APRIL IS OVER PEOPLE || random moments + room redo sneak peek

Saturday, April 29, 2017

(looookkkk i paiinntteddd my room!! I actually hadn't planned on it...but uh, that'll have to wait for the reveal post, won't it? *smirks*)

A P R I L -

- SUCCESSFULLY MADE SEAFOAM *cue conquering music* it only took like five times but shhh 

- went to the after hours teen nerf capture the flag and it was a BLAST

- did a complete room redo - expect a post with pics soon!!

- also made homemade milky way bars YOU MUST DO THIS IT IS SO EASY AND THEY ARE LIKE THE EXACT SAME
- ripped out a bunch of carpet and redid my sisters room with Ju as well. RIP OUT ALL THE CARPET MUAHAHAA
*slyly sneaks pic of ju*
W R I T I N G -

- basically every night this month I wrote 1,334 words regularly (sometimes more, sometimes less). which wasn't a lot, really, but being so busy made it seem like a lot xP I could pretty much say every day in this month was so busy, and I was so tired by that time, that normally i would have skipped writing at all - so I wouldn't have had the 40k I have now without forcing myself xP 
- okay so no, I'm not behind I just haven't written yet today and no I'm not a sporadic writer...I just haven't been very dedicated at updating my words on nano lately, ha. xP but yes SO CLOSE TO MY GOAL *flails*

- also, my younger bro did nano with me and finished his story with like 1,200 words and omw it was so cute xD

R A N D O M  M O M E N T S -

little sis: five minutes is a looonngg time. one, two, three, four, five-
me: umm. minutes, not seconds 

- basically, my older sis is a seamstress HAPPY APRIL FOOLS #alsodidthistomydad #helaughedsohard #success
- when you unplug something and get your finger electrocuted and then do it again the next day #skills

bro: what's this? *points to candy thermometer*
me: a candy thermometer. you know - for when it's sick
bro: how does candy get sick?!

little bro after i cut my hair: *walks up behind me* *suspicious tone* who are YOU? 

clothes shopping with sisters be like: HEY I WANT THAT
other sis: I found it firrssttt
- that moment when your phone is at 1% and still hanging on

tv: *sound doesn't work*
me: *fools with all the cords* *tugs on things*
tv: *has sound down to 0*
me: oh

- *blasts Owl City when i'm in the house alone making brownies*

little bro: A B C D E FG H I J K LMNOP *pauses* I like that part - Q R S T U V W X Y and ZZZZ

- such beautiful music and GAH THE GORGEOUS COVER OF THIS THING *dies*
mom gives little sis a yogurt drink: it's good for you
sis: what's in it?
mom: yogurt
sis: what else?
mom: raspberries
sis: what else?
mom: uhm. a little sugar
sis: but i thought sugar wasn't good for you!

me: *telling my little sis about the nerf capture the flag at the library* everyone was running in the library
sis: and did you yell?
me: yep. everyone did.
sis: *gasps* didn't you get in trouble?!
me: nooppee
- when you turn the bluetooth off to put the radio on and it's blasting at full volume like it wants to blow your ears off

little bro: sarah, when is 2007 happening?
me: buddy, it already happened

bro: really?!
- stabbing yourself in the chin with your pen bc you left the tip part out (dont give me a click pen bc i will click it to the death halp)

- denting my fingernail #didntknowthatwaspossible
little bro: *points to soup* why does it have to be so...watery?
me: um. it's soup. 

little sis: *comes into my room**goes into my closet* it's nice and cool in here *shuts door* ...and dark

- when your siblings like the box better than the new pool
me: *sees venus flytrap at store*
me: I WANT

bro: my creepiest dream was when the chickens killed me
other sib: mine is when i drowned in a cup of rootbeer
me: ...


- complete camp nano and reach my word goal - so this WILL be done. the plan is to reach my goal by the 30th

- try writing in a new formatting style. - did this and I'm SUPER happy with how it's looking XD

- stop getting papercuts. seriously. stop. - okay so I think I only managed to get one papercut this month. CHEERS. but I did start stubbing the same toe over and over and then dropped a pan on it xP

- learn something new in HTML - I completely forgot to do this. ha.

- don't die from the busy stuffs - I think I successfully got this one down?...

- finish going thru that 600 page name book - I FAILED THIS. kinda. okay but srsly I had to return it to the library *folds arms defiantly*

- finish my novel? or am i being too ambitious ha xP (actually this might not happen bc I'm thinking no merging my sequel idea into a "part 2" for this novel, so, yeah. xD)


- master some kind of new summerish hairdo for my short hair 

- READ MORE - it's been so busy, I just haven't had time *whacks self*

- try a new diy project

- - - - -

so since nano is done, even though I will be continuing to write to finish up my novel, you guys can probably expect my posting to be more back to normal. also, it's green now so EASIER TO TAKE PICS
wowowowow did you survive this post? you are an epic bean if you did xD
what is one thing you'd RLY like to accomplish this summer?


  1. Great post, Julia!! :-)
    *Gasp* You can make Milky Ways?? My sister LOVES those! Do you have a recipe for how to make them? Because we totally need to try that. :-)
    I know you're looking for summerish hairstyles for short hair, (Not sure what counts as summerish though,) but I found a pretty hairstyle on YouTube that might work! I think it wouldn't look good on you! Here is the link to the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDHhwKnDbbg&t=5s (By the way, I absolutely LOVE your hair.) :-)


    1. lol uhh this is actually Sarah *laughs* okay I guess my new haircut is srsly fooling everyone XD

      they are so easy!! uhhhmm. I actually think i lost the recipe. whoops. just google 'copycat milky way bars' and the recipes are basically all the same. All it takes is CandyQuik and marshmallow fluff and basically no time at all. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THEM NOOOOWW

      and ohmygoodness - that hairstyle is SO adorable!! I have to try it and awww thank you, Skylar!!

    2. Oh, I'm so sorry! I meant to say Sarah!! (I keep getting you two mixed up..... that's slightly embarrassing.... :-))


    3. no, seriously, don't worry about it!! we have it all the time XD I guess I've just never realized how alike we looked! we had kids at the library asking if we were twins lol!

  2. I always love yours and Julia's little "random moments". YOUR SIBILINGS ARE SO FREAKIN CUTE. *grabs them and hugs to death* And WHOOP WHOOP LET'S HIT THAT FORTY K GO SARAH. I wish I could make homemade Milky Ways??? But I have like no cooking abilities lol. And YAAAAS SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER LET'S GOOOOOO.

    May @ Forever and Everly

    1. awww thank you!! haha. i have to say, they are prob my favs. all the time when I look back in my blog it's almost like a fun journal XD


      and dude. you can make milky way bars they are the easiest things to make like EVER. all you need is candyquik and marshmallow fluff. Look up any recipe and just do it. IT IS SO WORTH IT. DOOO IIITTT.

  3. *is an epic bean* And I'd REALLY like to accomplish FINISHING KILLING SNOW THIS SUMMER. It will nice. It will be lovely. I'm going to do the thing xD. (also YOU MADE MILKY WAYS, WHAT. They look SO GOOD *drools*)

    ~ Savannah

    1. Whoooo!! you survived my crazy post lol. AND YES YOU MUST FINISH KILLING SNOW BC AGH I WANNA READ IT PLLZZZ

      hahahaa well Skylar was saying she wanted to make some so go encourage her to do so XD

  4. OMW, this was so funny!!!! =D
    You bedroom got redone?! THAT'S AWESOMELY EPIC, GIRL. XD
    All your GIF's were perfect for this post, lol! =PP
    Anyways, this post was awesome, it sounds like you had a good month. ;)
    Jaidyn Elise

    1. omw thank you!! and yep - Julia and I redid it. Once it's fully done, i'll be posting about it for sure :D

      AHHH thank you!! and yes, I totally did. I hope it was for you as well, Jaidyn!

    2. You're totally welcome!! =) That's so awesome, girl! YAAAAAY I can't wait!! ;)

      YOU'RE SO WELCOME!!!! =DD Good! It was, it really was. ;) Thank YOU! =)
      Have a blessed day!
      Jaidyn Elise

  5. YAY I AM AN EPIC BEAN! Wohoo! XD XD XD Heh heh. Aww, you should totally post your little brother's story if he doesn't mind! I'll bet it's really cute. :)BWAHAHA that April Fools thing. :') Ooh, I like the song "Torn" too!
    AND AHHH I know I can't believe May is seriously the last month of school! (Hopefully. ;))
    -Allison (afarmgirlslife.wordpress.com)(For some reason it won't let me post comments using my WordPress account, so yeah. I'm not sure what that's about. O.o)

    1. *fistbumps* WHOO WHOO!!

      haha, I would but I don't know if he's like that.. XP but wow I can't wait until he's older and able to write full length novels bc WOW his plots are so indepth #jealous haha

      AH IKR!! I love summer haha.

      and huh. that's weird. did you try selecting the 'wordpress' option under the 'comment as' box? I wouldn't rly know bc I just use blogger...hopefully it works for you!!

    You're doing great with your novel! Agreed, though- this month has been crazy busy, so any words done is good. :P *high five* I'm past 80,000 words but my book is still going so I won't be finishing it this Camp. ;)
    YEAHHH SUMMER. I'm almost done with school too, this month. *brings out the water guns and sings the Mulan theme song*
    God bless, Julia!
    -Ang | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

    1. MAYBE I SHOULD (totally not gonna use you guys as an excuse to make another batch nooooo of course nooottt) hahaa well, I like making more like the snacks and stuff around my house - it's just so fun to try new recipes! i've made several things now that are just like the real thing which is super satisfying XD

      DUUUDDEE past 80k?? that's so awesome!! that's my rough estimation for novel. but i'm so horrible at estimations haha.

      *also brings out water gun and starts squirting everyone* MUAHAHHAA *laughs*

      and lol, okay, you are the second person in this post to call be Ju. Do Julia and I really look that much alike with out new haircuts?! *laughs* we have people ask if we are twins now LOL

    2. LOL, nooo, sorry about calling you Ju! I'm usually great at names lol! But y'all are both beautiful and DO look like sisters, of course. ;D
      OOH sounds fun! I'm guessing my novel is gonna end at 100k but EEKKK I dunno. :P

    3. lol seriously, don't worry about it. it's been happening a LOT lately with our now-similar hair cuts hahaha. aww thank you - you are so sweet!!

      dude. 100k? THAT ROCKS. My last novel was 105k and whew that was long xD good luck on your book, Angela!

  7. little bro: sarah, when is 2007 happening?
    me: buddy, it already happened

    bro: my creepiest dream was when the chickens killed me
    other sib: mine is when i drowned in a cup of rootbeer
    me: ...

    OHMYGOSH. I am literally sitting here deeply exhaling. LOL.

    andddddd. The scissors. That was literally the best April Fools joke ever!

    1. LOL IKR!! and oh brother - all I get is deep exhales out of you? tsk tsk tsk

      and hahahaa thankyouthankyouthankyou but you never even said anything to me!! *squints* I did get some good laughs outta dad tho haha

    2. Hahaa, okay, maybe stifled gasps and inward laughter -- is that better? ;)

      No, really, you made me laugh!

      Wellll, it was like 3am when I realized, lol! Did you want me to come wake you up and laugh?? I guess I forgot to tell you about it the next day..sorry. :P

  8. I laughed so hard at all of the random things your siblings said! xD

    1. the things they say are SERIOUSLY the cutest!! xD

  9. OMGOSH! FINALLY. Someone else appreciates OTHER (not Fireflies (that song is teh best tho)) Owl City songs!!
    You're little bro and sis are the BESTEST. lol
    I wish I had entertaining and younger siblings. My twin doesn't really do that.
    Cool! I saw a venus fly trap at the Aldi's near our house. <3 I wanted one so bad, but it would probably end up eating one of my fingers.... *cries*

    1. LOL YES. ooohhh okay yes - I do still love 'Fireflies' but other Owl City songs are the beessttt.

      OMW NO WAY! Saammmee. Aldi has the coolest things, like, a venus fly trap?? I should have gotten it. ha. xD

    2. I do, too! I became obsessed when my cousin introduced me to it. The saint... <3 XD
      I KNOW! I'm regretting not buying one now. I was like, "Mom, are there real?" Crap. #regrets

    3. hahahaa ikr - some songs make you just want to listen to it over and over and ovveeerr again xD

      SAME. like I rly SHOULD have gotten one - I mean, who can say they own a venus fly trap?? XD

  10. Yup I survived xD

    So cool that you redid your room! I've always wanted to do that!

    AAAH YES SUMMER IS COMING AT LAST. I think my main goal is to finish my novel and maybe send it to an editor but that's a bit ambitious XP

    audrey caylin

    1. *cheers you bc wow you survived this long post* XD

      aww you should!! It's amazing what a coat of paint does to a room. I'd come and paint it for you - we are almost out of rooms to paint at my house. ha. xD

      YEESS THE LEAVES ARE HERE AND I'M SO HAPPY - once it stays to warm weather it will be the best. xD ahh, that's a great goal!! gosh - an editor?? You are totally brave xD My goal now is to probably plot the second part of my novel and perhaps start writing it?? I always think I have so much more time in summer but I guess I just do a bunch of things other than write. ha. xP xD

  11. dude.......that song is lyfe!!! and i was just looking at my thumb a couple days ago and it is dented..like waht?! ah such a beautiful post and i love your hair! <3

    1. dude so agreed - HAVE YOU SEEN THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR IT THO?? #epicnessoverload aww, thank you so much!! <33

  12. I know I'm late - my blogger feed exploded with an insane number of posts on April 29/30th and I'm still catching up... ;P

    I couldn't miss your wrap-up post, though, Sarah! They're awesome. :) Especially the Random Moments. Siblings can be so funny! (my siblings probably think the same about me. or not, actually. they say I'm boring now I've grown up??)

    This winter (S. Hemisphere!) I'd like to finish my Camp novel. That would be great - it would actually be the first draft I've ever completed! And how did you end up going with Camp? (I'd simply check your camp profile + stats, stalker that I am, but I can't find your username) (oh wait it's juuust below the comment box xP) You got your 40k, then - that's an amazing amount! Especially if you were busy with life as well.

    Oh, and I meant to ask on the other post: what did you donate your hair to? My sisters + mum + I once donated lengths of ours to be wigs for cancer patients; was that similar to what you did? (I was just wondering if there was anything else hair got donated for!)

    Jem Jones

    1. psh no way - no one is ever late around here xD hahaha ikr - it's crazy when all those monthly posts flood in but aww thank you! IKR?? so hilarious. whaaa? DON'T GROW UP. I mean, if growing up is when you lose your funniness then...gosh I'll never grow up xP xD

      that's so great!! Finishing a novel is the best and worst feeling haha. and hahaha well, stalker you already around out how I did. xD But yep, 40k was my goal and I felt like it was good for such a crazy month. XD What did you do this nano??

      Yep - I donated to a program that does the same thing for children with cancer. so cool that you all did that too!!

    2. *sings "I'll never grow up" along with Peter Pan* [*not that I've ever seen it* *but I sang it in a choir once* *it spoke to my soul* xP]

      My Camp goal was only 15k - I know a lot of other young writers get a heeeap more than that, but for me, that's good. And it gave me a great start on a story I really wanted to write. :)

    3. psh. 15k is awesome! It's amazing how much 15k makes a dent into a book. way to go!

  13. Oh my goodness YES to the what you said about turning off the Bluetooth and switching to the radio. When I read it I was like "WOW- I can't believe how many things in these posts are so relatable!!" XD


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