeeeels. I cannot with you sarah I can't wait for more information about this story because YES. <3 <3 <3

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. AAAHHHHH KATIE. *flails myself* WELL THANKS FOR ENCOURAGING ME TO POST IT AHHHH THANKS. *hugs my novel* ikr tho. Treeeeyyyyyy. xD

      UGGHHH you guys legit make me so happy tho xD YAS OF COURSE and I still have to read one of your epic amazing books xD *reaches hands out*

  9. WAAOO I WANT TO READ ITTTT. :DDDDD Also loveeeed this post because gif heavy posts are legit the bestttt XD

    1. *shields my book* WAIIITT. IT'S NOT EDITED YET. xD ikr like they make me laugh so hard XD

  10. Ahh, Sarah, this sounds AMAZING! I want to read your novel so bad!! And the part with him digging a grave--ahhh!! So sad, but so good at the same time! *pretends that somehow made sense* ;P I NEED THIS BOOK!!! And thank you for tagging me! I'll attempt to get a post up soon! Through it means going through my awful NaNo draft xD *hides*

    1. EEP THX JESS! I'll let you read it for sure once I edit some. EEEK. it's so encouraging to hear - everyone loved that scene lolol XD *dont worry it made sense* YASSS. I WANT TO SEE MORE OF YOUR NOVEL OKAY. *cough cough* I mean, I can't wait for you to post it. XD

      *pats you* ikr - going thru a first draft for snippets is haaarrddd.

  11. Hey Sarah . . . would you be interested in joining a collab blog with me and a couple of other girls? It's called "the young and dreaming" and it's basically a collection of inspiration/prose/poetry/musings and stuff like that :)) Maybe email me if you're interested? I totally get it if you'd rather not . . . just a thought. :D

    1. Heeeyy there! oohhh - that sounds totally neat. Could you put the link here so I could check it out first?? I'd like too see what it's like before I say I can do anything - sounds totally cool tho! :D

    2. This is awkward . . . XD . . . but it's actually on "private" right now, since we haven't "officially" started it. That means there's no posts and whatnot yet and I'm still figuring things out . . . :P Here, how about I wait a month or two until after it's started and everyone's posting and all that good stuff and then if you like what you see, you could join??? bc I'd seriously love for you be a contributor like YOU'RE AWESOME :D

    3. ohhhhhh. okay. yeah. That sounds great! I'd just like to be able to see what it's like before I join - lemme know when it's up and running!! i'd love to if i can - how often would i have to post?..awww, thanks, girlie!! <33

    4. okay, sounds like a plan! :D you'd only have to post when you have good content . . . so you could post every other day or every three weeks -- it's your call. :) ahhh you're so welcs my name twin! <3

  12. Woah! These are great! I love number six. :D


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