8 tips on how to start habits and stick with them

Monday, September 12, 2016

You know when you get in the kick of, "I'm going to drink more water," or "write every day," from, uh, tomorrow, on. *scoffs* yeah, right. sureeee. Well, here are a couple tips on how to hang onto that habit, today.

-- don't say, "walk a mile every day," instead, say, "walk every day." and no, I don't mean around the house walking. I mean get. out. side. (yes, I know "outside" goes together. just getting my point across thank you very much).

-- Julia and I set a time for 9:30 every morning to walk. we grab an orange and set out first thing in the morning. dont worry if it doesn't happen at the same time every day WHATEVER. just do it.

-- Julia and I often have to push each other around often to get stuff done. support groups/friends are awesome. I probably wouldn't get half as much done I didn't have the Jules. *fistbump*

-- it gets confusing with lots of people and with less people its easier to coordinate. My group is four people total and that

seems to work great--I recommend setting a "meeting" time every day to get on the chat to write.

-- I set up a group chat of Julia and two friends and every weekday we word war for half an hour in the morning before school. I can get around 800 words or so I wouldn't have had before and it really gets you going when you have support and challenge. (btw some people work better with time increments and others with word goals. I'd suggest trying both).

-- walking and writing before school really gets your brain started. If you try to write after school you are more likely to push it off and your brain probably isn't as pricked as it had been in the morning. WE ALL KNOW MATH KILLS INSPIRATIONAL BRAIN CELLS

-- be flexible -- seriously, dude. this is key. YOU CANT WRITE YOUR LIFE TO A SCHEDULE. sorry to disapoint you, but yeah. just don't be TOO flexible.

good flexible: oh, I missed the time. Guess I'll go do it now..
bad flexible: ouch. past the time..better skip it today so I can get back in schedule. << DONT TO THAT. that's the way you break a habit.

-- your habits shouldn't be too strict either. I have a super flexible blogging schedule that I love because it is flexible. Habits should be enjoyable once you get into them--after all, if feels good to take walks every day after a few days of doing it, and it feels good to watch your word count grow, doesn't it? YES IT DOES I KNOW

are you good at sticking with habits?
will you try any of these?


  1. I LOVE THESE TIPS SARAH! Thank you for sharing! :D

  2. Those are some really great tips! Haha, I'm one of those people who is always trying to improve my life and stuff, like a mom, and so I start all these good habits, and then I get bored with them or something, so I quite. Some things I do for a while, quit, get back to them, and so on. :P

    1. Thanks, Maggie! <3 lol, yup. It's really hard to stick with stuff but I find if I make it simple and daily I'm able to stick with them pretty well! but yeah, I know the routine. :P xD


    These tips are all super helpful. As I've started writing more in my book I know there'll be times I JUST WON'T WANT TO WRITE but I need to keep on. Because it's for a purpose.


      oohhh, you've started a book?? That's awesome!! You should totally look into NaNoWriMo too :D :D Good luck with your book!

  4. These are some great ideas! I've been trying to write at least one hundred words a day, every day in the month of September. It's really fun cuz I feel like I'm getting lots done (especially when I write lots more than that.;D).
    I definitely agree with you that having people to help you with your goals helps! Originally, I was doing this with my best friend, Jaclynn, but then she finished her book, so I'm all by myself now...;) It's still fun though, just more difficult.:D
    Great job on keeping up you habit!:D

    1. That's a great goal! I was going to do 300 words a day but then decided time works better for me--if I write for an hour or so in the morning I can get from 600-800 words. I actually just reached 40k on my book today! I'm expecting at least 60k, possibly more. :D
      awe, yeah, it's harder when it's just you. Plus, it's fun to be able to swap writing and challenge one another. I thrive off challenge so word warring works really well for me. I write about 200-300 words in 10 mins normally. :D
      Hope your writing every day goes well for you! :D

    2. Oh, I've never thought of doing times like that! That's a good idea!
      Oh wow! Congratulations! I just recently reached 60k on my book, which I'm super excited about!:)
      Definitely! We warred when we did it together, which helped a ton to get a large word count, but now I have to figure it out on my own!;)
      Thank you and you, too!:)

  5. I love these tips! Super helpful; thanks, Sarah!! :)


  6. OOohh, this is such a good post! I need to get into the habit of journaling and writing every day. *nods*

    1. ooohhhh, journaling is really awesome. I really need to get myself some gel pens. xD

  7. THESE are really great tips, Sarah!!! <3

  8. Those are helpful points, and nice photos too! Another thing I find helpful is to set a duration time - like everyday for two weeks, or a month, two months, etc. At the moment, I'm doing a crazy attempt to improve my piano playing by practicing for five hours a day, but only for ten days. Because I've got a limit on it, I can count down the days, and it doesn't seem so never ending. (Actually, today's the tenth day, so I'm pretty excited about that! :P)

    But I'm planning on adding both those things (exercising and writing) to my everyday schedule, so this post was really timely. And good on you for getting out there, and writing, everyday. :)

    1. I've never tried a duration time! I guess that's more like a goal--I'd like to do that..but if I stop something it's really hard for me to get back into it. Whoaaa, five hours A DAY? But I see what you mean with something like that--it's easier to stick with it because you do know it ends.

      Awesome!! So glad it helped you--thanks, Jessica!

  9. WOW THIS IS SO TRUE I NEED THIS POST IN MY LIFE CAN I EAT IT PLEASE <3 like...especially #7 lololol *MUCH NERVOUS LAUGHTER* I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH BEING FLEXIBLE. I'm the exact opposite. I'm like OMG NO CAN'T DO ANYTHING EXCEPT WHAT'S ON MY LIST SORRY NOPE. *shakes head in dismay* help me Sarah help meeeee. ALSO BRO. It's so cool that you and Julia go for walks together and write together and UGH YOU GUYS ARE JUST SISTER GOALS OK?? brilliant. <3 "WE ALL KNOW MATH KILLS INSPIRATIONAL BRAIN CELLS" <<< THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STATISTIC. *nods viciously*


    1. *rips post out of hands* NOOOO DONT EAT IT. *holds it* here, you can look at it. and I'll let your borrow it if you promise not to eat it.

      lol!! Hey, AT LEAST you have a list--I've never been good with those so we're even xD

      YEAH ITS PRETTY AWESOME YOU NEED TO TRY IT WITH YOUR SISTER--just drag her along like I do. you gotta use tough love hahaaaa. like push them around (physically if you please. I do) and stuffs. Julia and I came to the conclusion once that neither of us feels like the elder, or younger sibling. xD



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