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Thursday, July 06, 2017

uhhmm. I got a new 64gb camera card and im feeling the freedom. also, it's summer and there are 1380813623937191 things to take pics of and I didn't want to not post them so yep. photodump was the solution. expect many of these this month xD

humans, I have found the perfect chocolate buttercream frosting recipe. legit, I don't normally like buttercream but this is awesome. (I've made it like three times so far. ahem.) LINK. be warned, this isn't the kind there you eat a little and then you're done. i basically ate everything off the spatula then went to the bowl and still ate cake. halp. 

also go ahead and die at those pics of hers. like, if you follow the recipe it turns out exactly like it *dies and wants more*

bleh. all I have to say.

No, not really. I'm just having a bit of trouble getting back into the writing feel, ya know? also, I jumped into writing a super main plot twist thingy (part 2 struggles). so it's like forcing myself to get back into my characters emotions after two months of basically nothing. 


t e a r s,
c h a o s,
c o n f u s i o n,

t e r r o r

make this nightmare end
p l e a s e

Farren tensed at the ground wavered beneath her feet. They had reached the center of Cairan. Normally busy, it was packed like it had never been before. She heard a scream from behind her.
“It’s starting again!” The voice cried.
The mass of people seemed to pause and go silent. Farrens heart beat quickly.
Had it started again?
She glanced at Burke, sending a message with her eyes. He looked at her, then did a slight shake of his head. But she could tell he wasn’t sure.
It stopped for a moment, and people started to hesitantly move on, more silent. More cautious. As if the step of their feet could start it all over again.
- - - - -
(note: some little things were changed CUZ SPOILERS XD) also this is soooo unedited. like gosh. I wrote this yesterday people XD oh, and, you can stalk my WIP here: LINNNKKK

my grandpa brought a bunch over and we had a legit blast << (pun intended *cough*). also, expect 198301283101 photos in a later post k. dont say I didn't warn you 

so my older sis and I hung out at a coffee shop and discussed our novels until the friends we were meeting came and it was awesome. (why are coffee shops so inspiring btw?? XD) we got this dangerously good fudgy brownie and it was legit like a donut. when Hannah and Rachel came, we hung around for a bit and then went for a walk around town (we stuck mostly in the shaded areas. otherwise you felt like a wilting plant xD).
ALSO. LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL BRICK WALL even the trash cans look cool 'kay. I had a blast hanging out with Hannah with discussing our novels and such (it was the day before nano started haha xD)




what even is that. time? EXTRA time?


awesomely busy.

with summer reading, swimming, work, camp fires, s'mores, taking a ton of pics, going on walks, running spontaneous errands (aka grab your shoes and RUN OUT THE DOOR), almost falling asleep in the car ride home from previous said errands, more reading, painting, trying to keep my room in some sort of orderly state, writing, blogging, eating lots of food, sleeping (trying to fit this into my schedule more. I've heard its useful), and trying to keep my brain orderly for counting stuff at work (its a struggle, people).
^^ I mean, this is basically what my brain is like rn


do you like photodumps?? what's your current nano word count?
whats keeping you busy this summer?


  1. *blink blink* are those fireflies? I so want to see some someday!! *cries I feel so left out*
    Also, I loved the photo dump :D

    1. wait. *stops* YOU DON'T HAVE THEM?? what?!! that's so crazy!! I've always known them I've never thought of /not/ having them *is mind blown* it's so cool when they light up entire fields in the evenings..YOU HAVE TO SEE THEM

      aww, thanks, Daminika! <33

    2. Nope. We don't have them. And it's almost the saddest thing that ever happened to America. (the saddest being that moment when you realize your coffee is gone ;P)
      I have one memory of fireflies and that was years and years ago on one of our many trips to NH. The memory is just of my sisters running up to me one morning and saying, "guess what we did last night while you were sleeping! We caught fireflies!" I was like three when this happened. ;P

    3. I can't even imagine that like I feel kind of sad for you xP

      omw!! my sisters so would have done that to me XD awww you were three? have you even seen them before tho?? my siblings caught like 30 the other night and had me hold them all in a cup until they let them go lol XD

    4. Was totally gonna comment this too! Never seen any fireflies before. Not even when I was in the US. (don't think there are any fireflies in Tennessee where I went). Anyway, they look so cool!!!!

    5. Never seen them. And you SHOULD feel sad for me ;P

    6. *feels sad for both of you* next time I'll catch some fireflies for you guys xD

  2. Photodumps rock!! Bring it on, Sarah. XP
    I've been volunteering at our library a lot, and also babysitting 12986340623764 hours every week for five kids under the age of eight soo....pretty self-explanatory.
    Your summer sounds like it's been fabulous! I'm so happy for you.
    That writing -- oh my gosh, it was so good!!! I WANNA READ MORE HOWHOWHOWHOW.

    Amelia xxx

    1. hahaha be assured there will be many more coming XD

      oh, I remember you saying that! are you enjoying it?? it sounds like an awesome thing. I mean, WHO DOESN'T LOVE THE LIBRARY?? ohh wow that's a lot of babysitting haha. kids are fun tho XD

      aww, it sounds like yours has been awesome, too! <33

      OMW THANK YOU. you are so sweet! thanks so much for that, I've been a bit frustrating with myself and my writing this month, so thanks, Amelia! <33

    2. Yep, kids are super fun. ;D
      Thank you! Yes, God has been super amazing this summer. Like always. XD
      Don't worry, I've been having to take a frustrating break with my novel, even though I have a pretty crazy goal set for this summer. I mean, if I want to enjoy it I might as well enjoy it...ya know???
      Awww, I'm always there for you Sarah!

  3. PHOTODUMP YES. Your pictures are all just so lovely and summery I could just... yes. Looks like you've been having a wonderful summer.
    AND I JUST LOOKED AT YOUR NANO NOVEL. Ahhhhhh you actually have a blurb. YOU ARE ALREADY WINNING. :D Good luck with the Nano-ing! :)

    1. EEP YES - I always love seeing other peoples photodumps so I just decided to do one XD gaaaahhh, Zane, thank you so much!!

      lol ikr?? I think this is the first time I have ever actually had one. I did the snowflake method with plotting this time so they had me make one haha. EEP THANKS. good luck to you, too! (if you are doing nano, I mean xP XD)

  4. I LOVE YOUR SNIPPET AND YOUR PHOTOS. I am a horrible photographer myself, so I love seeing other people do it right xD

    Nano... *headdesk* I did change my goal to a higher hour count, mainly because I have a lot more time to write than I'd thought. buuut that's not the problem. The problem is my novel is being pesky and I have so many little details I need to change in it that my brain is on the verge of exploding (as it was I planned to do a bunch of work yesterday but crashed and napped/read a whole percy jackson book instead xP)

    audrey caylin

    1. GAH THANK YOU, AUDREY <33 haha, well, I sometimes feel that way myself but I guess we are our own harshest critiques xP

      wowww aren't you brave?? I wish I had more time to write than I first though lol. I probably have less time than I estimated. whoops XD ugh yes, my novel was behaving pesky at the beginning but now it's starting to become slightly tamed now.

      omw a nap? and a whole book? THAT SOUNDS SO AMAZING *feels jealous while forces myself to go off and write*

  5. I like the campfire and sparkler pictures! That's summer. ;)
    That cake looks GOOD!!

    1. aww, thank you! I actually haven't done sparklers much before this year, but I wanted to do some photos so we finally did it this year xD

      IT WAS SO GOOD *gives you a slice* XD

  6. I LOVE YOUR PHOTO DUMPS!!! Do them anytime you like; I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing your photography. ;)

    1. GAH THANK YOU!! They to make me happy, although editing around 30 pics is adventerous XD aww, thanks, girl! <33

  7. Sarah. How are your photos always so pretty?! And your writing! I wanna read your book now.

    1. *melts and dies* GAAH, BRIANNA - don't do that to me XD thaannkk youu. that's so encouraging to hear cuz blah, my writing isn't going that super right now xP. but thanks, Brianna! <33

  8. Photo dumps are beautiful, of course. *nods* Love the lightning bugs- my niece loves chasing them around, and we've taught her how to make 'rings' with them.... haha.
    My current NaNo count is 13575.... *sigh* Not where I wanna be, but its better than nothing, considering we're moving and all. Life is CRAZY. :P But I like your snippet for Farren- you're doing awesome!!
    Fourth of July, man- we went and 'stalked' the neighbors for more fireworks lol! It was fun.
    God bless!
    -Ang | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

    1. aww, thank you! so same, I just wish the mosquitoes would stay away when the lightning bugs come out, tho XD

      dude that's awesome tho!! ugh IKR, life is just so insane I haven't had much time to write. I'll actually probably be lowering my goal. I feel bad about it, but sometimes you just have to do it :D aww, thank you!!

      LOL. SAME. they were going off in our back yard, so my brothers and I trooped over there after I ran back for my camera lol XD

  9. BUT WHY ARE YOUR PHOTOS ALL SO PRETTY THOUGH. (those sparkler pictures though! Yes, I've seen 150798245 of them over the past week, BUT I LOVE THEM STILL)

    *saves frosting recipe for use*

    1. GAH THANK YOU, HANNE. I lovee how they turned out. sparklers are so cool XD LOL SAME. they are so awesome

      *still wants the frosting again* I think I'd like to go make a bowl and just sit in a closet and make it disappear XD

  10. I so loved all these pics! You're so cute girl! Are you 15?
    That cake looks like it's TO DIE FOR. *begs you to make me some* Did you make it?
    Good luck with Nano and all! ♡

    1. aww, thank you, Paige! <33

      my sisters and I actually made it together. Julia made the cake, I made the frosting and my older sis frosted it. XD

      aww, thank you! <33

  11. I LOVE photodumps! I love photography in general though xD! Great post!

    xx Bubbles

    1. haha, same. they are so interesting. I love it when others do it XD thank you!

  12. ahhhh i love photo dumps!! i should do it more often ;) and i totally know where you were ;) cute photos sare

    1. me too!! and yes you should. hahaa, isn't it an awesome brick wall, tho?? XD


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