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Thursday, May 04, 2017

So I was tagged for the happiness tag by Hannah from the Relentless Day Dreamer (GO TO HER BLOG  RIGHT NOW OKAY. SEE THE BEAUTIFULNESS) also, I'm sorry if someone else tagged me with this and I just forgot #ughmybrainsometimes

anyways, I'm super bad with tags...sorry guys, I just always forget to do them xP - so here I'm finally gonna do one (I just went back and discovered my last tag was the snippets tag I did in december last year *cue coughing*) so...ACTION *cue cameras and lights*

*rolls film*

- my new bullet journal style (do you guys wanna see a post on this?? let me know in the comments!)
- using glitter pens to underline my bible (although I stink at underlining but shhh we are talking about happy here)
- the song 'happy' by Pharrell Williams - DUH GUYS IT HAS HAPPINESS IN THE TITLE. me listening to the song be like:
- new photo editing apps (omw guys THE POSSIBILITIES)
- playing nerf tag with my siblings and dad outside while babysitting
- almost being done with school for the year *cue cheering and flailing*
- my newly painted room (SO BRIGHT LOOKING - also a blog post coming on this...sometime hopefully soon lol)
 - green leaves and the smell of spring
- braiding julia's hair - AND IT ACTUALLY TURNING OUT PINTERESTY?? how. idk lol
- spontaneous campfires and s'mores with my family
- watching 'I Love Lucy'
- sea salt caramel icecream (GUYS THIS STUFF ROCKS YOU MUST HAVE IT NOW I mean wait *hugs it to self* it's horrible, you don't want any. trust me.)

well this is kind of more of a recent-happy-happenings but there's nothin' wrong with that, right?? xD

*edits post* and I almost forgot to link people. WHOOPS. *grabs all the links*

audrey | michaila | ember | clara | autumn | katie | naomi | savannah | julia | mary |
christina | chloe | elizabeth | natasha | katie | 

- - - - -

also, guys, somehow I didn't add my fav post links to my monthly post (aka I just plain FORGOT) 
sooooo basically I'm gonna add 'em here cuz you guys are so awesome

4 tips on merging fiction with faith - by jonathan - and here's another awesome post in Jonathan's series. go read it - he speaks the truth xD
how pain is handled - by julia ryan - YES IM LINKING MY OWN SIS *folds arms* but yes, this is such truth. go read it and die
hope - by naomi sarah - she's awesome ALSO SHE HAS MY NAME TOO SO THAT MAKES HER MORE AWESOME *cough* but this post was pure beautifulness and totally from the soul. probably one of my fav posts ever. seriously. go read this.
i'm a writer. excuse my browser history - by clara - OMW THIS POST. it's just epicness. also, she has some great how-to-get-out-of-writers-block tips so *guides all writers to flock over to this post*

p.s. I DID REACH MY NANO GOAL GUYS!! #morehappiness

do you like my tags, or for real, do you normally not read them? BE HARSH HONEST K
what is something that makes you happy?


    YOU FINALLY DID A TAG *is so proud of you* XD
    Looooved your answers btw.


      and aha yes. I'm so bad at remembering them. aww thanks for tagging me!

  2. This post is awesome! And, YES, WE WANNA SEE YOUR BULLET JOURNAL! I'm always seeing cute photos on Pinterest about those journals, but I've never picked on up. XD
    SARAH! OMW YOU LINKED MY POST AND MY BLOG! YOU ARE SO SO SWEET! That just literally made my day! XD Ha ha, I loved when you said, "Yes, I'm actually liking my own sis." *laughs forever*

    1. aw thanks!! EEP OKAY - I think I'll be doing that post soon, so,
      yep. ugh ikr pinterest has such cute stuff. You should totally start one!!

      EEP OF COURSE!! aww i'm so glad! and hahaha ikr. sisters *squints at ju* lolol

  3. Eeeep! That was such a cool tag! :D And I'm horrible at doing tags too, but since I've been tagged so many times lately I WILL DO THEM. Just wait and see xD

    Birds. Birds make me really happy. I open my windows in the morning and they're just singing loud and joyful and it makes me so happy <3

    audrey caylin

    1. isn't it?? it's one I hadn't done before
      and thought it was super cool. and YES YOU SHOULD DO IT BC ITS AN AWESOME TAG

      omw I am so agreed with that. I just love that - it sounds so much like spring. plus, then it's like OPEN ALL THE WINDOWS and that = happiness hahaha

  4. So which one is older, you or Julia? Sorry, I'm kinda new here. :)
    Tags are awesome! *claps hands excitedly* I love all the gifs and pictures. :D Wow, the things you mentioned are great. :) I especially like cookies and the smell of spring. Let's see...fiddle music is good at making me happy, and chocolate, and remembering all God has done for me, 'cause I'm incredibly blessed. :)

    1. Julia is, actually. I used to think that someday i'd grow up and my the older ones with my sisters but ha nope. XD

      aww, thanks, Abigail! ooohh yes fiddle music is amazing and HOW DID I FORGET CHOCOLATE?! *crime* haha. so agreed with that - I think it often slips my mind how blessed I am - something we all really should thank Jesus for more often <33 Thanks for commenting, Abigail!

  5. This tag is so much fun :) I'll probably do it as part of another post... Or it will be very long and specific and tell you everything you ever wanted to know about me. Oh well. XD

    1. aww isn't it?? yes you totally should!! I'd love to see it. haha ikr - that's totally me. either it's to the point or - DETAIL PLZ. *understands* XD

  6. For reals I love reading your tags, it's so fun (basically your blog is just lots of fun so YOU COULD PROBABLY POST ABOUT HOW TO RIDE A BIKE AND I WOULD READ IT xD). And AW you linked to me! *hugs* <3

    Something I love = big thunderstorms. And it's on my mind because I haven't had one in awhile and I need one xD. Awesome post, Sare!

    ~ Savannah

    1. for reals I love your comments. *silently considers doing post about how to ride a bike JUST for you* *cough* and omw, Sav, YOU ARE SO SWEET *melts into puddle*

      big thunderstorms are epic, as longhorn as they don't knock the power out for days lol and EEEP THANK YOU!!

  7. *loved* this post and alll the pictures!!! Who is the person to the left, in the second picture?
    girl. i love your tags!!! when you do them, lol! And it's okay bc my brain totally gets like that too. bc ALGEBRA. it's totally awesome that you're almost done with school, what grade are you in?? I'm in 7th, and we didn't do any school this winter, so I'm doing it all summer. :( (Micah was born last winter, so we were super busy)
    all the gifs were pERfecT for this post!! Funnily enough, but i have no clue how to get gifs in my post. i srsly know close to nothing when it comes to technology. *sighs*

    1. awww thank you so much!! haha, that's my oldest sis XD haha, yeah. it's hard to do tags sometimes bc often my blog posts are planned out but it worked this time.

      aww that's no fun. School isn't always fun, but I try to get it done so I can enjoy the summer XP XD

      eeepp thank you!! and haha IKR - it's pretty complicated actually and ugh sometimes they act up. Usually it's not too bad tho. thanks for commenting, Paige!

  8. I WANT TO SEE A BUJO POST OBVIOUSLY. and that moment when you actually braid someone's hair and it looks nice. :') I LOVE LUCY IS AMAZING and I need to watch more of it. omggg congrats on reaching your nano goal, sarah! *throws confetti*

    May @ Forever and Everly


      yaaaasss it's so satisfying. and i'm not usually good with braids xP SO agreed you must watch more lol

      eeeeepp thankyousomuch!!

  9. O my gosh!!! you tagged me!!!!! woah.. now i gotta blog. ;) and yes i sometimes read the tags if i have a clue about them...know what i mean? and something that makes me happy...writing and doing photography

    1. well, totally! and yes you should dooo itttt. haha yeah - or just certain questions I'm interested in. XP

      ooohh so agreed with both of those. writing is awesome and yaaaasss to photography *fistbump*

  10. Ahaha same. Like I always forget to do tags? IDK IT'S A PROBLEM REALLY.

    Also teach me how to take pics sometime k

    1. IKR MAJOR PROBLEM - I always forget to do them xP

      MY WAYS ARE SECRET WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT jk but actually, doesn't your mom own a dslr?? DUDE. USE IT.

  11. I like your tag post :D eating chocolates and doing a series marathon is what makes me happy! haha :D

    Follow me on: trulyfionaa.blogspot.com

    1. aww, thanks! ooohhhh yes to the chocolate - I can't believe I forgot to add that to the post haha xD

  12. I like these happy things. :) I probably need the reminder to count my blessings too. Also, I'm so behind in reading your blog, so I just saw your haircut! It looks great! Plus, that's so cool you donated it as well. xx

    1. I feel the same way..its pretty easy to forget sometimes. aw, thank you!! I love it lots <33

  13. Replies
    1. thaaannkkyouuu! feel free to do the tag - I'd love to see it! :D

  14. Congrats on reaching your NaNo goal! :D

  15. We just spontaneously made a campfire and had hot dogs+smore's on Tuesday :D!

    1. that sounds so fun!! I love summer xD

  16. Oh oh oh you tagged me!! xD I love this post though, oh my word I love happiness and the little things

    1. weeelll duuuhh XD aww, thank you! can't wait to see yours XD


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