{OCTOBER HAPPENED} || updates = new blog header + 4 YEARS OF BLOGGING + I got my permit !!!!!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

L I F E   I N   O C T O B E R -

- WHERE DID THE MONTH GO. people. it is only two months until you-know-what is here

- drivers ed happened. it was a lot of class, studying, and driving with the teacher - I passed the test and GUYS, I GOT MY LEARNERS LICENSE LAST MONDAY I drove my dad all around town running errands the other day whohooo

- it got really cold. what happened. IT WAS 90 DEGREES and now it's like 40. it. is. so. cold.

- I started getting ready for the christmas event we have coming up next month this is taking up so much time tho xD

- I took all my siblings fall pics + my sis did mine

W R I T I N G -

so. this thing called writing. what is this???
okay basically, I've decided that I'm going to use NaNo as motivation to spend time on figuring out/work on my current novel. probably do some amount of hours as a goal?? idk I GUESS WE'LL SEE. I had to decide not to start a new book for nano because I discovered my time and brain energy just wasn't available without me stressing out. so, I'm a NaNo Rebel again xD

R A N D O M   M O M E N T S -

sibling at park: *is eating sandwich* do we have salt and pepper here?

"so if I have a small enough car can I drive under a semi?" - guy in my drivers ed class 
little sis: I saw some dogs at the park today and they were supicious!
me: you mean...suspicious??

- parallel parking. so I observed a guy do it before I did and our teacher asks us how we thought it was and we both look at each other like "it actually isn't as bad as people said"

"I can draw eyebrows now! I wasn't able to before, but now I can!" - little sis


me: *pulls down shade* *walks away*
shade: *opens by itself*
- clicking a button on my laptop and somehow I ended up translating my blog. honestly idk. like, it needed translating?? 

radio guy at 12:01 am: good morning!
five yr old sis: I got my food down the wrong pipe!

- so every morning when I'm getting ready for work my youngest sister comes into my room and hops onto my bed to hang out. this morning she crawled under my covers and fell asleep
little bro before I go into class to take the written exam: I hope you pass!
^^ and now they are all excited for me to drive them places xD

- we had pizza and stuff before the test in my drivers ed class and one of the guys walks in and grabs a whole pizza box and brings it to his desk and the teachers didn't even notice until halfway thru and we were all basically staring at him like
- and then while we were all waiting for like half an hour to see our test results this other guy pulls our three chairs and then lays across them

- my siblings are already listening to christmas music WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO

little sis: do you have bones in your hair?
me: nooo
sis: *laughing* I already knew that

5 yr old sibling: do you want to be in my club?
me: sure!
sis: okay. do you have a freckle on your finger? You have to have a freckle on your finger to be in my club 
me: *walks in room*
me: *squints* huh...I don't remember making my bed today...
me: whoa wait. THAT WAS TODAY????

older sis: why can't you turn a boot inside out? 

little bro: *drops something* it wasn't me! gravity did it
- JULIA AND I PICKED 825 JALAPEƑO PEPPERS DONT ASK (but I did pick ten more than ju hahahhaa)

*sirens in distance*
Julia: uh oh. they are coming for me. I CAN'T GO BACK TO JAIL

- I was in class and all the sudden my phone starts ringing and I quickly grab it out and put it on cuz I see it's the home number calling (even tho you aren't supposed to use phones in class whooops). I was just thinking oh it's gotta be something important and then I hear Julia going "hello??" then I hear her hang up. basically, she forgot I was in class. GOSH I LOVE MY SISTER
- GUYS MY EMAIL NOW HAS ALMOST 400 UNREAD JUNK EMAILS I'm going for 1,000 uh huh

F A V   P O S T S -
behind existance by jessica - somehow Jessica always manages to put things into words. basically about how God gave us our lives to live abundantly, not for us to stress out all the time. she says it better than I can, so read the most *pushes you in direction*
when life becomes crazy by hosanna emily - I loooovvveedd this post. it was such a different take on it all that I honestly haven't thought of, and it's true. Hosanna says is beautifully tho:
The stars are still shining.  And Jesus is still strong.
The situation doesn't determine us.  Temptation isn't a sin.  But what we do in the storm does matter.
Even if you're busy or sick or heart-broken or worried, remember that Jesus walks on water in the midst of the storms.  The waves mean nothing to Him.
Despite the busyness of life, we can thrive in His love.  We can have joy.
on how the world changes by autumn - THIS IS SO TRUE and something I have often thought of. live each moment to it's fullest for Jesus because things are always changing, even if it doesn't seem like it
the ocean is filled with tears, but the mountains with joy by randy abby - honestly there is something so satisfying by the pics in this post like SO PRETTY 

O C T O B E R   G O A L S   C O M P L E T E D -
- do some reading?? - I actually completed this. I think I read like seven books this month?? IDEK HOW

- "Get over my fears and do drivers ed" - YES. this is done with and I passed and I now I can get my hours in xD

- get back into taking more photos with my camera - yeah, actually. I took a lot of pictures this month, and have plans for next month as well!

W H A T S   U P   N O V E M B E R -
  • okay, so, obviously, NANO IS HAPPENING but lets just forget about that for now

  • the Christmas event is happening !!!!!!!
  • school. lots of school xD
  • going to library events + my little sisters birthday + thanksgiving & my birthday << two in one oh yeah
  • Christmas music + Christmas prep << THERE. I SAID IT. 
  • driving, hopefully. as much as I can before we get dumped in bad weather :P

G O A L S -
  • do a fallish craft and/or bake
  • hang out at the library and/or coffee shop and be all writerly #perksofsisterswithjobs
  • stay warm. {I think I forgot how cold it gets. send me blankets plz I must be a sushi this year}
  • start Christmas shopping + prep 'CUZ ITS ACTUALLY REALLY SOON GUYS not to freak you out or anything like that nooooo

oh, and btw, TODAY IS MY BLOG ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*eats cake* today marks the fourth year of my blogging life like, whoa four years. TIME GOES SO FAST. 

^^ as a birthday gift to my blog I've updated a couple things around here (finally got to that about page ah hah ahaa) but seriously, thank you so much you guys. you are all SO amazing k <33 *starts singing happy birthday to my own blog*


NINE DAYS UNTIL NANO + i actually finished drivers ed AND PASSED !!!!!!!!! || {life update}

Sunday, October 22, 2017

// W H A T S   U P   L I F E :

  • and nano is really soon
  • send help
  • idek what i'm doing like I have no idea
  • I'm knitting like nuts for a christmas event that it coming up next month ah hhaahahaa haa I AM SO PREPARED not
  • I walked into the side of my bed (idk how don't ask) and full force whacked my foot. sooooooo how do you know if a toe is broken ???? *nervous laugh* XD
  • I've decided that today imma sit down and plan out november (ahahahhahaa aren't I so organized xP) {aka i need to plan out nano here and what i'm doing lololol}
  • 7 AM IS REALLY DARK and it's very cold outside at that time of the morning jsyk
  • holidays are coming up and I'm actually pretty excited???? I've been checking the radio for christmas music #notashamed
  • I made more three musketeer bars *makes everything chocolate*
  • my laptop has way too many tabs open BUT THEY ARE ALL IMPORTANT trust me
  • we had probably the last campfire for the year last night *sniff*
  • watching cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 with my siblings rn (honestly I love this movie THE CUTE MARSHMALLOWS THO xD

BUT YES I PASSED THE TEST ITS DONE ITS OVER I got all my drive times in (and legit drove on the freeway like three times with my teacher - she said I did really good with it #muchrelief) now I just have to go to the secretary of state and get my license and start logging my hours ajsdjlakalsdf

{and did you know that 'jawbreaker' actually means a word that is hard to pronounce ???????}

and so, um, nano is REALLY soon ????????????? what happened tho. NINE DAYS PEOPLE. NINE DAYS UNTIL IT STARTS. and christmas music should be on the radio soon, and tomorrow, in a month, it'll be thanksgiving (aka my birthday) WAHT EVEN


GUYS I DROVE ON THE FREEWAY !!!! -- lots of drivers ed stuffs || { + autumn feels}

Saturday, October 14, 2017

A U T U M N   F E E L S :
it's getting colder and much more fallish, work is slowing down because it's so cold *sniffs*, Julia and I made 92 blueberry muffins last wednesday, peppermint cocoa and warm apple cider, its raining outside, notes to study for tests, feeling like writing something, took my siblings fall pics, flipping through my bible and finding random notes I've scratched there, thinking about nano, a newly released book I've been waiting for is coming in at the library, fallish color yarn, made fudge and it actually worked, knitting to do, a thousand tabs open, baking carrot cake later today, sitting on the couch and chilling, soft blankets, reading janette okes books, christmas lights + rainy days = fall, feeling inspired

W H A T S   U P   W I T H   D R I V E R S   E D :
*blows at cobwebs* omw guys - that was a kind of an unintentional blogging break?? but I AM BACK AND ALIVE

yesterday i drove on the freeway so I REPEAT, I AM ALIVE

drivers ed + studying is legit taking SO. MUCH. TIME. I have just a week left, but that includes tests every day + the big test
my driving is going really well! with my instructor I have driven all around town (gotta love those hills and those people who park RIGHT ON THE ROAD), gone through intersections, went to a town farther away and did those turns where you don't have to stop but you are going 55mph and have people behind you and you gotta make that turn smoothly and then get back going the same speed (my teacher said I did good, though xD) also LANE CHANGES PEOPLE - scary at first, but you get used to them.

and parking. PARALLEL PARKING. My first one wasn't good (I guess I backed up too far before turning??), but the second I did all on my own and was good. xD then parking on hills, and backing into slots, AND PARKING INBETWEEN CARS IN WALMART #help

and then the freeway.


merging into it, PASSING CARS (actually not that bad. and I observed another guy do his freeway drive afterwards and he passed a semi -- my teacher said we both did really good) I didn't have to pass any semi's, but that might come up on my next drive. Then getting off and decelerating suupppeerr soooonnnn. I got on and off the highway four times and I actually didn't mind it *thumbs up*

but then I was merging into the highway and had to get my speed up really quickly and then my instructor told me to floor the gas

*cough* regardless, I actually am liking driving a lot and actually like driving on the freeway??????? btw I DROVE ALMOST ALL THE WAY HOME WITH MY DAD YESTERDAY whaaaaaa this is so weird

what's up people?? IT'S BEEN FOREVER. what's one crazy thing that's happened to you this past week?
do you call it "highway", "freeway", or, "expressway"??

SEPTEMBER IS LEGIT OVER WHAAA || lots of Ju moments = ghost peppers & poison ivy

Monday, October 2, 2017

L I F E   I N   S E P T E M B E R -
- I drove. For the first time. ever. also signed up for drivers ed and had to sign papers (GOSH SIGNING MY OWN NAME IS WEIRD)
- I worked a lot and baked excessively

- also managed to keep my room pretty clean?? for some reason cleaning my room in the evenings has been kind of therapeutic idk why but it's good xD

- school is happening. did you know that a the speed of an average raindrop is 17 mph??

- a library nerf event happened and was SO. MUCH. FUN. I volunteered again this time (I'm a member of our teen advisory board *clears throat 'cuz its totally important* basically it was nerf and running everywhere xD


- fall is here and it looks like it but it's still hot ????? OKAY WITH ME

W R I T I N G -
- lolol. I wrote this prompt for my literature does that count???????? ..I honestly haven't written since camp nano ended *cough* I have felt like writing, it's just the lack of time and need for sleep that hasn't allowed it xP xD

- I'm currently debating whether I'm going NaNo or not (TRAGIC TO EVEN BE CONSIDERING OTHERWISE, I KNOW) honestly I'm going to go with the flow, and if I am going to, it will probably end up being a figuring-out-my-book/replotting kind of nano for me. we'll see how I feel after this hectic month coming up

R A N D O M   M O M E N T S -

ju to me: so they have this thing at the library where they won't let you renew christmas books. that makes sense but it /is/ July...August...I mean, wait. it's...September
little sis: *is talking*
8 yr old bro: I don't follow...

- basically whenever I come home from work now my five yr old sis goes: "did you bring me carrots?"

- baking 180 cookies for the shares at work and made another 180 O.o

*is screwing lid on water bottle*
lid: *flings four feet across kitchen floor*
me: ...


ju: just so you know, when I look at you I see carrots 
me: .......... ????

me: would you rather go on a plane, or a boat?
five yr old sis: ummmm. weeeelllll. *hesitates* do planes have seat belts?

- when i'm at the library while ju is doing her interview: *oh I'll just do the edge part of this 1,000 piece mosaic puzzle for amusement*

ju: here. smell this rosemary and lavender 
me: no thanks - I have a cold
ju: smell it anyways!
me: no, like, I can't smell
ju: *shoves herbs in my face* don't they smell alike??
me: ......

- meeting our boss's scottish relatives THE ACCENTS ARE SO COOL THO

- ju and me =
- little sis helping bring in groceries: I can carry more than that!

- I wanna sleep on the moon tonight - julia

- ju at drive in bank deposit: IM TOO SHORT I CANT REACH 

- strung up more lights + new bedding

- the half-asleep, murmured "I love you" from my five yr old sis <33

me showing five yr old sis how to open a can
sis: so you have to damage it??

- so I drove my grandpas almost-new expensive truck LIKE WUUTTT

- julia and I going off to adult and run errands =

julia: hey look at these cool peppers. they are different--
me: uh huh *goes back to work*
and then our boss came out later and told julia to immediately go wash her hands CUZ THEY WERE GHOST PEPPERS
julia: *grabs leaf and rips it up*
me: um wasn't that poison ivy?...
julia: *pauses* NAAAHHHH

- my email has like 235 unread junk emails right now - don't ask


F A V   P O S T S -
{DREAMS AND CALLINGS PART TWO} SURRENDER - by audrey - audrey sometimes just seems to read my mind and honestly I'm sure everyone has something they are holding onto SO JUST READ THIS POST
NEW FIRST DRAFT COPIES! (+vlog) - by katie grace - her books are just so aesthetic and gorgeous and just watch the video (also realistic book dropping WE CAN ALL RELATE xD)
realm makers 2017 recap - by savannah - STILL KINDA JEALOUS it looks like it was so much fun tho xD
on reworking major elements of your novel (FEAT. LIBRARY OF LIES 3.0) - by jon - awesome post about editing/rewriting/reworking. also scroll to the bottom to read the first chapter of his book to see the difference of his reworking *nods*

S E P T E M B E R   G O A L S   C O M P L E T E D -

- paint the rocks I collected from all over on vacation - OHMYGOSH I FORGOT ABOUT THOSE. yeah, still wanna do that XD

organize life with school, work and other activities - I actually think I did pretty well with it - I'm waayyy less stressed than I used to be *thumbs up*

- make seafoam again - I just got the stuff to make three musketeer bars again so I'll probably be doing that instead haha xD

- write, or not - whatever life allows. WELL I TOTALLY ACCOMPLISHED THIS ONE I wrote nothing this month but that's okay *crosses fingers about nano* we'll see what works with that XD

W H A T S   U P   O C T O B E R   /   G O A L S -
  • work is possibly ending in the mid/late area of this month (but will still be going on when I'm doing drivers ed - HOPEFULLY THERE SHALL BE TIME FOR SLEEP) xD
  • but I also have school going
  • and three weeks of drivers ed which consists of: driving with teacher, class time, tests, and getting to observe the driving of other hopefully other careful teens - BRING IT ON *cough cough*
  • sleeping will hopefully happen (I am a person who sets bed time if it's a work day and must be in bed by that time jsyk - just ask Julia xP XD)
  • preparing for fall - BRING OUT THE HOODIES AND COCOA PEOPLE (*am still mourning the loss of summer tho* xP)
  • maybe some nano preparations?? hopefully
  • and possibly even a fall festival I might be doing with my sisters - if I get the time to get some stuff made for it that is xD

G O A L S -
- do some reading?? I honestly don't think I finished one single book this month AND GOSH THE LIBRARY TOOK BACK THE BOOKS I WANTED TO READ *is pouting*

- I was reading my journal the other day and came across my New Years resolutions for 2017. One was "Get over my fears and do drivers ed" lolol so that's my goal for this month XD

- get back into taking more photos with my camera - it's really been different this month, I barely have time to get the stuff I want to get done let alone do my hobby stuff. somehow I'm not stressed about it tho?? like, at all? 
- - - - -

so I'm not gonna set too many goals for myself. basically just live life and not go mad with the busy-ness. I MEAN ITS GONNA BE NUTS BUT ITS OKAY.

so teens are supposed to get 7-9 hrs of sleep like lol - do you??
what's up with you?? what's something you are looking forward to this month?
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