bubbles || rays of light

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I was outside blowing bubbles with my sister the other day..and you know what, bubbles are the hardest

things to take photos of. Seriously. She wanted me to push her on the swing and blow bubbles on her. ;)

These are the latest things I have drawn...what do you think? I think my favorites are.."Rain," "Good Morning,"

and "Life is Precious." 

I don't want summer to end. I feel like it has just come! :P Camp NaNo is almost done. I've almost finished

editing my novella..and am preparing to start the new school year. It's crazy how fast things change..I'm

sort of nervous to have finished this novella. That means I have to show it to people, it means I have to let it

go and start a new one..I feel like, "I'll never get as good of a grand idea!". I suppose I will, it just might take

some time. I've been writing/editing this for the past six months, I mean, that's nuts! (for me anyways.. ;) 

Have you succeeded in taking photos of bubbles?

What is the most memorable thing you've done this summer?

raspberry spring || nicknames

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Heyyy! I redesigned my blog! Well, my sister, Bree, did the banner for me. :) I loved my past design, but my sisters commented that it looked like winter. Yep. New design. No one is going to say my blog reminds them of winter. So, here's one that reminds me of spring and raspberries. A lovely combination if you ask me..

Oh, and that little bird reminds me of my mom. You see, she calls me "Sarah-bird." My. Only. Nickname. Seriously, any other Sarah's out there?! Do you have a nickname? If so, your lucky. Because I have searched. Even if you can find one, it just doesn't stick. I mean, there are nicknames. But Rah, Sadie, or Sary..um..no. They just don't fit me. Julia wanted to have a certain nickname, and I said I would make it stick. And I have! So, be like me and give someone a nickname. ;) All I want is an affectionate nickname...is that too much to ask?! Julia has about five..ahem. ;)

So, what are your thoughts on the new design? Yes? No? (say yes...)
Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it? And do you like it?


Saturday, July 25, 2015

We had a bonfire today. I always love eating s'mores, talking around the fire and relaxing..if it weren't for the

mosquito it would be perfect. So, I got jeans and my dads (super comfy) sweatshirt on then put my hair in

a bun. Talk about comfy. ;)

It was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. lighting out there! It was just right. The s'mores were delicious. We've always

tried different things over the years: Nutella, reeces pieces, reeces peanut butter cups, white chocolate,

and today we tried mint brownies. It's always fun to add more things to s'mores. Have you ever had the jumbo


I'm working on getting math finished up, and getting ready to start the new school year. I'm pretty excited.

only..it means more math. :P ;) I've also been practicing my lettering, cleaning my room, relaxing, reading,

cleaning, organizing my room, ect. :)

What is the craziest thing you've ever tried on a s'more?

Do the misquitoes eat your alive? Or are you a lucky one? ;)

sun burnt || loss of internet

Monday, July 20, 2015

Wow. Talk about busy. A few days ago my sisters and I went blueberry picking..oh, those delicious blue things..a little addicting though.. lol! So this is really worth a few days posts, you see, for the last three days our internet went out. Something with the storm I suppose. Something got loose or something. haha (anyways, we got it fixed!)

Yesterday, Julia and I played around with our siblings in the water. SO fun. Childhood is awesome, where did it go? You know, spraying people with water (it got up to over 90 degrees that day!) dunking heads in water to see how long we can each hold our breath..seriously, competition with E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

After dinner and getting cleaned up from all that water, we rode a few minutes away from our house so we could get some internet (my sister needed it for her business). While we were there, I got my free ice cream cone that I won for summer reading. Oh yeah! ;) *sigh* I always forget to take a photo of ice cream until later. Oh well. It's just simply too delicious. Oh, and in that photo with my ice cream you can see my pencil pouch that I sewed for my lettering.. yup, fun. ;)

So, after going home we hung out (had more ice cream..soo healthy) and Julia and I went outside to take some photos and play around..I ended up clipping my hair up because I discovered I had burned my neck (I always do that) and put some aloe on there..doesn't work too well with hair, so I clipped it up. ;) It's still burning a bit..oh well..more aloe. ;)

oh, and...um...we went to the library today (this may be the last time before summer reading ends) and call us crazy..Julia and I both ended up with 130 hours. A tie. Seriously?! Talk about awesome.

Well, I rambled there.

Do you tan, or burn?
Do you go blueberry picking? What's your favorite fruit?

lettering || train

Monday, July 13, 2015

I try many things..crocheting, beading, drawing, ect. Well, here I am trying something new. Lettering. It's SO

awesome. And SUPER fun. :D I've been experimenting more, with different pens, colors, ect. 
It's just a really fun thing to play around with. If your interested, (or already am lettering) I suggest heading over to skgfun.com and looking at her latest video about lettering..she also made an awesome prompt list!

Life is busy. I've been trying to hang on with math, ugh. That horrid word. And lettering, and trying to read like nuts for summer reading. lol. We went out a while ago..it was super fun. We rode on a train, an old car from 1914, and saw a real train, among other things. :)

How is life? Busy? Or perhaps..your bored to death. (that would never happen to me in a lifetime.) If so, I suggest...finding the oldest book on your shelf, closing your eyes and place your finger on a random spot in the book. Write a poem/prompt about it, draw/paint the letter or find something crafty to do.

Are you random?
Do you like lettering?

peek into the past || competition

Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm the one on the right..pretty darn cute. ;)
yes, I was quite the chubby little baby..
ya know, sisters are pretty awesome. They are pretty much the only people you can be competitive. Like, really competitive. So, I was challenged by my sister (Bree)..to challenge another sister. lol! So, here we go.

I challenge Julia...
to post on her blog how much time in summer reading she has thus far. Even if I am crushing her (or vise versa *cringe*), she must post the amount and link to this post.

I have read a total of 73 hours and 15 minutes since June 6th. (an exact month)  

P.S. we are in a challenge about how many followers we have as well....*ahem* so, if you happen to follow her blog, go ahead and follow mine too. But if you want to follow mine, don't feel obligated to follow hers. *ahem*

P.P.S. Sisters are awesome. ♥

Are you competitive with your siblings?
How many hours do you have for summer reading?
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