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Friday, February 05, 2016

Innocently walking upstairs (in the pitch black dark) lifting your foot to the last step and WHAM. You trusted that step with your whole soul, and wham, it just abandoned you. Your foot faced empty air because you really believed in that step, resulting in a mini heart attack.
Then you continue to stumble over the chair in the hallway. Smart. Blame it on darkness people!

Do you have this "routine" you go through? My friend and writing buddy, Hannah, and I go through this every. single. time. we talk.
One of us will ask: "Did you write???"and either reply:
ashamedly: "nooooooooo..." or
"YES YES YES. I WROTE CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?" << More often I'm more enthusiastic because I've been going through writers block lately. lol.

So I showed this to Hannah (to get her permission to post about her, lol).
Hannah: "Soooo how is writing?"
Me: *facepalm*

have you ever tried word warring?
do you have an awesome writing buddy?


  1. Dude, awesome photos. and BTW we should word war today. ;)

    1. Thanks! well, I wanted to yesterday! lol! Let's. ;)

  2. WORD WARRING. Word wars are practically life. I love them so much and do probably 97% of my writing/editing/blogging with them. I love my writing buddies and word warring friends. <3

    So, Sarah? Did you write? ;)

    1. YES. They really get you, moving, don't they? I have to say, I'm looking forward to Camp NaNo in July. Currently rewriting a novella and turning it into a novel. I never really knew what people meant on how their rewrites are "nothing like their first draft," until now. Gosh, this thing is different. ;)

      UGH. Katieeee! :P *hides* I was just going to. lol. Promise. *runs away to frantically write*

  3. I DO have an awesome writing buddy. She is my indispensable critic, fan, and also happens to be my best friend. :-) We've only tried word-warring once, but it was SO much fun!

    1. Ah, yes. I enjoy critiquing (nicely, lol), and formatting. *rubs hands together* formatting is excellent fun. ;) :D

      It's such an awesome way to get a ton of writing done. It feels as if you are not alone, if you know what I mean. :D

  4. AHAHAHAAA XD "You trusted that step with your whole soul, and wham, it just abandoned you." It's sad the level on which I can relate to this. XD I am very clumsy. Actually, right now I have a bruise on my knee from hitting it while I was sitting at a table. I wasn't getting up or sitting down or actively moving – I was /staying in one spot/. And I hit my knee on the underside of the table, because I am a master at Clumsiness. (What happened was I dropped some food on my lap and instantly my legs responded by jerking upwards to "catch" it. :P )

    1. If all of you blog readers out there think I just come up with these sort of things when writing my post. I don't. I actually think those sort of things up when they happen. :P I know, I'm so weird.

      lolololol!!!! Oh, gosh. friend and I went on a rant of our clumsiness once. It was pretty bad. :P Ugh. Bruises are no fun. Sometimes someone will point and ask you where you got that bruise, and you are like, "what bruise?" ;) LOL :D

    2. People: Omigosh, what happened to your arm??
      Me: Uhmh¿? *looks at cut/bruise on arm* WOAH! That's new!

      Yep, done that before. XD

    3. oh, I knowww!! Or, "what did you do to your arm?!"
      You look over: *shrugs*
      lol! :D

  5. What is the difference between a novella and a novel? They're all stories to me. *shrugs* ;)

    1. A novella is 17,500+ words. A novel is 40,000 words. Some people say it's 50,000. I really don't know which that one is. A lot of writers debate on it, lol. :D Under 17,500 is a short story. Hope this helps! :D

  6. XD Yes! That rapscallion unreliable step! Although sometimes that happens to me when I'm walking downstairs too. :)

    1. LOL. I think it more happens with the 'supposed' last step. It seriously jolts you though. And you totally think it's there.. That step. It's just out there to get us, isn't it? XD


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