JANUARY TWENTY-EIGHTEEN [a monthly wrap up]

Saturday, January 27, 2018

L I F E   I N   J A N U A R Y :
  • a lot of school happened xD
  • got sick (yay), hung out at library (lots of new books, uh oh), 
  • and drove places - did my first time drive thru as well *cough* like driving in a tight space then talking to the person and paying #yay -- it was actually fine though?? xD
  • I did lots of artsy doodling + totally reorganized my room, art stuff, and desk
  • and bought more pens #oops
  • made this boston cream cake (cake with a vanilla pudding layer and then chocolaatteee) IT WAS SO GOOD but everybody ate it before I got more OH WELL guess I'll just have to make more XD
  • started bible journaling
M O M E N T S :

"i'm having a bad hair day" - 8 yr old bro

sis: *coughing*
bro: what? is your spinal cord loose?
finding a random video on your phone from your younger brother. ah siblings

playing scrabble:
sis: can I do it? I can spell cat!
^^ teaching our dad how to play ticket to ride on new years eve - I WON XD

"how's life?" - 8 yr old bro

teaching my younger sis how to pronounce: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

mom: more pens?? are you addicted?
"i'm just gonna take out your batteries" *pretends to take something out of my arm* - little sis

little bro sick: does my hair look okay?
^^ found a new hobby to unwind. random doodling xD

my dad and I were in town and I'm driving okay, so. basically we go through a drive thru (FIRST TIME ME DOING THAT. AH.) and end up ordering sandwhiches with mayo (oops, my dad doesn't like it IDK WHY??) END OF STORY: we ended up taking sides of the sandwhich with mayo and put those together. so I got two tops with mayo and he got the bottom halves of the sandwhich without it. can you tell we are both problem solvers and perfectionists??

"look at that sunset. it's beautiful. like me" - sis
me making julia PB sandwich: wow look at those distinct layers (watching too much Great British Bakeoff? no. of course not. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN ASK?? )

little sis telling me story about three little pigs: even the door handle was made out of straw!

julia: I was holding a pen and then it suddenly canapolted
me: you mean catapulted?
ju: yeah

playing uno with my siblings and my youngest sis gives me a draw 2 card. she looks at me and goes "sorrrryyyyy"

me: hey toothless!
sis: why do you call me that! it's gonna grow back!

bro after coming home from sledding: there was this guy that went down the hill in a canoe!!
me: okay I want a mini fridge now

"I bet there are like, a thousand of them out there! and more that we can't see!" - watching snow fall from window with sis

bro: this tastes like dead fish
me: but fish is always dead when you eat it

did you know the word "comet" comes from the latin word meaning "hairy", because people thought that comets were hairy stars. like, LOL

I was out driving with my mom and bro, and okay, I pull into a walmart parking space and get out of the car. Then this lady calls out to me "REALLY good parking there!"
me inwardly: she was watching me park. like,

J A N U A R Y   G O A L S   C O M P L E T E D :
  • I want to do some writing - haha. hahahahaa. ha. ha. I did some re-outlining, but that's about it xP
  • start a new routine of getting to bed earlier + getting up earlier - part way, honestly. it just depended on the night xD
  • organize + do artsy stuff in my planner - I planned all the way until august and ahhh so happy with out it turned out

F E B R U A R Y   G O A L S :
  • focus on school [keep up + get ahead]
  • READ LOTS - this is kind of a far fetched goal considering how much school I have to do, but still. I went to the library the other day and got around 15 books, so, there is much reading to do xD
  • hopefully do some more baking / cooking
  • do some more doodling (I've really been loving this + I have to many pens to use lol)

we are officially 1/12th way through the year. AH. january was good -- I got to open my room window today and it felt like spring outside (!!!!) I did driving (anywhere someone needs to go basically) and my mom said she felt normal in the car as a passenger (a good thing for my mom considering she was nervous hahaha). it's been a busy week so IM THRILLED ITS SATURDAY - oh wait, i'm busy today too #oops 

well, SEE YA GUYS LATER -- hope your february is awesome <33



Saturday, January 20, 2018


^^ oh the irony. I put this in a draft as a random idea for todays post and here I am. it's Friday night and this post is not prepared WHATSOEVER. which is so odd for me (because normally my posts are done the day before, at least). ha ha ha. I guess you could say, instead of writing this post, I was living. basically just me here practicing what I'm preaching xP ANYWAYS.

today, on my to do list was "PREP BLOG POST" << written in all caps, yep. did that get done? well I'm here at midnight if that answers your question xP

I knew I was going to be busy, so that was the main thing I put on my list. buuutttt instead of writing this post, I was finishing up school (YAY FOR WEEKENDS), then went out with my mom to hang out + chat + run errands, and then got home at 9pm and painted a room in our house with ju and then hung out and watched a show until until now. so yeah, some stuff on my to do list didn't get done like I wanted it to, but that's okay. other unexpected things got accomplished. but I'm here at midnight finishing this up so that still counts, right? XD
I feel like there are always so many things I want to do in the day, and yet so many things that I have to do. it's hard not to let them collide, and end up having the have-to-do things go undone and then *CUE STRESS*

basically me every morning: OOH. I wanna write a novel, bake something, and do something artsy, and --
school: dooo meeeee
me after school: i'm just going to lie here and recuperate for a min
^^ ah the struggle. but I often find myself in the day going "goodness if only I could have 25 hours in a day." well, God gave me 24 hours today. And maybe I'll get 24 another more hours tomorrow. but maybe not, idk. what I'm trying to say is this: is what I'm doing with this time worthwhile and important?

first let me say this: WHATEVER WE DO TODAY IS IMPORTANT if we are doing it to our utmost capabilities for God. BUT, I also want to say this: is your plate so full that there isn't any room left for God to work in your life?

it's hard sometimes to not get caught up in whatever you are doing. work, school, writing, hobbies, etc. it's a really hard thing, honestly. because being busy and doing things is a good thing, as long as it's not too much. If we push other things out to make time to go out with friends, read, or whatever the thing is that we want to do -- then goodness, we need to set our priorities straight. God isn't something we just "fit into" our schedules. guys -- He needs to be first! and if we don't have time for God in our lives, something needs to change. 

just some thoughts I've been having recently. trying to make sure i'm not too busy for God, cuz man, that would be a huge mistake. have a great saturday, guys <33


FOUR DIFFERENT WAYS TO JOURNAL THE BIBLE [notebooks, journaling bibles, etc.]

Saturday, January 13, 2018

F T .   F O U R   W A Y S   T O   J O U R N A L   T H E   B I B L E

for the past couple of years i've picked up various forms of journaling the bible -- i think i'm the type of person who takes things in more if i write them down?.. there is no specific or right way to do it, but here are a couple of things that I do! and, to do any of these all you need is your bible, any kind of notebook (spiral bound recommended), and pens (I think I own like....uh, a lot of pens *cough in background*, but you really only need one. having extra colors is always fun, though)

[also, I'd totally recommend listening to music/audio books while doing this sort of thing cuz MUSIC OBVIOUSLY xD]
D A I L Y   V E R S E   J O U R N A L   [ j o u r n a l  :   g i f t e d ]

this is actually an idea my friend send to me (thanks, girl!!) it was actually pretty spontaneous for me to start, but it was the first day of the year (and since my OCD wouldn't allow me to start later) I grabbed a journal and went at it. basically, it's a journal where you write down a verse every day that you read, or spoke to you, ect. it's just a neat thing to be able to look at throughout the year/after the year is over and be encouraged and inspired by

don't feel like your handwriting has to be perfect in this thing. I mean, goodness, that at that messy handwriting. that could possibly be due to the fact that they are often written at midnight or later #oops

I'm excited to start doing some more doodling and art work in this thing soon. also wanting to make it a thing I do earlier in the day (instead of right before bed), so I can dedicate more time to it. I've only just started this, so it'll be exciting to try some new things with it!
V E R S E   D O O D L I N G   N O T E B O O K   [ w a l m a r t   $ 4 ]

this notebook it's my fav for obvious reasons: it has adorable little whales all over the cover...but I just realized I forgot to take a pic of that whoops. but anyways, SUCH CUTENESS xD I also totally recommend spiral bound

this is something I've sort of always done?? whenever we sit down to read the bible as a family I always have my notebook with me to doodle (or sticky notes, random bits of paper and such). I just find it really enjoyable and freeing just to use a random notebook and not feel any pressure of ruining anything.

i'll often grab my bible, pens and notebook and sit down at the table and doodle (with my headphones + music on, for sure xD) this really doesn't take much time at all + it's fun to use so many colors
N O T E T A K E R S   B I B L E   [ f r e e ]

I actually got this for free for one of those review programs LOVE THOSE THINGS xD this actually isn't a notetakers bible, but I use it in that way, lol. this is just something I picked up a couple years ago simply because I like taking random notes and looking back on them. boxing in, circling, highlighting and underlining is also something that I do as I read, and when I flip through my bible later, things stand out more.

this bible I actually got with the purpose to go through and read the whole thing (so I could track which books I've read and gone through easier)

you can also find bibles with wider margins for this kind of thing (personally, I just write all along the edges and inbetween and wherever I can find room - which may result in some upside-down reading later but *cough* thats okaayy)
J O U R N A L   T H E   W O R D   B I B L E   [ christianbook.com ]

this is something I've really been wanting to try for a while and my parents got this for me for christmas (!!!!!!!!!!) so I'm totally new to this but LOOK. HOW WIDE THE MARGINS ARE.

I'm far from being any kind of artist (a pen addict, for sure xD) but this is a fun way to keep everything in one place and work your way through the bible. since this takes more time, I make it more of a weekend thing that I like to take the time to do in the afternoon and just relax. even my perfectionism self finds this calming (odd, right??)

you could do many variations on this kind of thing! you could doodle, or hand letter, or use it to write down notes and thoughts (or do all). there are so many things online that could be used as inspiration 


there are so many more things out there to do, but these are a couple that I've picked up throughout the past couple years. you don't have to be an artist to do this kind of thing (gosh I have a limit of probably three creative fonts in my head and i'd hardly consider any of these things artistic, but they are mine so WHATEVES) basically, you just have to actually take the time, want to do it, and do it.


ABOUT BEING ORIGINAL [cliché writing, overused ideas & the struggle + solution]

Saturday, January 6, 2018

we all strive for originality. no one wants to do the "same thing that everyone else is doing." no one wants cliché. and no one wants normal. I feel like writers and bloggers, especially, feel this struggle. we stick ourselves to this idea that whatever we put out there has to be new

well. I have two things to say about that

1. nothing is actually new, and yet
2. everything is original

basically, the idea of anything is always a copy of someone elses from WHO KNOWS WHEN. BUT. every time you write or do something that is original. when you take any idea, however cliché it may be, when you write it it's new, and its yours.

so whenever people say "MAN THAT IS SO CLICHE" well, no. the idea could be called cliché, yes. but when a writer works with the "normal" idea, they create something new and original.

should you copy someone elses idea and make it your own? well, it depends on your definition of the word "copy", I think. if you are copying every little thing then no, I don't think it's kind to do to the writer and something you probably wouldn't like either. but, did you know several famous authors wrote novels that were based off an idea they got from another story? theres the key. someone elses story inspired something new, and I think that is okay. it wasn't a copy of the story they wrote, but a story from the inspiration they gathered.

i know some of us writers stress out about creating new novel ideas. and bloggers stress out about creating new blog post ideas. it's the same thing. we let this invisible wall block our creativity because that idea has been taken. we let it stop us from taking something old, and twisting it into something new. every idea has been written SOMEWHERE, but yours hasn't. and if you haven't, well, the idea must still be original for you.

so stop telling yourself what you are doing is unoriginal -- if God took the time to make every single snowflake (that has ever fallen and ever will fall) new and unique then obviously He took the time to do the same with us <33

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