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Monday, July 06, 2015

I'm the one on the right..pretty darn cute. ;)
yes, I was quite the chubby little baby..
ya know, sisters are pretty awesome. They are pretty much the only people you can be competitive. Like, really competitive. So, I was challenged by my sister (Bree) challenge another sister. lol! So, here we go.

I challenge Julia...
to post on her blog how much time in summer reading she has thus far. Even if I am crushing her (or vise versa *cringe*), she must post the amount and link to this post.

I have read a total of 73 hours and 15 minutes since June 6th. (an exact month)  

P.S. we are in a challenge about how many followers we have as well....*ahem* so, if you happen to follow her blog, go ahead and follow mine too. But if you want to follow mine, don't feel obligated to follow hers. *ahem*

P.P.S. Sisters are awesome. ♥

Are you competitive with your siblings?
How many hours do you have for summer reading?


  1. I am very competitive with my siblings lol!
    I have 70 some hours in june and i haven't counted for july yet.
    Way to go on summer reading!!!!!.

    1. haha, it's funnn. ;) Whoo! Way to go! :D Summer reading is awesome. lol..we do it for two libraries.. ;)

  2. Sisters..... Well I follow both of your blogs.... but anonymously so I suspect neither of you can tell.... :D

    1. haha, yes, sisters is the perfect word for it. ;) haha, thanks for following! Actually, one of Julia's friends just followed my blog making us even with our followers. LOL!

  3. Awe, the pictures are so cute:)

  4. Aww, this post is so sweet! You were such a cutie Sarah! ;)

  5. Those pictures are all so sweet! You were a very cute little girl. :) You had a Golden Retriever? Awesome! Our family loves them. We have two right now and hopefully our dog will have a litter in August. So fun! :)

    1. Thank you, Christine! Actually, that was our neighbors dog..we used to have a chocolate lab, Maggie. But a few years ago she died.. :( We can't get another, because Julia has recently developed an allergy for dogs. :P That's wonderful!! You will have to post some photos on your blog. :)

  6. Mwahahahah! That's really funny!

  7. :D:D:D
    I love my sisters too!
    You were really cute!

  8. Y'all are so adorable! lol, this should get interesting :D!

    1. haha, thanks, Abigail! oh yes, everything is interesting 'round here. ;)


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