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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

apologies for this slightly out of focus pic *whaps it*
You know when you go on pinterest and see all those perfect bullet journal styles? Well, that's just it. They're perfect. and the problem is...we compare to perfection.

But honestly guys - perfection just doesn't exist.
so here's my realistic totally-not-perfect post. You get to see my bullet journal, plus the smudges that happen. (BC UGH THEY ALWAYS GET THERE SOMEHOW) and also when I started writing 'Saturday' again and tried to creatively turn it into 'Sunday.' xP Also, I haven't drawn all the cups on the water section bc ha, that's a lot to draw xP xD 

But anyways, my point is, I'm not perfect and neither is my bullet journal. I'm just real. And so are you. so it's no use putting trying to standardize yourself to these unrealistic internet things. just do your thing and don't let the "smudges" bother you. this goes for bullet journals and basically anything else in your life (look at me being deep, ha) but yes. let's get back to the bullet journal stuffs -
there are no rules in bullet journals. you do what you want here. FEEL THE FREEDOM. GO OUTSIDE OF THE LINES (dots, of you please,) JUST DO WHATEVER. seriously. rules are not allowed in bullet journal. period.

*ahem* annnyyywaayyss

so here are 10 things you could use for bullet journaling. (see pic for my stuffs)

// 1. GEL PENS.
guys these are amazing and even tho they run out kinda fast it's so pretty and also GLITTER GUYS. THESE PENS ARE GLITTERY. (I got mine from here).

// 2. lotion.
bc lotion smells nice and makes your hands feel awesome

// 3. MORE PENS.
okay these pens ROCK. it's like normal pens where they don't bleed, but in gorgeous colors. (you can get them here).

// 4. notebooks.
for sketching and trying fonts and colors out. (and why shouldn't it be a whale notebook? it's the best notebook in existence, don't fight me on this, k?)

// 5. music + headphones.
must I really explain how this is necessary? MUSIC IS LYFE. (annndd here are my headphones that you can get. super great sound for the price btw).

// 6. even more pens.
bc DUH you can never have too many. *pets my 1830278208742 pens* 

// 7. a ruler.
bc, guys, face it. none of us can really draw a straight line by ourselves and it's kinda necessary for this, k? it will save you a headache.

(totally not obsessed. nope.) but these can be used to write quotes, inspiration, to do, and bible verses on. plus they can be easily taken off for new refreshing quotes or whatever. WHALA. magic, right? (no not rly, but shh)

// 9. bullet journal.
well, uh, you kinda need this. it's just kinda necessary. *cough* (I recommend the dot grid AND DO THE SPIRAL BOUND THING it's looovveeelllyy) I bought mine here. 

// 10. your bible.
(to use more sticky notes with, right??) also, I want to start putting a bunch of verses in all over in random spots xD

- - - - -

the cool thing about journaling's yours. It's you and even if you make mistakes, there are always 'next times.' (trust me, the mistakes will happen.) there are so many variations to many colors to use. endless possibilities. just be you and have fun with it! (plus it's great to have all your things in one notebook)

feel free to use my design as inspiration (I'm always changing it up tbh lol) or if you dare, roam the realms of pinterest at bullet journals for ideas xD

also, Julia left for her graduation trip and im like:
jk jk actually I really miss my sisters BUT THEY'D BETTER HURRY HOME AND STOP TAKING ALL THOSE GORGEOUS PICS WITHOUT ME *whaps them* xD

do you have a bullet journal?? have you ever thought of starting one?
do you find yourself comparing often? (it's a hard thing to fight, I know)


  1. Honestly I love your bullet journaling style, it's cute and organized and very non-confusing and BASICALLY I LOVE THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS POST cause you know I'm always struggling with wanting everything to be perfect.
    'just do your thing and don't let the "smudges" bother you. this goes for bullet journals and basically anything else in your life'

    1. honestly, thank you dude. haha, that's prob bc I like clean simple things xP XD EEEP THANK YOU SO MUCH yeah, I think everyone struggles with it tbh, it's just what you do with it that's all.

      you should totally start a bullet journal!! it's great for goals and daily to-do, also keeping track of things XD

    I loved what you said about perfection. Its so true, and I struggle a lot with it, so thanks for the reminder. ;)
    Your bullet journal looks awesome! I think you might have just inspired me to go pick one up! AND YOUR HANDWRITING GIRL! XD <3 It looks like computer type! Lovely post!


      aw, totally. I know what you mean, it's hard sometimes. xP xD aww thank you! and yes - you totally should. DOOO IITTTT. it's so awesome. EEP THANK YOU AGAIN <333

  3. OMG yesssssss I love this post so much! Gorgeous pics! I personally have never tried bullet journaling, but it looks like so much fun! [Perhaps a sophomore college me will take the plunge..? *strokes beard quizzically*] I just have been piling things into one notebook but I know it's gonna get a bit hectic! I must say I'm in love with that hand-drawn, minimalist font you've got going on there!! Keep up the awesome posts! (:

    1. gaaaahhhh you guys are all so sweet! dude - you should try it. it's so freeing to create your own design for what you need and like. it'd be a good idea to do - especially for organizing for college!

      aww, thanks! it's super easy to do, and there are tons of fonts out there that you can get inspiration from. XD thanks so much, Stephanie! <33

  4. Eeeeeppp! Awesome post, girl!! I absolutely LOVED it!! =DDD
    I actually am pretty sure me and you both share the same pens..... #AWESOMENSS <333 That's so cool!
    I've been looking on all these blogs, seeing all these ( AMAZING) bullet journals, and for SOME REASON I still don't have one... maybe I should think about looking into it! ;)
    Anyways, again, AMAZING post!! Keep up the good work! <333333

    Jaidyn Elise
    BTW, your usage of GIF's were WONDERFUL! Made me laugh! xD <3

    1. eeeeeppp!! thank you, Jaidyn!! it's probably likely considering I own like a ton of pens but dude yes aren't they the best pens??

      you totally should! they are super awesome and thanks so much again!

  5. SUCH A GOOD POST<3 <3 Thank you for these words!
    Love the bullet journaling idea and great pics.


    1. DUDE THANK YOU SO MUCH GAAHH <33 I bet your bullet journal would be awesome - you should totally start one!

  6. Your bullet journal is so pretty! :) And AGREED: nothing is perfect. So, it's best to enjoy it all! Even smudges. ;)

    1. aww, thank you! *agrees* totally. the smudges can get annoying, but we just have to learn to look past them xD

  7. I've decided to start a BuJo -- but in January 2018. I'm just that person who will wait more than half a year to "start fresh". XD But I'm busily researching and fangirling over all the AESTHETICSSSSS. Also haha, we have the same Triplus Fineliner pens! *high fives* My friend has another "BuJo trial" notebook, which is a totally cool idea. I NEED RULERS OR ELSE MY PERFECTIONIST SELF WILL SCREAM AT THE UNEVEN LINES. *cries* Love this post! (And I totally compare myself to others. Even though I don't have a BuJo. XD)

    May @ Forever and Everly

    1. dooo ittt! and wow. you have MAJOR patience, girl! and yeesss plan all the things. dude. the fineliner pens ROCK. they are the best to write with. *pets them* XD oohh, I actually did that too. A trial I mean, with another notebook. Sometimes it's good to just go with it too - whatever you are comfortable with. UGH YES SOMETIMES I KNOCK MY HAND AND THEN THE LINE IS RUINED and it's like *cue inward perfectionist dying* XP aww, WELL DON'T DO IT K GOOD. I bet your bullet journal will totally rock, k? XD

  8. Ooh your bullet journal's so pretty! And that's a really good point about perfection. You should write it on sticky notes and stick it all over the place. *nods*

    I have a bullet journal, I just... don't do it... it takes up time I don't really have, so I've taken to sketching stuff out on my white board with doodles and such.

    Comparison. *glares at comparison*

    1. thank you!! ooohh good idea. another thing to use my collection of sticky notes with *must do this*

      aw but that's...sad. it doesn't take THHAATTT much time, but yeah, I do understand. it's prob my limit of creativeness so, ha. XD ooohh that's a good idea. except for when a sibling comes and wipes their hands all over it #whoops

      *glares at it also*

  9. This post was SO awesome. Music is such an essential. Right on on all of these! Love this so much! Makes me want to go work on my bullet journal. ;)


    1. GAAHH THANK YOU! so. agreed. music is just so awesome xD ooooh yes *shoo's you off to work on it*

  10. Pinterest both inspired me to start a bullet journal, and put me off. Because, as you said, I compared my non-artsy self to Pinterest pictures. (I can't do those cute little doodles that seemed to be compulsory?)

    But your pictures are totally Pinterest-worthy. ALL your pictures are always Pinterest-worthy. They're artsy and cute and - hipster?? - I don't know the right word! Like your pictures of the easter eggs? BEAUTIFUL.

    It's nice seeing how someone else (a real person, not a Pinterest person!!) does their bullet journal!

    Jem Jones

    1. yeeaahhh - I know that feeling. xP it's hard, but at the same time you just gotta do it and know that it's okay that it isn't perfect. GAH. I FEEL THE SAME WAY. LIKE WHY CAN'T I DOODLE LIKE THAT??!

      aww, thank you so much *melts* GAH YOU ARE TO SWEET <33

  11. This was great, Sarah! I actually just got a bullet journal like two days ago for my birthday, so I'm still trying to figure out how to use it. O.o I looove what you said about it not having to be perfect (because it won't be). Also, could I ask you a question? I want to do lists, like a book list and prayer list and things, but also a daily journal, and I was wondering about the format. Do you do lists first and dallies last or do you just mix in the lists with the dailies or what? Like you said, I know you're free to customize it whatever way you want, but I just wondered how other people worked that out. :)
    Again, lovely post! :D
    ♥Allison (

    1. thanks, Allison! oohh well, perfect timing! don't worry about starting it (I have such a hard time starting things lol) you can dooo ittt! hmm. so it's not necessarily a to-do list like mine, but more of a journal? tbh I just do a monthly book recording...what you could do is set off a chunk at the end of the notebook and have a couple pages for your prayer and book list, or do it monthly. hope that helped! totally - you could also look up some inspiration online to get some ideas - good luck with your bullet journal!!

  12. Seriously I loved this post! I have wanted a cute bullet journel for so long. I see so many pictures and then I try to replicate it and kind of fail. I'm just not the best at being precise or making things look pretty. Your journel looks so cool though. Wonderful post!

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. aww, thank you!! you should totally start one! ah yes, I know that feeling. it's hard, but sometimes it's easier if you just use your own imagination to create things so you can only compare to yourself. thanks, Nabila!

  13. I am beginning my first bullet journal and I'm so excited to be trying it! Thanks for this post; I always love when people share real-life examples because I, ahem, copy their spreads. *cough*

    And thanks for the reminder that perfectionism is unattainable. As a perfectionist, I'd rather achieve the perfect bullet journal, but ah the smudges. :)

    1. EEPPP. it's the best thing!! (although kinda scary to make the first page? XP) hahaha, well go ahead and steal - I don't mind xD you have my permission anyways so it's not reaallly stealing. haha - I'd love to see yours! do you have a blog??

      *nods* yep, totally same. we just gotta learn to get used to the smudges I guess haha xP xD thanks so much, Rachelle!

  14. *slowly walks away because i am inferior*


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