Saturday, July 25, 2015

We had a bonfire today. I always love eating s'mores, talking around the fire and relaxing..if it weren't for the

mosquito it would be perfect. So, I got jeans and my dads (super comfy) sweatshirt on then put my hair in

a bun. Talk about comfy. ;)

It was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. lighting out there! It was just right. The s'mores were delicious. We've always

tried different things over the years: Nutella, reeces pieces, reeces peanut butter cups, white chocolate,

and today we tried mint brownies. It's always fun to add more things to s'mores. Have you ever had the jumbo


I'm working on getting math finished up, and getting ready to start the new school year. I'm pretty excited. means more math. :P ;) I've also been practicing my lettering, cleaning my room, relaxing, reading,

cleaning, organizing my room, ect. :)

What is the craziest thing you've ever tried on a s'more?

Do the misquitoes eat your alive? Or are you a lucky one? ;)


  1. Looks like so much fun!
    <3 I wish it got cool enough here in Southern Cali to have a bonfire

    1. It is! haha, this winter *grimace* we are going to try a bonfire in the snow! Oh yeah. :D

  2. Bonfires are so much fun, but here we're not allowed to build a bonfire in the neighborhood, only when we're out camping. As much as I'm excited for the new school year I'm also dreading math. It's not a bad subject, it's just that it presents to you many opportunities on working on the problem, but one mistake gives you the wrong answer.

    As for the questions, the craziest thing I've tried on a s'more was slightly warm gummy worms (the taste is weird), and the mosquitoes eat me alive; the bites are just too itchy for my taste!

    xoxo Morning

    1. aw, that's no fun. ;) That's a great plus for livin' in the country. :D Yes, it's not's just not lovely either. I'm NOT looking forward to more Algebra. ;)

      oh, um, yeah..I can imagine that tasting a little weird. Try something chocolate or peanut butter related, it never fails. ah, yes they eat me alive too. :P ;)

  3. Sarah. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL. I love them!! And yes, I have had the jumbo marshmallows-- they are too big. ;) Don't you like math? :) I don't really get bit by mosquitoes that much. I guess I'm just not sweet enough for them! ;)

    1. aw, thanks Annalee! :D It's fun taking candid shots, and the lighting was perfectttt! :D haha, they are rather large. More like two marshmallows together..but they are pretty awesome. :D
      Well, sort of. It's not very close on my fond side. ;) Well, that's awesome! They eat me too much. lol. Maybe you're over-sweet for their taste. ;)

  4. wow such BEAUTIFUL pictures! You and your sisters are so gifted. ;) That one of . . . is it Miriam? I'm so bad with names. I need a chart lol! But anyone, the one of your little sister eating a s'more is precious.
    I am one of the lucky people whom the mosquitoes choose to leave alone for some reason. We were outside the other day drawing with chalk on my nana's driveway and my other cousins were getting eaten alive. Sarah, I did not get one mosquito bite! LOL. ;) And I've always wanted to try jumbo marshmallows . . . I just want to smash it in my mouth for some reason. :P

    1. aw, thanks! haha, I've always loved photography..your so sweet!
      lol. You certainly are lucky! Mosquitoes are wretched things.. :P They aren't very nice camping either. ;) lol. They are pretty neat..LOL. if you could fit it.... ;)

  5. Yummmm! We tend to make our s'mores with chocolate frosting instead of melted chocolate -- way faster results! :-9

  6. Oh goodness, we had those jumbo marshmallows ONCE and I swear I had marshmallow in my hair for a week...It was a mess!!! We can only have bonfires starting after is WAAAY to hot otherwise! ;)

    How does Bree do your headers your blog? What program does she use?


    1. LOL. They are rather large...hahahhaaaa. Try putting your hair up next time. ;) hahahaa. That must be crazy! We can have them all summer..though, we do them in the fall as well. This year, we are going to try one in the winter. :)

      She uses Picmonkey, a free editing website. :) It's pretty awesome. :D


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