F E B R U A R Y in review

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

L I F E  I N  F E B R U A R Y -

- i went stargazing in freezing cold and saw saturn's rings through my bro's telescope and omw such detail and beauty our Lord has created <33

- went rollerblading - this was epicness but wooowwww so sore the next day

- updated phones

- Ju and I got to do an interview on aliyah's AH-MAZING blog

- i picked up making friendship bracelets and actually made an okay-ish looking one (i'd almost given up hope lol)

- i survived HA - shocking, right?? legit tho - been sick with different things twice this month and gah i'm so done with it like plz

W R I T I N G -

- basically i keep scrapping my plot? BUT THATS OKAY RIGHT lolol

- when you redo your plot so many times you title your document "legit brainstorming"

- started a pinterest board for my new novel i'm plotting

R A N D O M   M O M E N T S -

- my bro eating a "vegetarian" dish my mom made: "I'm not a vegetarian I'm a meat-atarian"
me: *headdesk* 

- when your little sister somehow manages to get a staple in a pencil. like. how?

- that awkward moment when your book is missing and you go all over the house looking for it then find it on the couch where you left it. heh. 

- when your phone won't stop correcting "oooohh" to "posh"

dad: where is the iron?
bree: downstairs. On the ironing board. 
me: how ironic

- when you pet the cat and she starts purring like she's gonna explode 

lesson of the day: siblings will eat anything. aka when you have a bad cooking day and everything about it fails and they your siblings start raving about how great it is?...

- eating waffles for breakfast #TEAMWAFFLE

- when you put a necklace then try to take your headphones off then realize they are stuck over each other #awkward

Bree: are there any veggies for dinner?
Julia: *hesitantly points to French fries*

- when you are trying to take pics of the moon and stars and all you get is white blobs in blackness. arg.

- having an 1 hr and 22 min brainstorming FaceTime session with Hannah #totalepicness

little sis playing a game: HEY SISTA. look at this yummy cake I made. mmmm. So yummy I wanna eat it. 

- i am still so weirded out by this human baby that apparently stands like waht. advanced children these days like, gosh.

me: what are you watching?
julia: a storm chaser show 
me: *blinks* *laughs* ohhkaaayyy. interesting choice

- *cautiously handles paper bc i have been prone to paper cuts lately*

me: *drops chicken nugget on floor*

starting time: 9:32 pm
me: *starts to upload gif for post*
internet: *gets stuck*
me: *tries again 527817272216827629 times*
internet: ha no 
me: *tries copying image instead of uploading* ohey that worked 
internet: *loads gif at 11:22 am next day*
me: don't play with me you internet you

- when your little sibling puts a cardboard box above their head and jumps off the couch yelling "PARACHUTE COMING UP"

- when your mom uses your braid like a horse. like. mom. plz. 

- when you realize Siri isn't human ^^ 

- when you are sitting on the couch with the kickstand up and your little sister makes a blanket fort using you as a "holder"

- little sis: *sees steamboat* "i'd wanna have that house. except you couldn't play outside..you'd like have to jump in the water"

- beating ju by 19 points in scrabble like yaaasss

- when you are holding a chip and Julia reaches out and grabs it from your hand and then proceeds to stuff it in her mouth and you look at her like:

- when julia flops her sleeves at you and you just can't handle it anymore and burst out laughing 

- when you legit comb thru a ton of needles for 10 mins and finally find a needle only to find you already had one stuck in your embroidery like -_-

- julia found me this adorable whale notebook and srsly i love it so much

P O S T S  I  L I K E D -
WHO ARE YOU WRITING FOR - by jessica - srsly such a beautifully written deep post and wow such truth. every writer has to decide this for themselves - who are you writing for?
when all you want is to inspire - by jonathan - ugh yes - pretty much about dumping your perfectionism #weallneedthis
my book in print // squeals and pictures of gift and the sea - by michaila - HER BOOK IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND I WANNA READ IT NOW PLZ
TEN REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER WRITE A BOOK - by natalie - i laughed way too hard at this post lolol

F E B R U A R Y  G O A L S -

- plot my new novel to completedness - wow um lol SOMEONE HAD HIGH HOPES heh. okay so i actually plotted a good amount...it's just not ready for the writing stage yet...so halfway.

- try a new bullet journaling style - okay so yep kinda did this. I did a different monthly overview look that I like a loottt

- update my phone - did this *nods* actually just ordered the case for it *thumbs up*

- beta read one book - *whispers* yaaaassss. I beta read Hannah's novel and srsly her characters and sarcasm*dies*

- make a playlist for my new novel - wow uh heh no. I did start a pinterest board for my new novel tho so..ya know

M A R C H  G O A L S -

- start my new novel, or finish plotting it (realistic-ness here GET READY FOR APRIL NANO OKAY)

- take the carpet out and paint my bedroom floors (ugh julia is forcing me)

- keep on track with algebra bc SUMMER IS COMING in a few months anyways (i can dream, okay)

- read 8 books and work on the 2017 Reading Challenge

well you guys, February is over - what is your own fav memory from the month?
any goals for March?


  1. Love your whale socks, and yes, go team waffle! XD
    Basically this post is pure awesomeness!

    1. I love them so much they are srsly so cute XD ALLL THE WAFFLEESSS

      aww, thanks girlie!! <33

  2. Okay that baby mannequin is seriously creepy omgns.


    (also have you done a bullet journal post yet? because I really love reading bullet journal posts XD)

    1. i am so agreed. I looked at it and was like "what even." it looks weirder in person..if that's possible XD

      YES TOTAAALLYY *loves gifs* XD

      okay no, I haven't yet, (I'm actually planning on getting a new journal within the next few months so yes there shall be a post...sometime in the future XD)

  3. Loved this post so much!! Those random moments . . . like <333
    Good luck on your new novel! :D

    lavender & blue
    the inkpot girl

    1. aww, thanks, Sophie!! <33 haahaa, believe me, sometimes it's hard to fit them all in the post (aka long monthly posts xD)

      thanks! I hope it goes well lol XD

  4. *laughs through the whole post* I LOVED THIS REVIEW. Your February sounds pretty good :)

    LIKE. I CAN'T. It's perfect :D

    1. *glad it made you laugh* THANK YOU SO MUCH - it was, other than being sick for like forreevveerr this month xP AGREED ON THE ALGEBRA AND YES YOU MUST DO NANO OKAY

      SOMEONE NOTICED hahahaa *laughs* okay thank you xD

  5. I always smile when reading your month in review posts!!
    Lilli came up when I was reading you dropped a chicken nugget:
    lilli:who is that girl?
    what is her name?
    is it raining on her?
    me: *laughs way too hard*
    Favorite memory? Being surprised by my bestieeee yesterday, on my Birthday.... go read about it =D

    1. i'm so glad!! thanks, Paige!

      LOL aww she's so cute! I laughed so hard at that gif like it perfectly described my feelings xD

      I saw your post - it looked like so much fun!! and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY <33

    2. Yeah,haha I'm sure!
      Yes! It was plain awesomeness! THANK YOU! <33

  6. That whale notebook is soooooo adorable! ^-^

  7. Okay, that Princess Bride GIF after your siblings liked the food . . . that was perfect! ;)
    And that little baby thing . . .okay, yeah, that's a bit strange. ;P

    Eppps, my post was one of your favorites! ^_^ So glad you enjoyed it. :)

    Sounds like you had an awesome month! Also, that notebook is so cute!

    1. IKR? isn't it the best when you find the GIF that just describes your emotions PERFECTLY? xD

      aw, of course! I think it's a thing that not enough of us writers think about...I really loved the way you wrote it <33

      I did, thanks!! and yaasss - I love it so much XD


    My favorite memory was probably hanging out with friends at a book signing. That or all the little memories that come out of Skype Bible studies.

    1. YAS WHALES *still wants a real mini one* xD

      awe okay that sound super fun like yaaass I wanna do that plzzz

  9. Loved this post, Sarah. Like, seriously, your wrap-up posts are my favorites. ☺
    Oh wow. That mannequin has problems. I'm inwardly dying of laughter at that thing. What even.
    Loved your 'iron' joke, and the French fry conversation was HILARIOUS.
    Great job on your February goals, and good luck on your ones for March!

    1. aww, thanks, girlie!! <33

      lol!! So agreed - it looked even more weird in person like waht xP

      thanks so much! I hope my March ones go well anyways haha XD

  10. I LOVE the iron pun! I legit laughed out loud when I read that!!! XD

    1. thank you, thank you *fake bow* *cough cough* aww so glad! I love making people laugh XD

  11. I find it fun to read peoples' wrap ups - random moments from your lives? *nods* Yep, idk but it's funny. XD OMW the Mary Poppins and Princess Bride GIFS are PERFECT. And HAHA your siblings liked your food!! Hilarious. XD Also, the fries. *shakes head* I don't think that counts as a veggie lololol XD XD AGH CAMPNANO IS COMING. Did Ju tell you I started a new book? Well, if she didn't, I STARTED A NEW BOOK. It's sci-fi (I startled myself with the genre XD). I might be writing a little of that for Camp? #hopefullyillhavetimecuzschool

    Do you like algebra?? I actually liked it quite a bit. XD When I understand math, I find it fun, but when it isn't explained very well... *glares* that's when I don't like it. I think lots of people have that feeling. XP lol

    ALSO OMW I GOT TO WATCH TWO SSD MOVIES THIS MONTH AND GAH LOVE THEM <33333 I know you watch SSD with Ju.... Do you like it???

    1. so agreed - they are the best WHICH IS WHY YOU SHOULD GET A NEW BLOG AND DO THEM *hint hint* xD IKR like Juuuliiaaa. fries are not veggies. XD

      AND YES SHE DID TELL ME. what's your goal?? I wanna reaaddd itt. xD ugh same. school. blah. Nice thing about July nano tho xD

      ...no?...I mean, it's okay - but after three years of it it's eh. xP

      NO WAY #jealous GIMMEEE. XD and yes totally - I think we have one more episode, and then a movie to watch *which we should do soon* XD

    2. OMW YOU'RE SO SWEET and I totally get the hint ;) IKR okay so the blog will come SOMETIME. I just dunno when right now. xP haha, right?

      OH WOW SHE DID?! Did she tell you what it's about?! Okay, srsly....I'll share the first two chapters with you...if you want to read that? and awww gosh, you DO want to read it?! AGAIN, SO SWEET. THANK YOU. Hmm...goal? Anywhere between 60-100k. XD Not really sure. Pretty much just however long it takes to tell the story? I'm like 100% sure I'm doing camp in April. Still have to decide on a word count, tho...AND PLOT. Ugh it freaks me out sometimes. I NEED TO PLOT. XD

      oooh yeah, I understand XP I only did it for one year, so it wasn't that bad. :P

      EEEP OKAY SERIOUSLY YOU LIKE IT?!?! YES I converted two peoples to be POstables XD ;) I literally adore it, though... GLAD YOU LIKE IT, SARE. And um yes. You should definitely watch that last episode. BECAUSE FOR REAL THE CHRISTMAS MOVIE IS FAB.U.LOUS. LIKE SO GOOD. SO SO GOOD. watch it soon. *nods*

    3. ah yeah I know it - life gets busy sometimes xD

      and dude 60-100k would it epic AND YOU HAVE TO PRINT IT OUT AFTER OKAY. and even after I plotted for like 4 hrs. the other day I legit still have no idea of a basic word count for this thing :P YES GO PLOT

      LOL YES YOU TOTALLY DID (and I agree on the fav episodes of yours) OKAY - I'll convince Ju to watch it soon *makes mental note*

  12. Oh Sarah,
    I love reading your posts like this. :) Your little siblings are so cute and funny. :)

  13. The Princess Bride!!!


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