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Sunday, September 06, 2015

Lately I've been experimenting with my camera setting...I'm stepping out of my comfort zone of using the "auto" mode and am learning the tips and tricks to aperture, shutter speed and ISO. It's fun to watch them all work together and start to understand things. I LOVE the aperture bar that show me if it's too low of light, or too high. (one of the best features ever ;) ) I figured out where those settings are, and I'm pretty excited to learn how to use them. I'm also going to be trying out the "portrait" mode in my camera...I've seen some tutorials and thought it looked pretty neat. :) I actually pulled out my cameras manual today, and read it all. lol!

We got our piano course the other day! It looks pretty neat..the videos will be out in a couple weeks-so we will be starting then. I'm pretty excited about learning how to read notes, I hope it will be easier to learn songs when I can read notes. ;)

I have writers block. It's horrid really, I've never really experienced it this badly before. I want to write..it's the most horrible thing a writer experiences. I feel inspired when I talk to friends about writing, but when I sit down with that pen and paper-my mind goes blank and I fight with wanting to write or not. I know I should. Because when I get going, I love it. Ugh. I hope I get out of this writers block soon, if not, you may find me living on a mountain. (inside joke, lol)

Do you use Auto Mode, or are you adventurous? 
Have you ever had a horrible case of writers clock?


  1. Manual always entirely manual. I would also recommend this article http://www.iheartfaces.com/2012/10/introduction-to-catchlights-in-photography it is about how to position people to get great looking eyes when shooting portraits.

    1. Yes, which is pretty awesome. I've been learning more where my settings are located. I'll be sure to look at that, thanks!

  2. Awesome photos as usual, Sarah!
    I usually use Auto if I don't have a stack of time or can't be bothered fiddling, but I like playing around with the Manual settings when I have time or want to get a really good shot!

    1. aw, thanks, Cassie!
      Yes, I'm sure it can be a hassle to get the right settings for different set-ups, lighting, ect. It is easier to use Auto, but probably more worth it to take the time to do settings. :)

  3. Sarah Margaret -- I feel you about the writer's block!!!! I've been experiencing the same thing lately, and you're right; it's absolutely awful. I've been moping around feeling like such a terrible writer because I just don't have the inspiration to sit down and write anything. *sigh* It's a struggle, one that I guess lots of writers go through from time to time (even though right now it feels like I'm the only one in the history of the world!)

    Here's to hoping you and I both get out of our ruts soon! :-)


    1. Well, Emma, at least we are in the same boat. :P YES, the horrible feeling that you'll never be able to write again. I get the inspiration...then I loose it all when I sit down to write. It's horrid. You sit down..and nothing comes. It's just empty, then I get frustrated with myself and read a book..lol. Well, at least you've discovered your not the only one. lol.

      lol, yes! Hopefully soon-because I haven't written in...forever! :P Hopefully it will end soon. lol.

  4. I need to learn how to use my camera. The only time I go off Auto is if it starts messing up and I need to take a few pictures in a different mode to kind of "reset" it. Pathetic, I know. =P Try going on Pinterest for the writer's block; just type in "story starter" and you will get a ton of prompts and pictures...Just write, even if it is terrible, and the good stuff will start flowing again. =)

    1. haha, don't we all? ;) yes, Pinterest DOES help, but it also hinders me. lol. Thanks, Jess! <3

  5. I know exactly what you mean, Writer's Block is sooo annoying! Try writing down any story ideas/plot details/character names you have ideas for, that seems to help me :).

    1. yesss. I didn't know you wrote! What do you write about? :D I'll try that, thanks!

    2. I write mostly on worldview, Christianity/encouragement, and occasionally I'll write part of a story. I usually don't finish the stories, though, lol!

    3. Sounds interesting! It used to be hard for me to stick to a story..but now it becomes a part of me. I worked on that story for about six months! :D I'm hoping to start a new one soon.. :)

  6. I totally understand about writers block! It's seriously the most annoying thing in the world. I always WANT to write, but it just doesn't seem like I can! Ugh. Most. Frustrating. Thing. EVER!!!
    I love photography, but I'm pretty horrible at it haha. I just can't seem to understand the different settings to save my life! *sigh* I may have to pull out that camera manual yet again sometime soon...
    Grace Anne // http://totallygraced.blogspot.com

    1. ugh, yes! It's SUPER frustrating. :P Especially when you WANT to do it, but can't!

      haha, it's pretty hard. Pinterest is pretty awesome for photography tips..haha, the manual helps where to find the settings. Which was awesome...what type of camera do you have?

  7. Before you read: So this comment became really long and is probably larger than a normal blog post but I'm currently struggling with and am passionate about this:) Sorry for the looooooong comment, I just started writing and couldn't stop. (If only my novel would work that way; I wouldn't need to write this comment lol)

    Oh, do I understand writers block!
    (Or at least the inability to get words on the page, I have been debating with myself if I believe "writers block" exists. But for lack of better word I will just call it writers block ;) )

    I seem to have jumped into my novel to fast and even thou I "planned" I neglected basic plot. I did the same thing with my blog, I "planned" for it but I never thought it through the full way. I seem to have put myself into "life block", I overworked myself in July and I under worked myself in August; even thou I needed the rest I beat myself up for not doing enough, and now its almost a third of the way into September and I am struggling to hit school hard and return to a normal schedule without under or overworking myself.

    I absolutely love this blog: http://www.thisincandescentlife.com/ and it seems that God has been speaking to me by using this blog lately.
    Here are some of the posts that have really helped my this past week or so:

    Okay, so I originally planned on listing only a few posts from the blog but I ended up tagging like 20 posts and I thought that if someone commented that on my blog I might not look at them all so then I thought I would number them from most important to least important but I soon realized that I could not possibly rank them all.
    So here is the link to all the ones I think might help you but I totally understand if you don't have an hour to look at blog posts lol. That being said, I highly recommend these:) :


  8. (This comment was so long it had to be two comments lol! Heres the rest)

    My best advice for how you can get out of this writing slump would be to sit down and write. It may sound easy to the non-writers out there but to us who love writing it can be a real challenge.
    Nonetheless, I dare you (I often find a challenge is what helps me to get started) to get a blank page and write for 15 minutes.
    Write about anything! Write about what you are passionate about! Write about how the sky looks outside! Write about your favorite book if the chapters happened in reverse order! Write about how hard it is to write! Write about anything! Just get words on the page! Go wherever your mind wanders! Go wherever your mind wonders!
    After fifteen minutes I bet you won't want to stop:) (And even if you do at least you wrote for fifteen minutes!)

    After you have done the exercise above try it on your story! Sit down and force yourself to write your novel/short story/poem/etc for fifteen minutes and see where you get. Writing something, even if it gets scrapped later, is better than not writing at all.

    Try to remember why you started writing in the first place, that it's something you once enjoyed, even loved! I recently read a book that had a writer as a character and I found myself jealous because she was excited to write! She would eagerly await the day to be over so she could get home and write! That's what I want to feel while writing!

    (Yes, I know I am being a complete hypocrite haha :P Most of this comment is just me yelling at myself but hopefully it will help you too:) )

    God bless!

    1. wow...like, post this in a blog post, Megan! ;) Thanks for those links..I'll be sure to check some more out. :D

      I always talk about how I "need to write" but I never get around to it..the fact is, I WANT to write. But I feel so blah. Like my writing is really bad. :P Okay, it's getting to the point where I need to force myself. lol. haha, well, you write too! (I'll chat with you more on the topic of "writers block" later. ;) Maybe we can help each other. :D )

  9. From what I've heard from you today, you're probably living in a nice mountain by now.

    1. lol. Yes, actually. It's quite nice. I won't come back down 'til I have an idea struck me. :P

    2. I always imagained the inside of a mountain would be cold, wet and dark, what is the inside of your mountain like? I hope you come back soon...

    3. lol. oh, it's not horrible. ;) Once I get an idea, I'll come back down. lol.

  10. These photos are gorgeous Sarah! ♥ I really enjoyed looking at them. :)
    I have had bloggers block! It is awful! Its like you want to write and nothing comes! I totally understand what you are going through!

    1. Thanks, Shelby! <3
      aw. I've never really had bloggers block-but writers block is horrible. Usually photos inspire me.. :)

    2. Oops, lol I meant writers block! But, I have had bloggers block too! ;)


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