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Saturday, September 13, 2014

 Spend time with God, its a great way to start out your day!

Well, I noticed that I missed the verse for last week! Oops! I forgot to do a post ahead of time, I was too excited about camping I suppose. :D

Today, I have been: favors
Changing...into autumn clothes!! Yeek! new boots!!!! I'll have to take some pictures and show you! the green leaves, wishing they would last how much math I am getting done! :D
Wishing...that winter would never come
Reading...Anne of Green Gables
Enjoying...the weekend to cook more things
Anticipating...a surprise!


                           What is going on in your life?
                                      What is your favorite thing to cook?
                                                     Do you have a pair of boots that you adore? 


  1. Very good verse! Sounds like you've had a good and very profitable day!
    I won't say I adore--I'll stick with "I love" my leather boots! Today we spent the day picking apples.

    1. I did! It feels great to get lots of work done. :) Yes, boots are so fun! :) Yum!! I love apples! Will you make any apple pie? Or crisp? :)

    2. My sister is the official pie maker...she can make apple pies that are absolutely heavenly!

  2. Boy, I'm not sure you want to ask whats been going on in my life, you might get to linghtly of an ansrew. =P I guess in genral though I've been doing school, working on some extneize plans for my blog, planing out some future books of mine, cleaning, reading and breathing. ;)
    My favorite thing to cook is Choctlate Chip Cookies because their quick and easy and its about the only thing I don't burn. =)
    Oh yes, I have a pair of dark brown, leather, knee high fashion boots that I wear ALL the time in the winter. I can't wait to see yours! =)
    Great post Sarah, keep it up! =D

    1. Ohhh? Exciting plans? ;) Well, good thing your breathing! Good thing we don't have to remember to breath, because I don't think I would live long. Lol! Haha! Its fun cooking! My Mom and sister have been teaching me how to cook more. I usually mess something up, but you have to learn somehow. :)
      Ooh! Funnn! :D I took some pictures, I'll just have to load them up! :D
      ~Sarah Margaret♥

    2. Yea, there not very exciting but at least I have plans, sometimes I don't. =P Well, I'm sure you'll learn fast. =D

  3. The surprise sounds exciting! You'll share it, I hope! :)

    1. Hehe! Oh yes, actually I have more than one that you could say go together.. ;) You'll see soon enough!

  4. Wow! Sounds like your doing GREAT on your math!!!! Keep it up! :)
    Oh, I love my boots! I have some knee high black boots that I wear! They are so warm!
    Great post, Sarah!!!!!

    1. I am! Finally! Lol! Ooh! Fun! :D Thank you! :)


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