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Friday, April 1, 2016

A week or so ago we lost power for 15 hours. 15 hours people! On a cold, freezing, icy day (hence the power outage). It was cold.
I layered leggings, jeans, a long-sleeved shirt and a pulled a sweatshirt on myself and went downstairs. (We had lost power at about 5:30 A.M.)
Half of my family were tucked in blankets on the couch. To keep warm, we competed in jumping rope.
Bad idea.
I was SO sore the next day. I couldn't even walk down the stairs. *note to self: don't ever jump rope again.*

I went to the dentist the other day, and while I was there I thought of this pin Julia and I had uncontrollably laughed at a few days before;
I struggled, 'kay, I almost burst out laughing. I about choked. Seriously.

do you get sore from "exercising?"
isn't it hard to keep from laughing sometimes?


  1. Haha!! Jumping rope! I was with my friend one time, and she has two daughters. They had just gotten a jump rope so she was going to show them how to do it. She started, then stopped not too long after she started, and said, "ouch, I shouldn't be doing this." She looked at me and I nodded my head no....I wasn't going to do it either. Then we just started laughing!

    I saw that pin right before I went to the dentist too and thought about it and started laughing!!!!

    1. lol!! I knoww, it really hurts. It's great exercise though. ;)

      It's so hard because if you DO burst out laughing they will ask why, and! :D

    2. Exactly!!! One thing I do not like is when they ask you a question while they're cleaning your teeth!!!

    3. And you are like, "how do you expect me to answer this?..." hahahaaa. XD

  2. You *have* to listen to "Dental Care" by Owl City. It has me laughing every time.

    1. oh gosh, the song name itself sounds hilarious. XD


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