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Friday, January 06, 2017

yes we were totally not waiting to scare our dad and bro's out in the forest noooo

*flops into blogger* HEY PEOPLE.

legit. since I've printed out my novel I've just been lying in bed at night just thinking of these horrible scenes that need to be cut. oh the grimacing i've done

then I remember I have to hand my novel over to Julia and some friends to alpha.

*stuffs head in pillow* *groans* nooooooo

it's just so so so so so so sooooooooooooooo baaadddd. no i'm not a sheep shush. rly. it's bad. i'm not joking. ooohhkkaayyy fine. i like the ending and most of the middle - i'm pretty proud of some of those scenes like:

but others...yeah don't worry I'll get over it. I mean like when Julia starts reading it you'll prob find me in the closet moaning in a pillow yep don't worry I'll be fiinneeee

okay. so I have a question for you guys. I know that when I get my novel (I still haven't gotten it yet COME ON JUST HERE BEFORE I THINK OF EVERYTHING WRONG AND CONTEMPLATE BURNING IT okay no I'd never do that don't worry) anyways, I know that when I get my novel I know that I'm just gonna want to get to the chopping right away —

so I need your advice.

do I wait a month and then edit? OR do I wait a bit and start a new novel then go back to editing after I finish that one?

okay so the other night Julia handed the laptop to me and asked if i could beat her score on the no-internet-game. so i played.
me: "Juliiaaaa - what was your high score??"
Julia: "2,240"

...and then she took it and literally got like over 5,000. like waht. *glares at julia* I WILL CONQUER

which option would you recommend?
have you ever played the no-internet-game, and if so, whats your highest score?


  1. There's a no internet game? I've never seen that on my computer!

    1. you know the little dino that comes up when your internet comes out (or when you turn it off yourself shhh) well hit your space bar and the game starts xD

  2. As always, your photos are epic.

    I think it might be best to put off editing for a couple months, you can start a new novel in the meantime or at least begin plotting one, and then you can come back to this story with a fresh mind, just do whatever works best for you though.

    1. eeeepp - thankkk youuuuu <333

      yeaahh - I'm prob leaning towards that even if I really would like to edit first :P thx XD

  3. This was so interesting to read. I'm really nervous about my novel, cause I know I'll most assuredly have those scenes that I will be moaning over....I'M SO NERVOUS! But excited at the same timeXD
    If it were me I would wait a month then edit, but thats just me, cause my personality really likes to finish one project before starting another novel, but then again thats just me. Keep up the great work, Sarah! You can do it!:)

    1. aww, thanks! oh yeah don't worry about it too much tho - that's what editing is for, right?? don't stress.

      yeah - i'd LIKE to do that bc i'm excited to edit but i guess i prob should wait. agreed tho - i'd love to finish it first xP aww, thanks girl!! <33

  4. Ooohhhh, the no Internet game, I love it! It's legit awesome! I beat my brother by like 300, I think my score was 1,400-something. :l
    Haha, sadly I would have NO CLUE what to tell you about writing! Like I barely know what anything is except for words and punctuation. (What even is a typo????) I only journal, and I've done that since I could draw pictures (practically forever) So, sorry!
    I had dream that you were 11! :O How old are you?

    1. ooooohhh ikr xD hahaha - ikr we are always trying to beat one another's scores xP

      a typo is just a misspelled word - which is normally the result from fast typing. a.k.a. i have a lot of typos all the time. xP

      lol!! rly?? that's hilarious - I think you are like the forth person who has dreamt about me hahaha xD

  5. I've um never edited before, so I don't know. But what I've heard is that you do what you want. Wait as long as you like. Do it now, or do it later. *shrugs*
    OMW yes that no internet game is the best. I think I've gotten up to maybe 1000 because i didn't have the patience to do it a long time.

    Who are your alpha readers? *wink wink hint hint*

    1. YES BUT YOU WILL EDIT SOMEDAY YEP YEP - hahaa *will do what i wanna do* xD

      YES lol aw come on *gives you patience* *actually can't do that but whatever*

      ha ha ha soorrrryyy. Julia, and some close friends. but don't worry - you shall be a beta reader xD *glances over at my alpha readers who are forcing me to give them my novel* *cough cough*

  6. Oooh, alpha reading! As for what to do with editing, it just really depends on how you are when you edit. Do you burn out easily after writing or editing? It's one of the things that happens to me, which in that case, I'd suggest to take a break. If you feel like you're more energized into going back into editing after writing a novel, then I'd go for the latter choice (and plus, you finished drafting another novel)! It just really depends on how you are.

    OHHHHH my gosh DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON THE NO-INTERNET GAME. So over the summer I usually spend some of my time at the university, attending engineering camps, and because the adults end up cutting off the internet while we're there, the no-internet game was everyone's thing. The professors always told us to stop playing the game, but a bunch of other people were like, "Oh, we just like fidgeting our fingers on the keyboard." That wasn't the best excuse, but ah, that's life.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Yeah - I rly haven't had THAT much experience editing yet soo. but no, I'm pretty strong and determined when I want things done. I'll prob end up taking a break even though I don't rly want to xP thanks!!

      IKR LIKE *plays it all* omw that is SO hilarious *laughs* oh yes *cough cough* just tapping on the keyboard ignore my continual groans *cough* xD

  7. I've heard it both ways. The one I've seen recommended the most is give your novel a six-week break. That way, when you come back, you come back with fresh eyes. I've also heard it recommended that while you wait you might as well start a new novel 'cause it's good to write every day. So yeah. (I've never actually finished a novel yet so all this is hear say, but it's hear say from some very good/respected sources)

    YES THE DINOSAUR GAME I LOVE THE DINOSAUR GAME. I think I got at /least/ 4,000 at one point. But I don't keep track. *is now tempted to turn off wifi and see how high I can get*

    1. *nodnod* I think i'd be more refreshed if I write something in between as well - it just might be hard to start something good after six months of writing this. Yet, it might be good for me. *shoos you to finish a novel* YOU MUST DO IT

      YES YES *still doesn't understands the dino's and cacti like waht* ooooh 4,000??? *fistbump* WAY TO GO GIRL. muahaha ikr make sure to turn off the wifi - like when the internet comes back on and you lose your score it's like -_-

    2. You can do it! *cheers* Although I completely get it. I'M WORKING ON IT. But after NaNo stuff staled. And then everyone finished their books and don't have anything to word war with. :(

      I know, right? And then you've got the weird birds. *nods* 'Course, when you're doing while /waiting/ for the wifi...

  8. Okay, so I knew nothing about the no-internet game somehow?? BUT I LOOKED IT UP, AND NOW I'M ADDICTED. XD (Actually, when Ju mentioned it in her 2016 wrap-up post, I thought it was something you guys made up. ;P)

    Btw, I got 2,450 on my very first try. *smirks*

    1. okay where have you been, girl. jk jk - we didn't know about it until *cough* pinterest. XD MARY. ADDICTED TO IT. RLY. okay yes i know. hahaha YES WE INVENTED IT HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW jk jk xD

      *whaps you* RLY MARY *goes off to play* I SHALL CONQUER YOU TOO

  9. Omw the dino game. *glares at cacti* XD

    I'd lean towards plotting/starting a new project first, but don't trust me because the only novel I actually finished a "novel" I did for NaNoWriMo with my fifth grade class. I never got around to finishing any actual projects (actually I did but then I trashed them awkwardddd) and honestly idk why I haven't taken it down from Amazon like ugh I should go do that. It's so embarrassing. XDD *hides from my fifth-grade writing*

    1. *glares at cacti too*

      yess. i should prob do that *sighs* ooohh waittt. you have a book from fifth grade on amazon? OOH. LEMME SEE. ha. i'm embarrassing all the time but yes *hides my own childhood writings* no one can see these lolol xD

  10. Hello Sarah! I've written a few stories in the past, and I always get so nervous letting other people read them.
    I really enjoy looking at your blog! Keep up the good work!
    - Madelyn

    1. ugh ikr - i don't think i'd get TOO nervous tho - there are just some rly embarrassing scenes that are so badly written and need to be fixed in there xP
      aww, thanks, Madelyn - it's really encouraging for you to say so xD

  11. Hi! I've been following your blog for a while by email and I really enjoy all your photography. :) (I'm only just now getting around to commenting on all these blogs I like, hehe). I would totally say wait a month or so. I find it's a lot easier to be objective about my own writing if I let it sit a while.

    Ah, the no-internet game. I love that thing. My brother laughs at me whenever I play it though because I'm so bad. XD

    1. that's so great to hear!! I love interacting with all my readers - thanks for saying hi, Katherine XD Yes - I have to say i'm enjoying this break as well - but still thinking up new ideas. so it's all good. xD

      SAMMMEEE. ikr julia did the same thing until i beat her...then she crushed me xP

      but thanks again for commenting, Katherine. It's nice to "meet" you xD

  12. It was a very exciting day when I realized that there was a no-internet dinosaur game. xD

    AND THIS IS PROBABLY A STUPID QUESTION BUT WHO IS YOU IN THE PICTURE WITH YOUR SISTER? I need to start identify you guys by your faces and not just your names. :P

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. totally *still has to beat julia* xD

      i'm on the left and Julia is on the right (and no it's not stupid bc apparently we look rly alike?...) it's actually a horrid pic of me but *shrugs* hahaha, ikr tho - you get to know bloggers by their names so easily xD


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