{LIFE IN JUNE} || 56 quarts of strawberries + NANO PANIC + a pizza pinata??

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

J U N E -
- went on an ATV ride with my grandpa XD

- I started plowing at that 35+ books I had to read cuz I just felt like it plus library will want them back soon. whoooppss

- picked up listening to Adventures in Odyssey again while painting (anyone else know these?? xD)

- painted. a lot. and worked a bunch. and read loads. and got new couches and painted more. and went to the library a bunch and did photoshoots and painted more and picked 56 quarts of strawberries x2 with my sisters + 19102310823108 other things that I can't even remember anymore. GO AHEAD AND QUESTION MY SANITY PEOPLE like if i showed you what 56 quarts or strawberries looked like I think all you could do is laugh
- went to another nerf battle

- rearranged my desk for nano IT'S SO SOON *tries not to freak*

W R I T I N G - 
sooo nano is coming.
so i plotted. and brainstormed, and procrastinated and plotted some more. or tried. let's not forget my freaking out about not having a legit ending for my novel. #whoops. but I like my plot well enough, and I'm hoping it goes well XD

NANO IS SO SOON GUYS. I feel like I'm always saying that, or "GUYS NANO IS ALMOST OVER." but okay, I seriously have the best camp nano group EVER.

Honest, tho, I'm just going to be so busy and I might end up doing nano with the lowest goal than I've ever done. Kind of disappointing, but then again, it's busy so I'll be happy with whatever I get. (and if we ever finish painting my house, maybe I'll readjust my goal XD)

R A N D O M   M O M E N T S - 

- jsyk hot water and dish soap will get red ink out of your bedding like magic #totallynotspeakingfromexperience

- using a ruler as a bookmark 

"I used invisible tape!" aka clear tape - little bro 
- fathers day = pizza pinata #helaughedsohard

- when you've lost something so you run yourself through your day two days ago, and actually find it (ends up I put it somewhere safe where i wouldn't lose it ha)
- when you are in a parking garage and one of the license plates is "Ham" 

- when you are reading and you look over and your 11 yr old bro is reading about air conditioning and inventing and you are just like waht

- passing by a car and you are just like "that thing is legit being held together by bungee cords omw"
- looking over in the store and finding this

*pulls up to the furniture store* "is this called the pillow store?" - little sis

julia and I: *are painting*
ju: *gets off ladder and steps into my tray of paint*
me: *typing*
mom: geesh girl - slow down! *laughing* you've got smoke coming from your fingers 
^^ I think I type like over 80wpm lol
- ^^finding another adorable whale notebook. it's aadddoorraabblleee. 

- having an extreme sour warhead candy for the first time and almost dying 

julia: *reaches to put chip in mouth* *drops chip on floor*
me: woooww. skills 
^^ so this was on the floor in walmart?? idk but I don't think this can be logically explained XD

sibling - *sneezes* I think I'm allergic to toothpaste 

julia: I lost the bag to keep my hammock in! ... oh wait. it's attached to it. 

- flinging your earbud out when you are painting cuz someone is talking to you. then you look down and see that the earbud is submerged in your tray of paint IT STILL WORKS

F A V   P O S T S -
a dream by olivia - this was such an innocent + deep + beautiful feel in this post. if that makes any sense, idk - but I liked it xD
comfort zones + fuzzy lights by hannah - this is an amazing post about something that a lot of people struggle with. a must read <33
summer maybes by grace anne - *sighs* grace went and put growing up + summer into words. reeadd ittt
eyes by clara - legit. these words give me such a powerful thrill + this post rly shows how people look at life differently in a super inspiring way
when you feel like you're getting worse + #rebelliouswriting {afraid to turn the page} by audrey - I totally related to her post about YA these days. audreys power with words is AH-azing <33
still life by caroline - this was just a post I reeaaalllyy needed and loved, and something we all need to do every once in a while

J U N E   G O A L S   A C C O M P L I S H E D - 
- do the room tour - DID THIS. I finally got to it, guys XD if you missed the post, you can still view it here

- plot part two of my novel and prepare for July nano - so I think I'm pretty prepared. help

- enter and participate in summer reading - yep and it's going great!! i'm at 36 hours so far XD

- enjoy summer - yes summer is going so good and amazing XD

J U L Y   G O A L S -
- complete nano. enjoy writing, don't stress - lower my goal if necessary xP

- look into a journaling bible - I have always thought these were so cool XD

- listen to the online sermons my mom told me about

- read a bunch XD

- - - - -

jsyk, I will be blogging less next month...I've just found that blogging less in nano months is a lot easier + I feel like my posts are better quality - even though you do get less of them. xP Don't worry, you'll still get my posts - just posted farther apart than my normal schedule. then I'll be back full force to bug you in August. xD but june was a great month. busy, but a good busy. honestly, idk how imma fit nano in with it all haha. *braces self for july*

me looking at next month rn:

what have you been stressing about recently. is it really worth it?
have you found a coke with your name on it before??


  1. Yes! I know about Adventures in Odyssey! I used to listen to it almost everyday, but I haven't in months now. Can we see photos of your paintings? Pretty please?

    Good luck on nano!

    ~ Pip

    1. I used to listen to some of them when I was younger, but I usually pick up listening to them while I work on projects. ohh, I actually meant I'm working on painting the whole interior of our house - I'm not that good at art haha. but maybe I'll get some pics of some of the rooms up when we are done! :D

    2. Your entire house? How?!?! And yes, I'd love photos anyway. ;P

    3. hahahaa I don't even know tbh. xD we are painting our whole main floor and basement. sooo. we are on the 7th room haha xD


    1. SOMEONE ALSO SAVE ME PLZ *flails and runs away from the nano beast*

  3. aahhh I love your wrap-up posts so much. I'm literally laughing the whole time xD
    (and thanks for the shout-out; girl, that means SO much <3)

    I admit that I'm stressing way too much lately xP I've started this thing in my bullet journal where I mark a day in a certain color based on how it went (like: great, bad, average, exhausting), and it's been shocking to see just HOW much I let stress and anxiety get the best of me. Hopefully I'll be able to do better next month.

    audrey caylin

    1. ahhh thank you!! aww, totally. you have a way of putting the truth into words that make sense xD

      ahh, yeah. hello fellow stressing INFJ human xP ohh, yes, I've done that and it's kind of not good. *ahem* something to work on, for sure! I'll pray for a less-stress month for you this July <33

  4. So for some reason your posts never pop up in my feed???? Technology is so weird. xD

    Oh my goodness, FLAILING! You are so sweet :') <3

    1. weeell. that may be due to the fact that when I changed my blog URL some sort of glitch happened. xP However, if you go on my sidebar, click unfollow, then refollow that should fix the problem for you! :D

      aww, thanks girlie! <33

  5. Ugh, I hate soda + juice so NOPE, I have NOT found a coke with my name on it. Sorrryyy.
    Whoa, your month seemed pretty productive! (SAME) 56 quarts of strawberries is seriously a lot. By the way, which state do you live in? Just curious. XD I've been kinda stressed about this reading program I'm doing at our library, which is so not worth it. And I was not enjoying it so much that I've just stopped. I mean, why stress over something that I don't even like but I'm still doing it so...?
    No problem, keep up with your life and we'll read your posts as soon as you post them cause #you'reawesome

    Amelia xxx

    1. whoa. dude. legit?? I like soda and juice haha XD

      it has been!! it's been super busy. lol, yep. it took us like two hours to pick it all, but the berries have been really bad this year, actually.

      aww, don't stress about it! I know it can be like that, but if you just do it like normal and record your normal reading, it's fun! if you like reading, do it. or even quit the whole summer reading thing if it just keeps stressing you out.

      thanks so much, amelia! <33

    2. Pfff, you're welcome! I love commenting on awesome blogs like yours. <33

  6. Thanks for sharing your goals and accomplishments. Continued success in July with your goals.

  7. Wow, funny you should ask. There have been some silly things I have been stressing over lately. And they are SO not worth it. For example, I'm seeing my best friend tonight after almost a year of being apart. And am I stressing? Maybe a little. What if it's not the same as it was before she left? What if we don't hit it off again? What if she's not as excited to see me as I am to see her? Blah. Lies, all lies. I'm so good at stressing. (One of my less appreciated talents XD) But, seriously, a lot of the stuff we worry and stress about just. Aren't. Worth it. Thanks for helping me remember that. :)

    Wow, looks like you got a lot of painting done! (Is that an understatement?) :D And Adventures in Odyssey! Yes! I love those! Have you ever heard of Lamplighter Theater? They have great Christian audio dramas to listen to. I like to listen to them while doing chores around the house.

    Anyways, great post. Thanks for sharing! I hope you have an awesome day. <3 Also, I have never found my name on a coke, but my brother has! :)

    1. aww, yeah I know how that can be. how did it go?? sometimes you can totally stress, then the whole things just goes fine xP totally agreed. it's a hard thing to remember sometimes. Stress can often control us way too much xP

      lol um yes, a lot of painting. XD oohhh yes, I love the LampLighter's!! I actually haven't listened to many of them tho...I should. they are all so good.

      aww, totally! you too! really?? I see 'Abigail' often haha :D

  8. I love Adventures in Odyssey! I didn't know anyone else remembered those. Also I relate on a spiritual level to using a ruler as a bookmark. :D

    1. lol! really?? I still listen to them. actually, on their website on the radio section they upload episodes every day that you can listen to for free. they are up for a week then they take them down. XD

      *nods seriously* they actually make awesome bookmarks. like what if you ever need to measure something when reading?? problem solved XD

  9. I love this post!! (check out my post on June for ya questions! ;)) And awwwwww such a cute journal!!!!!

  10. GET a journaling bible! Even if you don't do the art in it that often, alllllllll the room for allllllll the notes is SUCH a blessing! I got one a couple years ago, and have done some little things here and there... but the time I use it most is when I actually do a bible study, you can DEFINITETLY tell which books I've dug into, haha :). Even the lines are further apart, I feel, which makes circling easier to do without marking out the words around it :). And last month I realized I could totally take it to church with me and take down notes there, and yeah, I'm loving it :). It may have been the best Christmas present I've personally received :D.

  11. Here, see how fast you type! https://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english

    1. lol okay *takes test* 79 wph AW ONE WORD OFF xDD what's yours?? then I got 89 wph OMW THEN I GOT 101. not that my brain goes that fast to write normally or anything. I wish xP

    2. 45, haha.... You are twice as fast as me.... I go faster when I am deciding for myself what I should say, but when I have to read the words and then type them I go sloooowwww.


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