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Saturday, February 13, 2016

I was finishing up a contest for my sisters for the bread they were making. (everything is competition lol) I just had to finish up all the baking and different stuff because they went into town to run some errands.
So I had to call them to ask how to transfer this weird new kind of bread.
Me: Scrolls around phone directory to find the number and listen...
Them: "Hello?"
Me: "Hey, so how do I transfer this bread?"
Them: ""
Me: "You know, the bread."
Them: "What bread?...."
Me: .........
Suddenly I make the realization that the voice doesn't quite sound like Julia. (It sounded like she had a cold. I thought she was just joking around.)
Me: OH MY GOSH. *hangs up*
Then I had a laughing fit.

And I seriously almost said, "Julia, stop kidding around."

Ya know those nights when you have the urge to write, read, or do something you are interested in? Well, I had that at midnight the other night...I wanted to paint. hahahaaa. So I painted. See the results? Maybe I should do more midnight painting?
have you ever accidentally called the wrong number?
do you ever just have a sudden urge to do something?


  1. Wow! Thats hilarious! A few years ago, I was calling my dad, and when I got an answer, I said "Hey Dad!" and the dude was like "I'm not your dad!" *gasp* *phone clicks* Most awkward thing in my life!

    1. I really wonder if that person though I was nuts... ;) Oh gosh, if someone called me and said "hey dad!" I would have totally gone along with it. ;) LOL :D

  2. OH MY WORDD. That's HILARIOUS <3 i'm laughing so hard it's not even right :) you were probably so embarrassed! that's just so funny :D they were probably like..."who in the world is this?" haha....amazing post <3

    1. Actually, I shocked myself and threw a laughing fit. If it had been a few years earlier, I probably would have cried. I've never loved talking to people on the phone. LOL. :D Oh yes, especially when I just hung up after asking them about bread...*ahem* aw, thanks, Autumn! That means a lot. <3

  3. I wake up and write poetry all the time!!!! :)

    Allie D.

    1. It's nice to be inspired like I wish it would happen in the day and not when I should be sleeping. ;)

  4. Oh my goodness, your art is beautiful!

  5. Oh my goodness! That is so funny!!!!! I would just die! :)
    That is so pretty! Seriously, it's amazing! It must have taken a long time! :D

    1. hahahaa. I seriously thought Julia was just joking. I was like, "get serious!" :P lol! :D :D
      aw, thanks! <3 Well, the more intricate one took me about an hour and the other took me about half an hour. They are super easy, and super fun to make. :D

    2. Haha! You make it sounds so easy! :)

    3. It really is! haha, if you wish I can send you the link to the tutorial I used. :D

  6. Hi Sarah, I just found your blog and I love it <3
    I have accidently called people and it is sooo awkward (I don't like talking on the phone to begin with!). Yes, I have also had random urges to do things... and sometimes it's wise to just do it -the results can be awesome -just like your art... it's beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hi Rebekah! So glad you stopped by, it's nice to "meet" you. I clicked over to your website, and I just adore it!
      oh, yesssss. I've never enjoyed the phone either. lol. I avoid it as much as possible. ;) aw, thanks! <3 <3

  7. That is a hilarious story! I would be so embarrassed if that happened to me. XD Your paintings are really pretty! I especially like the top vine-wreath-thingy.

    1. It was seriously SO funny. It sounded like a Julia who was kidding around. ;)
      Thank you! <3 I have to say, wreaths (next to bubbles) are my favorite to paint. XD


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