Currently I am...

Friday, June 27, 2014

Currently I am…
Writing…A blog post
Reading…About a girl during World War 2
Wishing…That my headphones hadn't broken. ;)
Knowing…That I could be crocheting right now… ;)
Dreaming…About swimming.. 
Happy…That I just made another sale!
Eating…Sweet spaghetti!! 
Thinking…About how beautiful it looks outside.

Guess what?! I made another sale!! Whoo! ;) I am also working on some new designs, I am really excited! Do you have any suggestions of things that I could make? Seriously anything, cars, treats, shapes, anything! I am always open to suggestions! I would love to hear from you! Thanks! :D

What have you been doing lately? :)


  1. I should do a currently I am post on my blog! I haven't posted in a while.

    1. Yeah! You should! Its a lot of fun. :)

  2. GOOD FOR YOU SARAH!!!! I"M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!! I'd love to see you make satchels filled with lavender buds, people would probably buy those up because of all the soothing properties it possesses. Love your pics!

    1. Thanks, Abigail!! I'm really excited too! :D Thats a great idea! I'll have to look that up! :D Thanks!! Bree actually took those pics, she took them a while ago. :) She does a great job! :)

  3. Great job, Sarah!
    Would that book happen to be the Book Thief? If not what is the book called? I LOVE WW11 books! I am reading the Book Thief, and its great! Great job with your craft business! I just might have to purchase something! You do a great job!
    Love In Him,
    ~Hadassah Grace~

    1. Thank you! :D Actually no, it is a series. It is called "Eleanor Jo," I just finished is last night. :D I have never read the book but I watched the show! Thanks! I'm really excited! I am so glad that you like them!!! :D
      In Jesus' name,
      Sarah Margaret♥


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