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Friday, January 23, 2015

I found this dictionary from our library on the free shelf while looking for a music look that I could rip up to make into paper beads. (I'll probably post something about that later) Isn't the dictionary the neatest thing?! It's from 1925!!! Like where my story is based! I am so going to use this for my writing. :D

Yum. My sister and I made those chocolate truffles, They are cookie dough filled! They are seriously addicting. :D We put sea salt on top. The candy coating was really great on it!

I have been listening to the bible cds from Your Story Hour. They are awesome! I have been listening about David. The voices are just so mesmerizing. I love listening to thing while crocheting or making beads. :D

                                                            Do you like old dictionaries?
                                                                       Have you ever made chocolate truffles?
                                                                                  Have you ever listened to "Bible Comes Alive"?


  1. Your Story Hour CDs are so cool; I love listening to them. And lucky that you got a dictionary from 1925! XD

    xoxo Morning

    1. I know! I love listening to them, I have listened to a few adventure CD's as well, such as Ernest Shackleton. I love old things like that. Thanks!

  2. My sister makes the chocolate truffels too! It's oreo inside. We have listended to Your Story Hour before. Not the Bible ones, but just different stories. We listen to the Bible in Drama for Bible stories. I didin't know Y.S.H had Bible stories. And that cinnamon bun looks so yummy, I wish I could eat it right now!!!

    1. Aren't they so good? ooh! We'll have to try that. We are going to make brownie ones too. Oh you really should try those, I like them better. I have listened to Ernest Shackleton, I really liked those too! We have four cases, I think they have five though. :D mm, they were pumpkin! :D (and really yummy.) ;) Thanks!

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  4. Hey! I nominated you for an award on my blog! LOVE for you to check it out.


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