Snow, snow, and more SNOW!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hello everyone,
   I was beginning to worry that there wasn't going to be any snow for Christmas! But, for the past few days we have just been dumped on snow! It snows almost all day long. My brothers made a snow fort the other day. They love snow. :) Right now as I speak snow is coming down! I can't believe that Christmas is only in 13 days! This year Christmas doesn't seem real to me for some reason. It feels like a dream. Before I know it Christmas is going to be here. :) Today, me and my older sister cross-stitched together. I have to say, I like sewing and crocheting much more! ;) But, I still like to cross-stitch. I think cross-stitching is much more relaxing. :) 


  1. Hi Sarah! :) I love your post! Boy do I know what you mean about this year! Before I knew it, we were moving to a new province, seeing the tulips bloom, visiting a new church, making new friends-- whew! Where did 2013 go? I'm looking forward to a whole new year though! Anyways, I didn't know that you sewed! :D That's awesome! By hand or on the machine? Did you cross-stich with Julia? You'll both have to (seriously) show me how next time we meet!! I would also have loved to see your brothers' fort, those are SO fun!

    I can't wait for your next post! :)

    In all sisterly love,
    -Nomie (Remember? Haha!)

    1. Hi Noemie!
      I cannot believe that Christmas Eve is really tomorrow! Yes, I love sewing! I sew by hand and machine, but I prefer the machine. ;) I think crocheting tops them all though! I love making new things. Yes. I was cross stitching with Julia, but Julia is much better at it than I am. I usually have more patience, but with cross stitching I just don't have as much! :P I have to admit that I still call you (Nomie). It's just a habit I guess. Haha! We got the KBR magazine today! I was in it! I just pray that someone will write to me that is as nice as you. Though I doubt that anyone could even be as sweet as you! I'm so glad that you like my blog. Thanks for reading it! Merry Christmas!
      Your sister in Christ,


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