Friday, March 31, 2017

L I F E   I N   M A R C H -
- spontaneously designed Julia's poetry book and ordered it (like, did it in four hours or less)

- did a q&a video with ju

- got my lulu tutorial featured

- updated my blog design (and worked on ju's - like, okay, nothing more satisfying than digging into HTML and changing something to look how you envisioned it)

W R I T I N G -
- *clears throat* well, writing was pretty much nonexistent but plotting was pretty on top. GUYS I HAVEN'T WRITTEN SINCE LIKE THE END OF DECEMBER. like three months? waahhhtt. i'm super excited for nano and feeling pretty prepared! just hope it doesn't all flop at the last moment tho hahahhaa *nervous laugh*

how you feel having spent four straight hours plotting

R A N D O M   M O M E N T S -

little sis: *pinches her arm*
me: what are you doing?...
sis: seeing if this is a dream 

- when you legit get one strand of hair caught in the car door 

me: you're cutting that wrong. you are supposed to do the knuckle thing so you don't cut your fingers off
julia: eh i've got ten of em 

- when you are baking with nutella:
- freedom is being able to move from your desk to bed to get your notebook without having to take your headphones off

bro: *looks at algebra* whoa. that looks like gibberish 

- when all you have is vowels
little sis: knock knock
older sis: who's there
little sis: *silence* ummm. *turns to mom* - what was it again?

bro legit first thing as i come home from errands: ya know I can put a whole orange in my mouth?
me: uh hi

- when a friend in your writers group has a college project and you end up with a pencil between your teeth to rate how happy you are 

little sis: wanna basketball? ooorrrrrr...tic tac toe?
- when your in the store shopping and this elderly gentlemen goes "excuse me, love" with an ahmazing accent

me overhearing in hardware store:
guy one on lift: did i mention i was afraid of heights
guy two looking up: that's why your the perfect guy for the job 

me: *gets paper cut from paper plate*
(i've been getting so many paper cuts recently it's not even funny)

me: *locks julia out of the house*
julia: PLLLZZZ
me: NOPE. wrong password. 

- RANDOM FACT - humans actually glow in the dark, but our eyes aren't strong enough to see it
 - making cookie dough truffles when you have no power and melting the chocolate over a 700 degree woodstove and basically melting yourself from the heat
little sister: *pops head in room* tomorrow is the green daaayyyy (aka st. patrick's day)

- that moment when you are cleaning your ring and almost drop it down the drain *mini heart attack*
me: do you know what day it is?
little sis: nooo. oh wait - I know it! it's spring. Jula told me yesterday was the first day of spring so i knowed it. 

- when you get your baking in the oven at the same moment as the oven finishes preheating 

- when you end up fishing the soda cap from your cup bc when you were putting it back on it flung into your cup #how
brother: how do you get an unbirthday?
me: haven't you ever watched alice in wonderland?
bro: yeah. but where do you get one?
me *laughing*: it's a birthday gift 

me: *goes barefoot on the first warm day* FFFRREEEDOOMM

- that moment when apples to apples names you 'delicious' 
me outside: *sees younger bro looking for the snake* YOU ARE STEPPING ON IT

little sis: what's a refrigerator? *laughs at herself* ohhhh. a 'frigerator

julia: i just inhaled pretzel

P O S T S   I   L I K E D:
writing is hard, and messy, and worth it by imogen - woowww this post basically hurt with it's truth. so beautifully written  <33
why blogging and shadow of light by sophia noelle - basically, sophia blew me away with her awesomeness this month. also, her birthday was this month so hop on over and wish her a (late) happy birthday :D 
growing older + some thoughts on that by katie grace - it was katie's birthday as well and she wrote a super deep and true post about turning a year older. *guides you over to her blog to wish her a (late) happy birthday as well* xD
dear writer, hows your heart and dear writer, whats your testimony by jonathan - these posts hold such truth and questions that every writer faces at some point. wonderfully written *shoos you off to check them out*
to my fellow dreamers by audrey caylin - and omw ouch. audrey wrote a beautiful post about how us blogger people stick together <33

M A R C H   G O A L S:

- start my new novel, or finish plotting it - I've finished plotting it am I'm ready for camp nano. i think xD

- take the carpet out and paint my bedroom floors - this has actually been postponed for next month. so. xD

- keep on track with algebra - weeelll. I'll give myself a half for this one. I've been doing pretty good through the business. xP xD

- read 8 books and work on the 2017 Reading Challenge - GUYS I FAILED THIS. WHAT EVEN. I was like one and a half books short

A P R I L   G O A L S:
- complete camp nano and reach my word goal

- try writing in a new formatting style. i've already got it pictured out how it will hopefully look xD ah a perfectionists problems xP

- stop getting papercuts. seriously. stop.

- learn something new in HTML

- don't die from the busy stuffs (GUYS. OKAY. why am i aiming for 50k and school (like 10477372038 algebra problems to do) and blogging and life. but ah, never fear I won't be taking a blogging break bc nope *nods resolutely*

- finish going thru that 600 page name book - i'm like halfway through and idk anymore lol

- - - - -

well peeps, March was pretty awesome. i'm looking forward to next month cuz (hopefully it'll be warmer) and also starting my new novel*flails* SO MANY IDEAS FOR THIS THING *actually has ideas for sequel too. heh*

something you'd like to accomplish in april??
fav random moment?


  1. Oh, goodness, I haven't written since December either!! So glad I'm not the only one!!! xD
    It sounds like you had an awesome month!! :)

    1. i'm itching to write again aren't you?? still sort of nervous about it though. it's been so long! aww, I did, thanks! <33

  2. SARE, I always love these posts! They are so fun to read! And alllll the gif's are perfection!
    Wow, and I loved what your bro said about algebra. Sooo accurate

    1. GURRRLLL - thaannkyouuu <33 lol ikr?? like it still often looks like gibberish to me :P XD

  3. Hey!
    I'm Jaidyn Elise, ( a total extrovert LOL) a christian, a photographer, a artist ( at least I like to think of myself as being one) and a lover of family, babies, and fun!! =D
    I LOVED THIS POST, OK, GIRL??? <333333333333333
    I've actually been 'stalking' ( as some call it) your blog, and I've been enjoying EVERY BIT of it, your an awesome human being,YOU'RE JUST GREAT K?????!!!!!!! <3333333333
    Jaidyn Elise

    1. hello there, Jaidyn!! welcome to my blog and omw thank you so much - you are so sweet! I love it when "stalkers" come out bc srsly, it's the coolest. GUURRRLLL - THANK YOU YOU AWESOME HUMAN YOU <33


    html... ... ... (imagine a cat hissing and arching its back and slowly backing away. that's me and html)

    Sounds like you had an awesome month with lots of random funny moments! I didn't exactly have a favorite for myself, but my worst favorite was this morning. A dove was cooing loudly at like 5am and I mean what? #ineedmysleepyousillybird

    *sends you a virtual package of encouragement for camp nano*

    audrey caylin


      wowww. you have talent giving crazy mental images and yeah okay *pulls html away from you* stop fighting guys, okay?? XD

      totally! LOL omw poor you. 5 am?? I've had coyotes..or wood peckers early in the morning. ugghh.

      *gratefully takes it and sends you one back* ONLY A FEW HOURS UNTIL IT STARTS *flails*

  5. LOL I love these posts! A refrigerator = 'frigerator? XDD

    1. aww, thanks, Hanne! <33 haha, well, to her anyways. that's just how she pronounces it rn - it's srsly so cute xD

  6. something you'd like to accomplish in april?: Not fail at Camp please??? Maybe??? Thanks???
    fav random moment?: I... *draws up blank* I can't remember these things??? All the moments I'm remembering right now are dirty things my friends said... O.o

    Good luck with Camp! Everyone'll need it. XD

    1. SAAAMMEE. like plzzzz. IT STARTS IN A FEW HOURS GOOD LUCK YOU CAN DO IT *silently freaking out over here* xP aww, that's horrible!! I hope your next month is loads better <33 *sends you all the donuts and cookies*

  7. I hope you accomplish your goals! My only thing I want to accomplish is to start writing a book... so, yeah!
    And lulu is awesome, isn't it?!?! xD

    1. thanks, Gray!! same to you - WE CAN WRITE THESE THINGS. will you be starting at midnight?? I actually don't think I will..I'd like to start my new novel when my mind is a little more collected (ha. right.) and yaass. lulu is epic. it's the coolest to see and hold your own book!! hope nano goes well for you, Gray!

  8. Hello!! =D Thank you for the welcome, and if it was your goal for me to be welcomed, you definitely accomplished that! ;) Aww, thanks, girl!! That's awesome! YOU ARE WELCOME, SWEET GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! <3U
    Jaidyn Elise

    1. aw, i'm so glad!! I know I always like to be welcomed so I try to do the same for mine. :D AH THANKYOUSOMUCH srsly that's so encouraging to hear <33

    2. That's great! YOURSUPERDUPERWELCOME THAT'S AWESOME, <3333333333333333
      Jaidyn Elise

  9. These all make me smile!!
    getting to have barefeet is SO AWESOME. srsly. If i could be barefoot all the time, I WOULD.
    Lilli likes climbing up here with me to look at stuff, and with every gif, "What is that?" and the last gif i was like "A OWLLLL."

    1. so glad, Paige! <33 YES TOTALLY AGREED. barefoot is like freedom xD aww, your sis sounds so adorable!! toddlers are the best xD

    2. Yes!
      Yeah, she is really cute! We do everything together! <3
      Yes they are, I love little children! 😄

  10. Replies
    1. haha, not currently, nope. I'd like to sometime tho. hbu? do you have any plans for that in the future? XD

  11. Your monthly review posts are awesome - I especially love the 'random moments' sections! Younger siblings can be so cute and awesome. :D

    What I hope to achieve in April:
    - Camp
    - Survive Camp
    - Not going insane
    - Still having friends by the end

    ... I haven't plotted. I have ideas and scenes and a bit of an idea where I want it to go, but not plot. Are you a plotter, and if so, is there a method you recommend?? (because even though it's a bit late NOW, I'd actually like to be a plotter. It would fit with my love of structure and order.)

    Best wishes for Camp!! (and stop getting papercuts or you won't be able to type! O.O )

    1. aww thank you!! so agreed - like the things they say sometimes XD

      *nods* that sounds like a super important list...similar to what I'd like to achieve xP XD

      well, I'm sort of a plotter. I do more of an outline so I can have a pretty strong plotline and go free from there. Well, the snowflake method rlllyy worked for me (I can't recommend the book completely tho, but I do love the concept which you can see on his website) hahaa. if you like structure and order like me I think you'd like it XD

      aw, same to you!! (haahahahaa okay i'll try to stop. plz keep the paper plates away from me xD)

  12. This was great, Sarah! I adore your wrap-ups; they never fail to make me laugh (and often out loud).
    Good job on your goals, too...especially algebra. ☺ I can't remember which you like better--algebra or geometry?
    Hey-if you discover something new in HTML, do share. I'm 100% clueless and retention is at zero, but it intrigues me all the same. ;)
    Happy first of April, and I love you oodles!
    ♥ Your Georgie

    1. thank you, girlie!! haha, well, I love making people laugh so, good. xD ugh yes. well, tbh I don't like either?...but probably I like algebra better. the angles in geometry have always been a headache to me. xP oooh yeah. HTML can be hard, but worth it. have you tried any css stuff?? I prefer CSS bc it's 108734273492 times easier..but you can do more things with HTML, so. xP

      aww, same to you! (even tho it's the 2nd now, lol)

    2. Ahh, yes, geometry...Proofs can be so stressful! So I agree in that I'd prefer algebra. :) No, I've never really tried CSS, either. I'll have to look into it. If you've any tips or tricks of the trade, my ears are all yours...or eyes as the case may be. ;)
      And now happy 3rd. ;)

  13. Nice post!! Thanks so much for putting my posts up there *grins like a fool* :DD
    Your randoms moments are literally the best!! Good luck on nano!! <3

    lavender & blue

    1. srsly your amazing posts this month almost killed me - I had to choose which ones to list up there XD

      aww thanks! are yo doing nano?? I'm not sure if I asked this before or XP

  14. Hilarious post, I'm so glad you enjoyed your month!
    Favorite moment? Yikes...we went to the philharmonic, and I just loved listening to the music. (I can't get much more specific than that. xD)
    I would really like to continue my short stories and novels in April. And I just had a lot of inspiration so I hope it all works out...(I love to write.) ;)

    Amelia xxx

    1. eeeepp! thank you, Amelia! ooooohh okay that sounds super cool!! music is da best XD

      that's a great goal, go you! I've never been able to master short stories so I admire people who can fit something into a smaller amount of words...short stories can be so deep somehow. it just kills me XD hope it goes well for you!!

  15. Hahaha! OMW this made me laugh so much! :D It sounds like you had a great March!

    Yeah, so I know you followed my blog awhile ago, but I kept forgetting to visit yours. *hides face* I'm really sorry. But I'm following you now! And I LOVE your blog already! :)

    1. *laughs with you* hahaha, thaannkkyouuu and yes I totally did xD

      aww, srsly don't worry about it. I know the feeling - it's hard to remember everyone sometimes xP eeeepp - thank you so much. that means so much to me <33

  16. CAn you make me those cookie dough thing-y pleassseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. ssuuuuurreeee (I have the power back aka the oven so i won't have to stand over the 700 degree woodstove so okay sure XD) *gives you some* *stuffs one in my mouth* THESE ARE SRSLY SO GOOD xD you really should make them tho. so easy. they are eggless cookie dough balls covered in the hardening chocolate and whala - amazingness. XD

  17. This was so fun to read. XD I especially liked the "Random Moments" part - siblings can be pretty hilarious. XD I hope you have a good April!

    1. aww, thank you!! haha, i know, right?? same to you! <33


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