How to keep your thread from getting tangled!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I have been working on embroidering a baby quilt lately! I have been having trouble storing my thread, everything gets tangled up or lost!! Well, today I found my solution! I have some small plastic bags and I thought why not use those? I took a few of the small bags and taped them together, then I found a folder to keep them in. I punched holes on the bottom on the baggies and put them in the folder! I cut off the zip lock thingy on the top so it would be easier to get them in and out! I made about 5 of those and now it is much easier to keep those little strands in!
I have lots of bigger strands too, so I just our a medium sized rectangle and punched about 6 holes in each side, then you can put the thread through the holes! It's real easy, and it helps a lot! If you want I can do a tutorial on them! What do you think?
Today my Mom was telling me something about if you don't want your yarn all over the floor while you are crocheting get a gallon ice cream tub, and punch a hole/holes in the lid. They put your yarn through the hole and start crocheting! You can take the lid off if you have to get in, and if you are using more than one colors you can punch more than one holes! Its a great things for people who crochet a lot!! 

I can't wait to see who wins the giveaway! It's so exciting! Only 3 days and 7 hours or so! Have a blessed day!
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  1. A tutorial is definitely in order Sarah! Thanks for sharing your ideas! I crochet sometimes, and my string ALWAYS manages to get tangled, lol!

    1. Good!! I will have to work on that! I just need to charge my camera! ;) Yes, the ball always rolls away from me, and gets tangled!! :P Well, I'll get working on that!! :)
      In Christ,


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