I. can't. stop!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oh dear. I am so tired. Today we went rollerblading/skating with our friends. It was AWESOME! It was so fast and fun! We skated for two whole hours, by the time it was done we were so tired, it was a lot of fun! The last time I did that was when I was five or six I think.. I didn't like how slick it was and I was worried it would be slick again for me, thankfully it was fine! It was hard on the turns at first but after going around a hundred times or so it was better.. I fell down two times, one time I kind of slid down, then I did a spin to avoid landing on someone else! :)

They had some games too, but I didn't win anything. I tried the limbo, but..failed.. there was also another game where you chose a corner and they called out a number if you had that number you were out. I think I was out of the 2nd or 3rd round. My older sister won though! :D I love skating, I can't wait to do it again sometime!

                                                           Have you gone skating/blading before?
                                                                     If not, would you want to?
                                                                               Would you play limbo on your skates?

Hot cocoa || Shocked

Friday, November 28, 2014

My friend, Hannah gave me this for me birthday (there were some more as well) and I can't wait to try this one! They all have been/look delicious! You should really check out her blog!
 Hannah also gave me this canvas art! Isn't is beautiful?

I love white Christmas lights! I used to like the colored ones, but I think these ones look more simple.
I like the green cord kind too, you know why? They look better on the tree...and...while decorating the tree I got shocked with the white cord kind! :P Let me tell you, I know why they call it a shock. Finally, something they named right! ;)


I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Every year seems to be the best. There are so many things to be thankful for, and every 
and year
there are more things to be thankful for.               



                          Do you like colored lights, or white?
                                                                  What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? 
                                                                Do you like hot cocoa?

Thanksgiving = fooooddddd.........

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ah, Thanksgiving. That word. What does it make you think of?



What kind of food? mmmmm

Turkey, duh
Lemon meringue pie
Apple streusel
Pumpkin pie
Ice cream
Pickle wraps (don't know what this is, ask!)
Sweet pickles
Angel eggs
Rolls (with butter!!)
Mashed potatoes
Green bean casserole
Sweet potato  pie
Sparkling juice, (grape juice and soda)

hungry yet?

I might have missed some...I took some pictures (we didn't cook it all yet) but I can't download them on this computer. :P So, I'll just have to tease you more with another post later! Of course, you all will have your delicious meals as well. 

I'm hungry now, time for some chips and salsa!!

It's my birthday!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Yup. Today is my birthday. I'm a year older!
For my birthday I went out with my parents for breakfast. I had my favorite: eggs over-easy, toast, and bacon. mmmmm...
 We also went thrift shopping! I got TWO new outfits!! :D
 I am reading Little Men for the second time; I love it!

This is one of my new shirts. It is really neat because it has a hood in the back but from the front it doesn't look like it. It is really comfy. I will have to take pictures of my outfits for you all! 

...I used the oven mitt!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

 Today, I made mint cookies. Yes, with mint and pinkish red frosting. but I added mint flavoring. 
They are chewy brownie mint, yum!

I did it.
I don't know how, I USED THE OVEN MITT!
In fact, I used one of our best ones,
I was planning on crocheting after making the cookies, buuuut that would have been a challenge. ;) 
 After making cookies, holding my fingers under freezing water for a few minutes, bandaging my fingers, and then putting aloe on them, I went to go get my camera that was charging (but, it had been unplugged from the cord and was completly dead!) So, I waited a while longer for it to charge, then took some pictures, this was on the window, it was like a blizzard today... 
 It's wayyyyy deeper than this now; I went out a little while ago. It's like really deep. 
 I went outside this evening to take some pictures, snow is crazy to take fun  pictures of!

                                                       Have you ever gotten burned? 
                                                                 Do you like taking pictures of snow?
                                                                           Do you have any snow right now; if so, how much?

I updated my "About" page; check it out! :) 

Big flakes..wait. what?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Yep. It has snowed. A couple of times actually!... I don't know whether to be excited or not.. ;) You see, I like snow. But when it gets into January, February, March, April, and sometimes May...well you know. 
So, let's stick to the positive, shall we?

  • Sweaters + blankets + cold = coziness
  • Christmas music 
  • Crocheting in the evenings..
  • Having snowball fights *take cover!*
  • Sledding..
  • Hot cocoa + melted marshmallows = the. best. thing. ever.
  • Decorating your room with Christmas lights = awesome!
  • Christmas shopping!
  • 2015 a whole new year, filled with NO mistakes. yet. 
  • The warmth of the Christmas tree in the evenings
  • The Christmas cheer
  • and more things that will come to my mind later...

That's life...

Monday, November 10, 2014

W R I T I N G: a novel, or planning for one. :)
E N J O Y E D: going to the library
D O I N G: school
R E A D I N G: a book about Eric Liddell; or I was...until it had to be returned to the library. ;)
L I S T E N I N G: to Christmas music..

                                                      A M A Z E D: at the fact that...it is suppose to snow soon.. :P 
                                                      T H I N K I N G: about the writing class that we went to today, yay!
                                                      H A P P Y: that my cold is basically gone!!
                                                      U N H A P P Y: at how long it has been since I've done a blog post.. :P 
                                                      C R O C H E T I N G: soap scrubbers, they are pretty neat
                                                      P R E P A R I N G: for Christmas..it's a comin'

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