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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

do you ever just scroll back in your photos or notes thru your phone and just wonder why?...like, what? or sometimes you just burst out laughing bc you forgot that like:

well yes, I did this the other day as I was cleaning off my phone. I have a wide range of things in the notes of my phone such as; book ideas, recipes on how to make Mexican rice, blog posts, character names, poems about my ruler, random scenes in my books and of course - random moments for my monthly posts. YOU DON'T RLY THINK I COULD REMEMBER ALL THOSE THINGS, RIGHT?? like rly. anyways, look at some of these things i found on there

september 1st, 2016
bro while i'm putting him to bed: "I don't want to go to bed"
me: "I know but you have to. it's bed time"
bro: "when i'm all grown up and a dad I'll never make my kids go to bed"

october 28th, 2016
little sis: "sister look what i maded *aka made*" *shows me some lego creation"
me: "what is it?"
sis: *shrugs* "I dunno"

december 28th, 2016
my dearest ruler
this is dedicated to you
i dedicate this to you bc
you are always there to guide me through
bc you always point me in the right direction
i'm sorry, my dear flexible, soft, turquoise ruler.
it depresses me when you flop over like that
i try to straighten you out
but you persist
my dear ruler, please understand that i need you dearly
i rely on your steadiness
i could never abandon you
it's a good thing you are flexible, i must say
your cousin,
your dear, invisible blue cousin had a tragic accident
he snapped in half in my backpack
dont worry. i still use him often,
all nine good inches
he's just a little shorter now
so never fear my dear, flexible friend
i shan't ever abandon you
so long as you never leave me to draw my own straight lines
bc i just can't draw them

^^ *falls in floor laughing* omw guys im dying. I AM SO WEIRD THO. i told you i can't write poems omw lol. I showed this to my bro and he just burst out laughing XD

january 22, 2017
my dad getting his hair cut: "wanna cut some of those grey ones?"
me: "no, I like them! they look like glitter"
dad: "uh"
me: *laughing* "....I like glitter"

what is the weirdest thing you have ever found on your phone?
which one of these is your fav?


  1. That poem!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's awesome!!!!!!!

  2. Poem was so awesome. Was smiling the whole time :)
    And your little sibs XD They say the cutest things

    1. aw, well, I'm glad my weirdness made you smile xD

      IKR? srsly I couldn't even record all the things they say - and somehow it's just way cuter when they say it XD

  3. Haha! oh my goodness, I LOVE the ruler poem! xD And all those things on your phone . . . sounds like all the drafts in my inbox. ;)

    1. LOL thanks! XD oooohhh *wants to see them* I don't think I could stand them in my inbox tho like I have this thing where I have to see the bottom of the inbox #OCD

  4. Sarah Margaret who gave you the right to be so aesthetic.

    And hey, I wrote a poem about an m&m, and oh my goodness that poem was actually beautiful XD

    1. Hannah Katherine who gave you the right so be so aesthetic SO THERE

      OMW YES THAT WAS THE BEST ONE EVER you win yep omw that whole convo tho *dies laughing*

  5. Mmhmm... good question! I used to have a TON of writing clips, pieces, etc. on my phone before it crashed and died, and I lost all that writing *still cries over the lose*. But currently with my new phone....

    hahah! This makes me laugh: "True! - nervous- very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad?"

    and this other thing when I was flying on a plane and the pilot said this.... "It has now warmed up to 30 degrees at the capital of the U.S." LOL Oh, goodness.

    1. eeeehhhh. crashed and died? *mourns with you* thats like...horrible. like, lost memories. *sobs for you*

      OHMYGOODNESS "warmed up to 30 degrees" that is HILARIOUS like "warmed up?"..... XD

  6. OMW I'M LITERALLY DYING! That's so me right there! 😂 Loved it!
    Haha, I don't have a phone yet, but when I do....

    1. LOL - yep ideas that come to be sometimes xP aw, thanks!

  7. Omw THAT POEM *dies laughing*

    I think my favorite thing to look through it my photos, because I don't make a lot of notes. Ive taken some really stupid pictures of myself that are hilarious, so that's always funny to look through XD

    1. *glances down* HANN DON'T DIE *waves fan over you* WAAKKEEE UUPPP

      lol videos are the best tho...like my dad doing bean boozled, sisters doing the saltine challenge yep yep XD

    2. Lol *stands up and brushes self off* I'm good.

      Yeah I have some funny videos too XD

    3. *nods* good then. XD

      oooooohhhhh *wants to see them*

  8. Your poem should be right up there next to Emily Dickinson. It made me tear up, it was that beautiful. *is still sniffling*

    The thing is I've only had my phone for under a month so I don't even have that much stuff on it yet. xD But I'm a pretty weird human being so I think with time some pretty strange notes and pictures will accumulate. XD

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. *dies laughing* OMW i can't even rn lol xD

      ahhh. same tho hahaha. WELL ONCE YOU DO I WANT TO SEE THEM XD

  9. Hahahaha that sounds like the notes file on my phone!! I have lots of quotes and moments stuff for the blog too!

    AND OMGNS THAT RULER POEM I'm dying omgns

    Also pictures....wwoww

    1. *wants to see them* SHOOOWW MEEEE XD

      don't die girl I've gotta see those crazy notes hahaha xD

      eeeeeppp thaankkk youuuu <33

  10. That poem's fantastic. And your little brother! Your little brother's plans for fatherhood is the best.

    I do literally nothing on my phone and I've had it for less than a year. Not much interesting on there.

    1. hahaha - thanks, Bri :D lol ikr?? let's see if that comes true tho hahaa

      waaahhhttt. C'MON be weird a little lolol xD

  11. Oh, I love this post!! It made me smile often, especially your conversation with your brother. That's happened here, too. "When I'm a dad someday, I'll let my kids..." Mmmhmm. ;)
    And oh my goodness...great job on that poem. LOVE the nostalgia and sentiment. ☺

    1. <333 hahaha same - it's hilarious, isn't it??

      *cough cough* oh. totally - yes yep yep XD

  12. Errr, this is kinda my favorite!
    you are so adorable and I love this and I love you!

  13. The weirdest thing... That's hard, I have such random stuff on my iPad! Your sibs are so cute!


    1. ooohh *wants to see them bc weird is awesome* aww thanks, Micaiah! <33

  14. YOUR SIS. "I DUNNO." I FEEL YA, KIDDO, I GOTCHA. xD Lol, but really, I love kids.

    1. my life = "I DUNNO" hahaa xD same tho <33


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