strawberry patch

Monday, June 29, 2015

Strawberries must be my favorite fruit. They are simply too delicious to resist! Sadly, the people who own the

strawberry farm we have been going to for years (as long as I can remember!) are selling it. 

Hopefully, the new owners will continue with the strawberries! :)

I am loving summer. It's much more fun to take photos now that it's summer, with all the flowers, fruits and

hikes. :) Do any of you write poetry? I don't write too much, but it's fun to write just for fun. :)

Is there anything you'd like to accomplish this summer? I'd certainly love to finish editing my novella,

if possible and possibly publish a few copies on lulu. :)

Have you gone strawberry picking this year?

What camera model do you have?

space station

Friday, June 26, 2015

The other day we saw the space station! It was super neat, and surprisingly fast. It was such a beautiful,

clear night that we were able to see it for a few minutes. 

I'm almost decided that I will be doing Camp NaNo this July. ;) If so, I will be editing. yayy! ;) It's an exciting

thought that if I do Camp NaNo I might finish all my basic editing in one month! :D Surprisingly, I don't mind

editing too much. (good thing, right?!) It's kind of fun improving things..and I love paper and organizing

things. lol. Highlighters are the best things every created, (well, maybe not the best but pretty awesome)

also, sticky notes and anything paper. It's hard to avoid those paper/craft isles for me... :P 

It's been wonderful weather lately, except for a couple rain storms about a week ago, it's been quite sunny and

warm. :) I'm finally over a cold and feeling great. I've been reading like nuts lately. So far, I have almost 48

hours total (yeah, I know, right?!) and it's been about three and a half weeks. ;) 

Have you ever seen the space station?

Are you doing Camp NaNo?

it's summer

Sunday, June 21, 2015

 In the photo above I may look fine and dandy. Just posing for a photo. Inside, I was panicking. Okay, maybe not panicking..but certainly not feeling comfortable. You see, there was a bee crawling up my leg. Yes. Not the best feeling in the world.

Soft served ice cream is just my thing, it's just sooooo good! I took tons of photos, by the time I finally thought I got a few good ones, my ice cream was melting. ;) After the ice cream we went on a new hiking trail! Far into the trail we saw a map that said we had only gone one mile. But I must have read it wrong, or somehow we started on the wrong trail and ended up where we wanted to be. ;) I was a little tired, and didn't believe we only walked one mile..I still don't.

Oh yes, and today is Fathers day anddd, the first day of summer. Officially. Yay!! 

P.S. You can thank me for forcing myself not to put so many photos of flowers on this Your welcome. Enjoy. 

Do you like bees?
Isn't soft served ice cream amazing? 

rain || green thumb

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I've discovered I very much like photo editing. ;) You look at a photo and think it looks great, once you edit

it and go back it looks blah. So, I'll strive to be a good blogger and give you better photos. ;) 

I planted some Forget-Me-Nots that a friend gave me (hey!!) and they actually sprouted! Whoo! It's funny,

because a few years ago I tried planting some in a pot and when it turned into a big mud

bucket. ;) I'm having a little but more luck this time, perhaps my thumb is turning a little greener. :) I also planted

some orange day-lilies that I got from a plant sale. I planted them all by the mailbox, so far so good! :)

Paper beads. My new addiction. If you want to call it that..they are super fun to make and super cheap. I

glazed five necklaces yesterday making them all hard and shiny. Today I put them all together and finished

them all up. I'm super happy with the turnout! 

Do you like photo editing?

Have you ever planted flowers?

a day worth remembering

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Today we went to the park for the first time this year! It was super fun, and surprisingly -quite warm. :) It was a simply beautiful day. My sisters and I went through the woods and down the footpath to the river. It was quite large but super warm! The water was so peaceful and shallow. It was lovely.

Summer reading started today! Here we come! I asked the librarian, and she said I count count the time I edit my novella as time of reading. (Yes, I asked that...haha) It will be super awesome this summer because I plan on focusing on editing a lot. :)

This evening I went outside to water my flowers by the mailbox. (Tomorrow I'll be planting some day-lilies that I got today!) and my three-year-old sister tagged along. She then saw her new bike that she had just gotten the other day..and I helped her get on. About a half an hour later she started pedaling. Yes, people. Pedaling. Sure, I had to told onto her, but I wasn't pushing! Goodness, it took me years to get that down. It took her thirty minutes. She's three, people! She needs to work on the steering and her fear of me letting go of her, but she got the pedaling down! Such an amazing little sis. ;)

How old were you when you started riding your bike (with training wheels)?
Are you entering summer reading?

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