...I used the oven mitt!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

 Today, I made mint cookies. Yes, with mint and pinkish red frosting. but I added mint flavoring. 
They are chewy brownie mint, yum!

I did it.
I don't know how, I USED THE OVEN MITT!
In fact, I used one of our best ones,
I was planning on crocheting after making the cookies, buuuut that would have been a challenge. ;) 
 After making cookies, holding my fingers under freezing water for a few minutes, bandaging my fingers, and then putting aloe on them, I went to go get my camera that was charging (but, it had been unplugged from the cord and was completly dead!) So, I waited a while longer for it to charge, then took some pictures, this was on the window, it was like a blizzard today... 
 It's wayyyyy deeper than this now; I went out a little while ago. It's like really deep. 
 I went outside this evening to take some pictures, snow is crazy to take fun  pictures of!

                                                       Have you ever gotten burned? 
                                                                 Do you like taking pictures of snow?
                                                                           Do you have any snow right now; if so, how much?

I updated my "About" page; check it out! :) 


  1. YOWCH!!!!!
    I hate burning myself. Oh yes, it has definitely happened before. :P
    Those cookies sounds so stinkin' good! I'm going to coerce that recipe out of you! (that's the right word, right? Coerce? IDK)
    We have snow, but it's melting. :P

  2. It's feeling a lot better now, just kinda tingly. Thankfully I didn't get a blister! :P
    Oh yeah, they are all gone now! They are my favorite cookies to make; plus it makes a lot! They are sooo gooey and delicious! Hahaa, yeah that's the right word. But I don't think it would take much to coerce it outta me. ;)
    WHY did you stick your tongue out?! ;) ugh, you can have ours!! Gladly, it's a little too much for me.. I enjoy snow, when it's a little bit. But we have quite a few inches. It's really cold. I don't think I would mind snow if it was warm; but that would be a little weird; wouldn't it? ;)

    1. That's good. :)
      Yay! Because 'gooey' and 'delicious' are a perfect combination. ;)
      We had somewhere around 3 inches; I don't like it when it's just a little bit because it makes it that much harder to build igloos. We built a tiny lil' igloo last year; I could curl up inside it. It was awesome! It was also in the front yard, but the opening was facing the house, so if you were on the road you couldn't tell it was our 'hideout'. ;)
      Lol, that would be kind of weird. :)

    2. ohh yeah, I agree. :) Wow, it just keeps snowing, and snowing, and snowing!! :P That is so neat! We did that one year, a while ago... ;) ooh, secretive. ;) We plow around our whole driveway; and push all the snow into a kind of ridge, then you have snowball fights! ;)

  3. I tagged you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://writingforhisgloryblog.blogspot.com/2014/11/winter-wasteland-tag.html

  4. Aww that happens to me sometimes. It hurts! I know! By the way, I nominated you for an award on my blog. I love your exciting and creative posts!

    1. Yeah, it's all better now! :D Thanks for awarding me!

  5. Ekkk!!!!!!!! That looks like it hurt a lot! The cookies look good though!

    1. It did. :P But it's pretty much all better no! They were yummy!!

  6. hi sarah grate coments. wow those cookies look good and yeah we have a lot of snow i went out a little wile a go and it is achily melting but it gonna rain and freez pretty soon*facepalm* i hope our power dosent go out a ges (long story). aw im sorry you got burnd :(.-lizzy

    1. They were good! We have a lot of snow too, but it is all slush now.. :P Did it go out already? I hope it doesn't go out again! Thanks Lizzy! :D

  7. hi sarah!. no it didnt go out yet it hasent raind yet. yay i wake up and look out the window and the snow is almoust goun it was fun having the snow fore a wile! it will come agen SOON!! it was slushy here last night to!-lizzy

    1. It rained here; now the snow is allllll gone! Yeah, I like it and then I don't. ;)


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