{JULY IN REVIEW} || we went camping + summer reading finales + updated design

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

J U L Y - 
- went camping with my whole family - this was so awesome and I ate a lot of chocolate and s'mores and hotdogs  and read a bunch and lived in french braids XD

- went to one of the summer reading finale events. the one for our other library is this week!! nerf + water war battles here I come. I'm actually gonna be volunteering to help out this time *grins*

- learned that I don't have as much time for reading anymore *all the sadness* also WILL THE LIBRARY STOP WANTING THEIR BOOKS BACK SO QUICKLY *has a ton of books I still need to read on my shelf* 

- had an awesome time having our grandparents over - I haven't seen them for yeeaarrrsss. it was so much fun and I miss them sooo much 

- basically every time I walked into my room this month it was a mess (legit idek how many times I cleaned that thing this month xP)

- worked a bunch and tried not to melt in the heat BUT I SHALL NOT COMPLAIN

W R I T I N G -
^^ I would say this gif explained writing for me this month to a T

uhhhhmmm. so I lowered my goal more than once this month, simply because life just got so busy and I just wasn't feeling my novel too well. At the same time, I made a lot of awesome memories this month :D

I lowered my goal and ended up with 15k for mainly three reasons:
2. tired me - I keep falling asleep with my lights...or .2 seconds after my head hits the pillow. it doesn't leave much time for reading, let alone writing xP
3. the second part of my novel just doesn't seem to be cooperating - this has been really hard, it just doesn't feel...right. somethings off, and I think now that the stress of nano and having to write is over I'm going to sit down and figure out what I need to do *nods* *is hoping i won't have to scratch everything i wrote this month* 

but omw my cabin mates did SO amazing!! congrats to everyone who participated - even if our stats sometimes say otherwise, we are all winners <33

R A N D O M   M O M E N T S -

little sis: *points up* look! a pack of birds!

- waking up in the morning and realizing I fell asleep with my lights and they were on all night #whoops
me when kayaking: it's so beeeaauuttiiffuulll
julia when kayaking: *points* hey look at that weird tree branch!

me: *is sitting on porch steps outside* *stands up without realizing phone is on lap*
phone: *flings down cement stairs and bounces several feet onto cement driveway*
me: *grimaces*
phone: *is somehow still okay*

me: *makes pudding*
pudding: *is all eaten in 30 seconds*

- running out into our weeds/backyard with my bros and watching a firework fest nearby us in pitch black darkness

- when your older sis makes cinnamon rolls for breakfast and you come home after work eagerly awaiting the deliciousness...then you find out there aren't any left
- making seasoned pretzels and thinking they didn't rly turn out and then you look at the pans a half an hour later and they are basically all gone

- when your five yr old sis sees your grandparents for the first time since she was a baby and she comes to you later and casually goes "I like grandma and grandpa"

- my five yr old sisters definition of what us sisters do and why she loves us: "you tell imaginary stories, make cakes and desserts. aaaanndd you take us in the pooolll, and you paint our nails and go on bike rides and brush my teeth!"

julia at restaurant: let's play tic tac toe!
julia: *closes car window*
me: um. julia?
ju: what?
me: you seriously just closed my hair in the window
ju: *laughs hysterically*
- my first kayaking trip!! it was around four hours and a blast (note to self: next time bring snacks & water, 'kay?)

me: *bakes bread*
me: *comes back two hours later* HEY GUYS WHERES THE BREAD
dad: um. gone?...
me: two loaves?!
^^ note the theme of food being devoured this month. summer does this, people 

- sitting outside and shucking corn with my five yr old sis <33
me: *comes home from errands*
bro: *sees portable closet thingy that we bought* ooohh a wardrobe! I hope there aren't any lions and witches in there 

packing for camping:
me: where did your clothes go?
five yr old sis: they are down there! I smooshded them. But I had to take my bear out so I could fit my pillow 
(btw she packed all her self and omw she actually knows how to pack??)

me when packing: *tries to stuff more books in backpack than clothes*

sis: *comes into my room with fly swatter*
me: watcha you doing?
sis: looking for flies to kill *casually leaves*
me: *whispers in five yr old sisters ear* you're beautiful
sis: well. you are beautiful-er

F A V   P O S T S -
i cant do it all by mary - basically this post really described me lately. perfectionism is a strong enemy and time thief. xP It's really been hitting me lately that I cant do everything and I need to stop expecting that of myself. so yes, this was an epic post <33
{dreams and callings} the best is yet to come by audrey - all of  Audreys posts are so inspirational and relatable but this one is probably one of my favorites. it's so amazing and so true
camp nano july 2017 // you can do it by hannah - I also really related to this post. xD I love how Hannah always manages to put the truth into such simple, straightforward words.

I seriously loved so many of all your posts this month guys, but honestly, *clears throat* I just forgot to save the links. whoops. xD 

J U L Y   G O A L S   A C C O M P L I S H E D -

honestly, I completely forgot I even had any goals this month. I was just too busy living July and only remembered on the 30th that I even had set them. oops. XD

- complete nano. enjoy writing, don't stress - wwwweeeeellll. I completed nano, but sadly, I can't say I enjoyed it all. BUT I WILL BE WORKING ON THIS *nods resolutely* 

- look into a journaling bible - so I forgot to do this but I still want to xD

- listen to the online sermons my mom told me about - yep! still working through them 

- read a bunch
- yeess. a lot for me this summer, anyways. like 98 hrs total for summer reading so far *cough* and I'm behind?? *blinks*

A U G U S T   G O A L S -

- try not to think about the next month that is coming + don't stress about school coming (I'm excited for my subjects, especially my science, but I'm just wondering how in the world I'm going to add school into my already crazy schedule. xP) omw summer is going so fast. basically like this:
- figure out what's going on with my novel + what I need to do with it

- take lots of photos to capture moments and memories

- organize my closet + figure out some storage solutions 

- prioritize + accomplish things that need to be done + live life
- - - - -

GUYS JULY IS OVER WAHT EVEN it was so busy but so awesome and i'm so sad it's over. also, why in the world are the stores bringing out school stuff?? *has mini heart attack* ANYWAYS lets forget about that nonsense, 'kay?

on a side note, I changed some stuff around here, if you haven't noticed. do you like it?? plz dont say otherwise cuz omw the html was being such a pain *ahem* XD

how was your month?? is your summer going as fast as mine?
what do you think of the updated design??


  1. The designs looks great! I love your new profile picture. Ahh, I love reading about all your sibling moments, so sweet! July went by way too fast. Seriously, how is it gone already? I don't know.

    ~ Pip | Pip and Lolly

    1. thanks!! my older sis took it for me XD aww, thanks!! and ugh, I'm sooo agreed LIKE OMW WHERE DID 31 DAYS GO LIKE THAT and august is gonna go so fast and theeenn - *stops self* let's not go any further *shoves further months into closet* I SAY LETS DO A SUMMER REPEAT xP XD

  2. That Nerf and water gun war sounds awesome. The last awesome thing my library did besides hosting the volunteer end of the term party was host a Quidditch match which I couldn't go to, sadly. And then, before that, they ended up building a life sized TARDIS from Doctor Who.

    And back to school stuff is so expensive. Honestly it irks me because they started to play back to school ads on TV THE WEEK AFTER FOURTH OF JULY. That's way too early, in my opinion!

    Just a head's up: I've revealed two things on the blog today that would be cool if you took a part in! One is a tag idea I've been working on for some time, and the other is an actvitity that the blogging community did last year, so if you'd like to check that out, it's up! ^.^

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. ikr?? I can't wait for it XD ooohh that sounds super fun!! a couple weeks ago we went to a library meeting where the teens get to brainstorm ideas for more events. :D

      really?? Not for me! I got a bunch of stuff for free this year + a few cents for items. They always have major sales around here XD

      oohh sounds cool! I'm terrible at remembering to do tags, lol, but I'll certainly check it out!


    1. BASICALLY YES LIKE OMW SO BUSY *is trying to keep up with it all* XD

  4. You and Julia are seriously SO GOOD at these monthly wrap-ups. I am inspired. :)

    1. EEP thank you!! I'm so glad to hear that <33

  5. LOVE THE DESIGN!!! <3 <3

    Sophy of sophyslighthouse.blogspot.com

  6. lol this post made me realize I haven't played tic tac toe in a VERY long time xD

    AND WOW YOU ARE SO BUSY!!! Go you, doing all the things you're doing. In my opinion, having a busy life is amazing, because having a boring life is NOT. fun. Take it from me. And wow being homeschooled must be the bomb <33

    1. LOL I play it pretty often, honestly. my siblings will come up to me with paper and pens and ask me to play all the time xD

      YES SO CRAZY AWESOME BUSY :D I am agreed, I just hope it's not a stressful packed this fall what with school and everything. I honestly can't remember a single moment this month being bored. xP AND YES IT TOTALLY IS *loves it* hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer, Autumn! <33

  7. WOWOW you've been so busy!! Having fun summers is THE BEST. I've been working mainly all this summer, and I'm just now realizing that free time in the summer IS AWESOME.

    (also hahaha I relate about the food. why do the siblings eat so much food. ><)

    1. lol IKR?? ugh yes I want more summeeerrr. it needs to be longer XD ahh, well that's awesome too! It makes you appreciate the free time you have, right??

      (ikr?? it's like you make something and you go to eat some of it and BOOM. IT'S GONE #tragedy XD)

  8. I loved reading this! How many siblings do you have? Camping sounded like so much fun XDD

  9. OH MY WORD!!! My summer is going by WAY TOO FAST!!
    I start school this month, and I'm a senior this year which means its my last year of school and I'm like, "I'm not ready to graduate yet." But anyways, I really enjoyed my July!! I turned seventeen, reached 45 blog followers (I'm up to 46 now!), got my OWN car (EEEEPP!!!), and had THE BEST 4th OF JULY EVAH!!! xD
    Thanks for the post, Sarah!! :D


    1. AGH YES SO AGREED. xP oh, wow, really?? I think I'll be starting sometime this month or early next. yaayyyy. oohh lucky you! dude those are some great accomplishments, Maddy!! totally!

  10. Okay, I think we had the most epic camp nano cabin out there even if it was a rough month. WE CONQUERED ANYWAY AND THAT'S AWESOME.

    I LOVE the new design. Your aesthetics are so awesome and beautiful <33

    (and thanks for the shout out on my post! *flails quietly*)

    audrey caylin

    1. AGREED. we were soooooo close though, like gaaahhh, SO CLOSE. BUT YES WE DID AWESOME XD

      aww, thanks!! totally - your blog is a top fav of mine for sure <33


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