[DECEMBER MONTHLY REVIEW] - well, there went 2017 and HELLO TO 2018

Saturday, December 30, 2017

L I F E   I N   D E C E M B E R :
  • I GOT SPOTIFY PREMIUM - three months for $1 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • went and hung out at the library for 4 and a half hours xD
  • saw the newest starwars - won't say anything bc of spoilers except that it's AWESOME 
  • made homemade peanut butter cups that seriously tasted like the real thing
  • went to a christmas parade
  • it snowed. a lot. then melted, and snowed again. on christmas day it was like a blizzard outside NO JOKE

U T T E R   R A N D O M N E S S :
six yr old sis - "the printer isn't working!"
me "is it asleep?"
sis *looks at me doubtfully* "sister. Printers don't sleep!"
her five minutes later: "the printer woke up!"

little sis getting buckled in car "don't start the engine yet! I'm not ready."

saw santa and his wife today. I got a "ho ho ho" XD
playing legos with the bro -
me "hey where's the door?"
bro "oh. yeaahhh. I forgot that part!"

little sis: hey! you wanna play this game with me? kids AND adults can play!
me: wait. I'm an adult?
sis: uh huh! you ARE sixteen 
legit me
*lying in sleeping bag* I hate winter - julia

spending time and talking with my bro about random weather facts (such as when it rained frogs)

"I'm like, crazy sleepy!" - sis

"I'm the bordest of bored" - bro

me to little sis "if you want more pizza, let me know!"
sis "I will. cuz I'm gonna have seconds, and seconds, and seconds, and seconds!"

me -*has cold*
me -*sneezes*
ju "HONESTLY SARAH" *scoffs* "stop fake sneezing"
me -
turning on a speaker:
speaker: *explodes sound on 100000000%*

after watching the newest Star Wars movie - my older sis - "well I'm kind of deaf now"
grandpa "what did you say?"
^^ in the theater -- love our theaters new reclining seats tho XD

little sis helping me make ramen soup - "can I crush them? I won't use all my might!"

I explained being an introvert or extrovert to my bro and he goes: "hm. then I'm probably more of an introvert. bc when we go out places I don't really like, you know, /talking/ to people"
I slept all night with a book under my pillow and didn't even realize it until the next day

who knew connect four could be so complex (although she does whistle while she plays xD)
*playing chess with six year old sister* 
me: *takes out one of her pawns*
sis "aw you meanie!"
later: "no wait that was stupid pleaaseee don't kill him. pleeaasssee!!" *covers face* << but later she somehow kills my queen and legit I dont even know how

according to my personality type I'm a Jedi Master. oh yeah people

me: oooohh christmas cookies
me: *ends up decorating over 30 of them because everyone else was done*
^^ the super moon

according to Julia's and I's personality types we are the 'friends who shouldn't be friends' O.o

sis *shows me pic she took on her new camera* "am I a good camera person?"

"we have one book about sheep at the library. only one book." - julia

christmas day I put my spotify on speaker and left it on for legit 12 hours throughout the day. oops.

christmas day:
hrs of sleep = 4.5

D E C E M B E R   G O A L S   C O M P L E T E D :
  • read more - somewhat? probably not enough to count it, though xD
  • get ready for christmas without stress - yeeepp. and I finished my Christmas shopping almost two weeks before!
  • get my book from lulu and plan a starting/end date - I haven't planned a date or anything like that yet, but I have gotten my book!!
  • plan crafts + bakes to do with the fam
J A N U A R Y   G O A L S :
  • I want to do some writing. idk if this'll happen because of my schedule, but I've really been missing it. so we'll see, haha
  • start a new routine of getting to bed earlier + getting up earlier
  • organize + do artsy stuff in my planner

it's kind of hard to believe that this year is actually over. honestly, I couldn't say it went fast. it happened. a lot of stuff happened and was done. i have some plans for things around here (and brainstorms xD), books to read, things to write, and so many new things to do (you can read all about my end of the year post I did a bit ago here in case you missed it during this busy holiday season xD)  -- basically I'm excited to see what new year holds!

signing off with my last post for 2017 -- HAPPY 2018 EVERYONE



  1. First, I LOVE all the Han Solo gifs. Makes me want to go watch all the original Star Wars again xD

    GIRL YOU'RE MAKING ME CHOOSE MY FAVORITE OF YOUR POSTS?!?! pff, impossible. I LOVE YOUR POSTS SO MUCH. Even if I don't have time to comment they brighten my day tons. But I did really like your post on prayer, the one on not letting your to-do list consume you, and the tour of your room. because your room is awesome.

    Aaaah, anyway, I hope you have an awesome New Years! I love reading your blog here and GO FORTH AND CONQUER because you're a light in the world and the One on your side is stronger than anything *hugs*

    1. SO SAME. I had to control myself not to use anymore *cough* xD

      OH, WELL, SORRY LOL. asksdlkas; girl thank youuuu seriously your posts so the same so I guess we're even xD aww thanks!! those are probably a couple of my top favs that I wrote this year...I actually hadn't thought about what my fav posts were on here. huh xD

      same to you, girl!! you are seriously so sweet. i hope 2018 a more stress-less and wonderful year for you -- Jesus is right with us. we can be confident through, and with Him. happy new year, Audrey! <33

  2. Ooh thanks for the reminder! I wanted to get Spotify premium too and there's one day left XD

    Happy new year, Sarah! I've enjoyed reading your posts this year and look forward to next year!

    1. lol!! you're welcome. it's amazing, isn't it?? MAY YOU ENJOY ALL THE WONDERFUL SPOTIFY PREMIUM-NESS IN THIS NEW YEAR, HANNE hahhaa xD

      happy 2018 to you, Hanne! I'm looking forward to it at well, I'll admit. who knows where it'll take me! <33

  3. I love your wrap-up posts, they always make me laugh xD The one sheep book at the library tho *shakes head* how does Julia even find out these things??
    Anyway have a very very happy new year girl and I can't wait to see where this blog takes you next year!

    1. EEP. thanks, Ash! (happy late bday to you as well, btw!! hope it was an amazing one <33) I know, right? sometimes she says things so randomly is just boggles my mind. but apparently I do it to her as well??? #sisters xD

      happy new year to you and your family as well, Ash! i'm excited to see where it'll lead as well *grins* have an awesome 2018, girl! <3

  4. That Han Solo gif about being an adult is me.
    I'd have to say I really enjoy your wrap up posts. <3
    Well, I hope 2018 treats you well! Keep on the wonderful work blogging, because honestly your blog is one of my favorites out there.

    1. dude it just fits so perfectly, right?

      MAKE THEM YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT I PROMISE. I made them without the graham cracker crumbs, and they tasted just like it (the texture was just softer) so I think next time I'll try it with them. BUT SERIOUSLY. SO YUMMY *needs to make more now* plus, I found the most adorable christmas wrappers to use for them haha

      AH. girl, thank you!! that is an amazing compliment, so, thank you!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO, MIRA!! <33

  5. oh my goodnessssssssss sare!!!!!!! i'm in there!!!!! aslkdjfoighd *hugs* girl i miss you and i love this post so much.. k i wasn't the only deaf one after star wars?! like hellllloooooo???? ;) but loved it ;) happy 2018 *cough* i did not just type that?! *sobs*

  6. Omygoodness we saw the last jedi & we sat in reclining chairs & we have connect four that looks like that xD and I stayed up when everyone else left trying to ice like 20 gingerbread men that wouldn't ice for anything xP
    Happy New Year dear!

  7. LOL! Love your GIF's in this post! They are timeless (especially the star wars ones). I can completely relate to your expressions and conversations with your younger siblings.
    Looking forward to many opportunities in 2018: transferring to a Christian university this semester, dedication to a healthier lifestyle and a possible internship this summer! Happy New Year!

  8. Haha! I love that Kermit GIF. It fits so well. XD

    Happy New Year!

    D.G. Snapper | silverphoenixwriter.blogspot.com

  9. You say "kill" too when you play games? Like she "killed" your queen and you "Killed" her pawn? My brother does that all the time and it cracks me up. ;)


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