duets || photoshoot

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yesterday my sister and I went out for a photoshoot. She's teaching me how to take better portraits-so yeah,

I'm working on that. :P Anyways, she'll take "test" photos of me to show me what she's envisioning..

and those "test" photos she took of me yesterday, I actually really loved. ;) 

Julia and I have been learning a duet, we (or should I say she), googled for a "super simple duet." We've

been practicing it, (since yesterday), and we know our parts pretty well...it's just getting the timing just right

is the hard. On the first part, I'm too slow and she's too fast; the second part, I'm too fast and she's too slow.

lol! We're working on it, anyways, duets are AWESOME. Enjoy the candid shot of Julia and I (I'm in the

black shirt ;) ) 

Julia asked me to come practice on the duet earlier, and I replied, "I'm workin' on a blog post, one minute."

To which she answered, "You just did a blog post." lol! Every once in a while, our blogger gets stuck on the

computer, (one of our accounts gets stuck and won't un-log), this time Julia was the lucky one to be logged in.

lol! So, I didn't get a blog post done for a while, until I got on another computer to figure it all out. Don't know

why that happens..but now this makes twice. :P Anyways, it's unstuck now-so look for several more posts! :)

can you play any duets?

do you have problems with your blogger account?

highlighters || chillaxing

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Getting myself to write lately has been tough...in fact, it hasn't been working very well. LOL. I really have to get on that..it's a struggle to keep with it. I fight with the want/need to read a book each night (not a full book..usually, I mean, I'm not that crazy), or write..sadly, the book usually wins over. :P

I'm taking photos like nuts, because before we know it-the green will be gone. :( So, I want all these green filled posts to look back on later! :) I got a new Bible for review the other day, so you'll soon be hearing a review on that! I've discovered..highlighting any big things in the verse helps me think about them more-so yeah, my Bible is really getting highlighted. ;)

I'm already wearing my grey (or gray, I can't seem to decide. :P) G.A.P sweatshirt..I know, I know..traitor. :P I like comfy...the other day I was wearing my blue polka dot PJ pants, my grey sweatshirt, blue fluffy socks and my hair was in a french braid. Talk about comfy. ;)

My sistas birthday is tomorrow! Hop on her to her blog and wish her a happy birthday. She'll love it, believe me. ;) She may not be a big person for birthdays..(but deep down she loves them, at least, I think). I went a little nuts with her birthday gift this year..I mean, with wrapping it. I can't tell more, 'cause she reads my blog. lol!

when is your birthday and would you change it?
what is your "chillaxing" outfit?

thunder storm || hail

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wow...talk about a crazy day yesterday. We were to go swimming..it was such a nice day, and we recently found a new beach nearby our house. We drove there and thought the clouds looked iffy, so we decided to turn back. We stopped at our library to get the radar and then decided to get some ice cream and come home. My sisters and I ran in the store and got some ice cream bars...when we were just walking out…and it started to hail. Yes, hail. We dashed in the car (and I made my way to the front seat..whoo! Younger sisters are awesome ;) ) and started driving home in the hail. About three minutes away from our house, we stopped on the road, contemplating what to do. The storm has traveled over our home..and the place where the beach was-was now all clear. So, crazy as it seems-we drove back to go swimming.

After swimming for an hour or so, we dashed (again), for the car when we noticed more dark clouds...another storm. We ended up having to take the long way home, avoiding the storm. Strangely enough, it didn't rain much, but it certainly was an adventure. But…'Adventure...is a wonderful thing.' ;)

The lake was super fun! Julia and I were teaching ourselves how to swim..boy, that’s tiring! It was really fun to go deep, and the beach was so sandy. My sisters and I had a lot of fun teaching ourselves how to swim, pushing each other around, and trying to toss each other in the water. LOL! Oh..and we learned that “swimming in one place,” is actually called “treading water,” thanks dad! ;) You learn something new every day.

Can you “tread” in water?
Have you ever ran in hail?

pears & peaches

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Schools coming up on us! Actually, I'm pretty excited! I got some adorable school supplies, cleaned up my desk and am preparing for the new school year. I got a purple and bright orange folders. Talk about cheerful! 

I love summer...I mean, we all do (and if you don't, I don't know what to say to you), but I love autumn too..EARLY autumn. My birthday is in November..late November..when everything is dead. :P I'm excited to be able to drink hot chocolate and not get too hot, snuggle with the fluffiest blanket ever, wear adorable comfy sweaters, and just enjoy life. I'm tired of dreading it all.. I've finally stopped dreading fall. I just can't say I'll be able to do that with winter.. :P

Julia and I tried cooking our peaches, blueberries and cinnamon sugar..and boy, why did we never do that before?! We don't often cook our hotdogs over the fire, and when my mom was bringing them out to cook, my younger sister asked, "are we going to burn the hotdogs?" lol!

My younger sister tried cooking a marshmallow over the bonfire...after of several attempts (dropping it in the fire two times), it caught on fire and then calmly asked for someone to help her blow it out. LOL. She tried tasting it..only she got to the burnt part and didn't like it very much. ;) 

Have you ever cooked something in tinfoil in a bonfire?
Are you looking forward to the new season?

water slide || splash of paint

Friday, August 7, 2015

A few days ago, we got a kiddie pool and water slide. We own a large index pool, but this year we just didn't get around to setting it up. :P It wasn't as warm of a summer this year, and time flew before we knew it. :) My siblings enjoyed the water slide very much. I tried it twice...and totally regretted it the next day. I mean, for the next three days I could barely reach my arms above my head. lol!

We've been painting our whole lower floor! We live in an old farm house, and when we moved here there was pink flowered wall paper and blue carpet. Yes. I'm telling the truth. Over the years we have painted, and as of this year we took out all the carpet and laid down wood laminate. It looks AWESOME. So, we decided (my mom, sisters and I that is) that it was time for a couple new coats of paint. We decided on a light brown coffee color, a creamish yellow and are still deciding on the blue. Ya know, blues are the hardest to decide on. :P It took us about two days to prime, paint, and do all the trim in our living room. Now, we have a new, beautiful, coffee colored living room. :)

Do you have a pool?
Do you enjoy painting?

coral lamp || peaches

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I finished editing my whole novella! Mixed feelings...yes, I'm glad to be done, no, I'm not glad to leave

it. :P My friend is going through all the editing (thanks!!) and boy, did I miss a lot. ;) After the editing if fully

finished (the part I most dread) sending it out to a few friends to critique. yay. :P 

I also finished my math (can you see why I haven't been posting lately?!) Yes, one day I did 9 lessons in a

day. *weary laugh* I'm glad to be done, but excited for the new school year. 

I got a new lamp for my room. I loveee it. It's a coral, I've really been needing one-it's just too dark to work in

there or do any school. It's now like my dream desk..I've always wanted a swivel chair and a lamp like that.

haha. It's really motivating when writing. :) Speaking of writing..I'm starting a new story! I plan to go a little

more relaxed with this one and have lots of fun. My new characters name begins with an "m" as did my older

character from my previous story...so I often find myself writing the wrong name. lol. 

I also figured out how to do a french braid on myself. *yes!* That took forever..............haha. I found a new

easier way to do it..it's funny, as you are going through your like "this is not turning out, this is not working,

ugh" but when you finish..it actually looks pretty nice. ;) Oh, and the photo with the peaches...yes, those are

our peaches..they are doing really well this year! mm!

Can you do a french braid on yourself?

What kind of desk/chair do you have?
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