The Verse of the week is... Psalm 19:1

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Look around, isn't everything that God made AMAZING! God is SO AMAZING!
Have a glorious day!

Guess what?! I won a prize in summer reading! Whoo! I'm really excited!
Indoors: 2
Outdoors: 4
In between: 1
Well, the majority of people enjoy being outdoors! Which, I agree with! :) Unless, its sweltering hot. =)

           Have you ever entered Summer Reading?
                Have you ever won anything?
                       Would you rather: read an interesting new adventure book, or watch a new movie?


  1. Beautiful photo and great verse! Congrats on winning the prize!

  2. This is a beautiful verse! I wanted to ask you a quick question. You might have already heard on my blog but I'm going to be gone on vacation very soon and I wanted to know if you would like to guest post. It's totally fine if you don't. Your posts entertain me a lot and your blog is very interesting! Thank you!


    1. Yes it is! :D Well, I might be able to.. But I'm not quite sure with my schedule! Where would I sent it to if I did? :) Thank you! That was very nice of you to say! :) Have a glorious night!
      ~Sarah Margaret♥

  3. Well if there are interesting new adventure books out there than them, but watching a new movie sounds interesting too..... as long as it was interesting.

  4. Love this verse! God is beyond amazing ;)
    Congrats on the prize! I've done summer reading once before, and since I read the most books I got a cute bag of goodies :)
    Hmm..I don't know! I looove movies, but books are great too. the middle? :)

    MJ //

    1. Yes He is!!
      Thanks! Ooh! That sounds fun! I love reading, but getting prizes for it, hey why not? ;)
      Thanks for commenting all the time. Its so encouraging every time someone comments! :)
      ~Sarah Margaret♥


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