blue shelves || 2nd blogiversary winner

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I painted my new shelves in the color blue that you can see in the first photo..isn't is simply adorable? My dad cut an 8-foot board into two different lengths to fit my walls. It's simply adorable—and it matches my bedding perfectly. I used to have a smaller shelf..and it became like tetris figuring out how to keep all my books on the shelf. Oh, and look out for that avalanche while trying to pick out a book. lol.

Ju and I made applesauce a couple weeks ago...many apples to peel—and of course we had to make some sort of competition. lol. We raced to see who could get the most juice out of the peels. She won. Arg. lol.

If you've stuck around my blog for a while you may have noticed, that my blog started two years ago—today actually! Yup. It's my 2nd blogiversary. With a total of 73 followers; 184 posts; and 2,387 comments. Thank you all so much! I started my giveaway..and a few days later, I realized: "duh! My blogiversary is in a week! I should have waited." Until my sister stepped in, stating, "Just announce the winner on your blogiversary."
Sisters are always there for you when your brain is fried. So, I extended the giveaway so it would end yesterday...and now I am going to announce the winner for 50% off Skylark Clothing...

and the winner is...........


Congrats!! I'll be contacting you soon. :) Thanks all for entering, and for sticking around my little 'ole blog. You're awesome, guys! 

what are the colors in your room?
how long have you been following my blog? What is your favorite part?

dreadfully foggy || behind the camera

Saturday, October 24, 2015

You know that dreadful day when you wake up and open your shade to discover—almost all the leaves have fallen to the wet ground and a foggy mist has settled over the whole fields surrounding the houses..then you realize that autumn is slowly taking it's leave. *dun dun dunnnn* noooooo! 

These photos were taken a couple weeks ago—when it was yet green. How fast it changes! My sis and I took some photos of each other and I took the photos of her first. She was able to take a few photos of me before we left. Oh yeah. Mission accomplished. ;) I'm the only one in our family with a camera…and it tends to get "passed around" with my two older sisters. The one awesome thing about owning the camera—there are rarely “bad” photos of me, because if there are any photos of me, I have usually posed for them. ;) I prefer behind "behind the camera," thank you. 

Lately, I've been expanding my vocabulary, it's quite fun to learn new words actually. It's so pleasurable discovering new words that you can actually use. Thesauruses and dictionaries are wonderfully glorious, don't you think?

My giveaway is ending soon, be sure to check it out!

is autumn yet lingering where you reside?
are you often "behind the camera?"

stung || giveaway

Friday, October 16, 2015

I was dutifully about to start my math..sitting down, plugging my headphones in, opening my math book, ect., then, I sneezed.
Fact: Most of my family have this rare thing where you sneeze from bright, yeah, we always thought it was normal. Only 10% of people have this sneezing thing.
After I sneezed, I felt this horrid zap go through up all my arm, I looked down to see a bee, stuck on the arm of my shirt stinging me from my sneeze. I hadn't known the bee was there, and boy, was I angry. It quite hurt—a lot. :P After a while it felt much better, but now it's feeling very sore/stiff. :P
Fact: I have only gotten stung twice (including this time), ever, in my life.

We have a freeze warning tonight, and a freeze watch tomorrow...along with 40% chance of snow/rain. noooo! My mom said I could be a weather woman after I told her all the facts of the weather. lol.

Oh....and that surprise. I'm having a giveaway for 50% off Skylark clothing! They have the most adorable dresses ever—the best part, they are totally modest.

Sidenote: Dress sizes are limited in stock, so please check the drop-down boxes to make sure they have your size! Keep your eye on their FB page for newly added dresses. :)

have you ever gotten stung by a bee?
are you "into" the weather? Or a "weather woman", as my mom says?

chevron || hard winter

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I've jumped into the project of making a crocheted's all made of small hexagons that I have made-and have yet to sew together. I've chosen white and all sorts of blues-since my room has loads of blue. ;) I got some adorable bedding yesterday...It's torqouise/grey/white chevron. It's adorableeeee.

I really can't believe how fallish it is looking here! It's the first year for a while where the leaves have actually changed a beautiful color. <3 Fall really is beautiful, but the weather sure has turned cold! This year, it is supposed to be a very "hard" winter. I found a rather large, full, fluffy brown caterpillar the other day, it looks like it was preparing for a long winter. :P

I was going through my baby book today and discovered I was born at 2 in the afternoon, and I started laughing at two months. I also learned to walk in a period of three months. lol! I was rearing to go. ;)

I've got a surprise planned for you all keep your eye out on the blog for it!

what color is your bedding?
how long did it take for you to start walking as a toddler?
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