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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

You know what people, it's really cold. Too cold. *see above for photos of snow to make you shiver* This morning, I woke up, glanced over at my clock, blinked, and noticed it was off. Strange. So I reached to my right and switched my lamp on—to no avail. Great. The power is out. I shut my eyes in bed for a few moments before I groggily slid out of bed.
I am really not a morning person.
I went downstairs and found my mom in the kitchen filling a pot with water, which resulted in me asking, "What are you doing with that?"
"An experiment—I'm going to try boiling this water on the woodstove," she replied.
"Will that pot be okay?"
"Should be." lol!

So the other night my mom and sister randomly looked up to see if Star Wars was playing in the theater nearby us. It was. So after talking about it (after all, it was 9:30 at night), we decided to go. lol. Yeah, in the dark, on the somewhat snowy roads. We stopped at the Dollar store to get some treats to "smuggle" in. (doesn't everyone do that?!) We went and saw the 9:30 showing until midnight. lol.
Hey, that's a night we'll always remember. ;)

BTW, the power came on soon after thankfully, it was only off for a total of less than 2 hours. lol.

are you a morning person?
have you ever gone to the theater at night?


  1. I'm not a morning person either. And yes, I've 'smuggled' snacks into the theater before. It's better than having to take out bank loan just to buy their snacks. ;P

    1. lol. My mom told us the story of how our great-grandma used to hide popcorn in her purse. LOL! :D oh, I know. That explains it perfectly. Seriously. So expensive. ;P

  2. Back when Les Miserables came out, my mom, my two sisters and I went to the 8:30 showing -- and that movie runs for like four hours, so....;-P Besides that, I don't think I've ever been to any really late movies.

    I love your pictures of the snow! :-)

    1. oh, whoa, that's a long movie! Star Wars was two and a half hours or was fun being at the movies at night tho. ;)

      Thanks, Emma! :D :D

  3. I'm glad the power wasn't out for long;)

    1. Me too, though, I don't think my siblings would have minded much. ;)

  4. Your photography is gorgeous! You're so lucky to get snow. It hasn't snowed yet where I live. I'm definitely not a morning person- ugh! Oh my goodness, that sounds so much fun! Definitely a memorable night:)

    1. aw, thanks! :D :D Snow's great, as long as it doesn't make the roads icy. ;) It really was, I mean, awesomeee. :D Thanks for commenting!

  5. Oooh snow! :D Its been recently really cold here, too! :D FINALLY. XD It was below freezing yesterday- but we have only ice and frost, no snow. But we'll probably get some haha! :D
    Love the pictures! :D
    -Angela (

    1. It's FREEZING here! It was a low of 1 degree the other night. lol. Sometimes it's just too cold to snow. ;)

  6. Ooh snow! :D Its really cold here, it was below freezing but today the high is like 45 F. XD Brrr! I think we're gettin' snow a few hours from here, so my hopes are up for fun white stuff! ;) (and probably no so great lol) We've got some frosts and frozen ponds!
    Your photos are so nice! :D Hopefully the power doesn't go out again for y'all, but late night events are amazing! :D
    -A (

    1. In the days it's been from 20-30 degrees. ;P lol! I know, it's fun, but not fun. ;)

      Thanks, Angela! <3 I hope it doesn't as well. ;) Oh yeah! Thanks for commenting! <3


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