ice storm || watercolor

Monday, December 28, 2015

It was a splendid Christmas. We watched the Nativity Story, ate many snacks (CHOCOLATE!), played games, opened gifts, spent time together, painted with my new watercolor kit, hung out—oh, and beat my Grandpa at chess. Oh yeah! I just love the watching the Nativity's such an amazing movie. It's the real reason we celebrate Christmas, for Christ's birth! <3 <3

(Can you people tell I love kraft paper, and artisty stuff??) Watercolor is AMAZING, people. My sisters and I made out own's that time of year again. 2016 is right around the corner. (doesn't 2016 looks nice, I despise writing 5's, a 6 looks so much cleaner...ahem!) Oh, and why is it that the dollar general does not have calender's yet?! Seriously?! Oh, and my dad hung my wall art up, so I'll hopefully be able to do a room tour soon. :)
This happens every year.
*no snow for Christmas*
*two days after, starts dumping snow*
Yeahhh, we're in for a ice storm. If you could pray, that'd be super. It's very likely we will lose power—if we do *uses weatherly voice* "it will be for a long duration". The roads are going to be really bad..from 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice on the roads..sleet, rain, snow...gusts of wind from 50-60 MPH. Please pray we don't lose power. :P

doesn't 2016 looks so lovely?
how is the weather faring for you?

the eve of christmas eve || snow deprived

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Today is the eve of Christmas Eve. If that makes sense. ;P
This year we decided not to make our own frosting for Christmas cookies. #mistake
The store frosting bananas gone wrong. (supposed to be vanilla). I mean, gross! :P lol.

 People, WHY is there a thunderstorm the DAY BEFORE Christmas?!?! Where is the snow? That's just totally not Christmas-y. I feel totally snow deprived. ;P

I am totally excited to give my gifts this year, I think this may just be my best year for finding gifts. (I finally found an awesome gift for my dad, BTW). I drew Julia's name for Christmas this year, and I believe I found the perfect gift for her. Don't you just love it when finding gifts for people comes easily?

Merry Christmas to you all!
'Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be good to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.'

what traditions do you have in your family?
will you have snow for Christmas?

frozen fingers || wintry design

Saturday, December 19, 2015

My sis, Bree, and I decided to take a photoshoot outside, after (being the photographers we are) we watched the flurries outside we just had to take some photos. Up above you can see the results of our shoot. She'll be posting her photos on her blog in a few days..if you're interested to see my photography work. ;) You can see them at: Cover up for Christ. Oh, and she took the photos of me. I'm not that awesome at photography that I can take my own photos. Yet.

Oh, and duh, it snowed. ;P I went out in the afternoon to take photos, and by the time we took our shoot the snow had about covered the ground.
*it is cold. It's a problem being a photographer in the winter. When your fingers freeze stiff, seeming to stick at your camera. You can't slightly hold down the shutter button to get the right focus, it's pressing all or nothing. It's *snap, snap, snap* "Let's get outta here!" As you may have noticed, I got a new design! Bree made the banner, and I did all the other coding stuff that I really enjoy. Check out my updated "about" page.

oh, and I now have a Google+ page..if you interested in stalking me, click here. Be assured, I would surely enjoy if you follow—I'll even give you a virtual cookie.

do my fellow photographers relate with the "frozen finger" problem?
what do you think of my wintry design?

christmas village || stringing the tree

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dear me people, here comes the snow! I just hope it sticks for Christmas, then nicely melts. ;)

Yesterday I was able to get almost all my Christmas shopping done. Yes. My sister and I got dropped off at

the store to get our shopping done..I admit, it's fun roaming the store without a list. lol. I was able to find some

adorable things for my siblings..I'm glad to have that done. I only have to order one more gift online for Ju

(shhh), and find something for my dad. Seriously. My dad is SO hard to get gifts for. lol! 

Every few years or so we switch out whether we get color lights, or white. (Usually we swap when they die,

lol). Forgive me, but I can't wait until these ones do. ;P I love elegant trees. Silver, gold and glitter. Pow.

You've got me. I love tinsel, shiny things, bulbs—matching ornaments. And elegant white/creamish lights. I

think it would be deliciously fun one year to have a real tree. I have a friend that gets a real tree for Christmas,

and she says "it smells like Christmas." I suppose I've never really smelled Christmas before then. lol! I

strung the Christmas tree this year, as you can see. *grin*

As you may have noticed, the tree isn't decorated other than lights. Well, it's our family tradition to move to

tree from our dining room into our living room on Christmas Eve night—and get our all the decorations

and decorate as a family while listening to Christmas music. :D I remember when I was..6 or so playing with little

doll house people in the branches of the tree. We turned all the lights out, except for the tree lights. My sisters

and I played there were different houses, neighbors, villages, ect. That really was such fun. <3

Oh, and a week from today is Christmas Eve..yikess peopleee! 

who is the hardest in your family to find a gift for?

colorful or white lights?

dilemma || noah's ark quilt

Monday, December 14, 2015

I haven't finished Christmas shopping yet.. *nervous chuckle* Yes, I know, I should. Really I should. oh, and I misplaced the Christmas see, it snowed a couple times this year—then melted. (I don't love snow, but it's awesome for Christmas, and as you can imagine, it simply crushed my spirit).
For the past few days it has rained.
Yes. Rained.
See my dilemma? How can I get in the Christmas spirit, when there isn't a speck of snow..and the weather feels like March! Seriously. 50 degree weather in DECEMBER. #whatisupwiththis
People, last year—we were in the -20 degrees. Yes, notice that little negative mark.

I got this baby quilt to embroider two years ago, Every winter or so I take it out and work on it a bit. (yeah, winter hobbies. lol) I picked out the "Noah's Ark", Okay, all the animals are adorbs to embroider..but the boat and rainbow are both simply too large and dreading. ;P I mean, look at that adorable elephant—and that huge boat that looks really small in the photo. It's gigantic. Believe me.
Just look at all that embroidery floss. Just look at it!
Each one of those strands is cut in half.
Then each of those halves are then separated into three sections then embroidered with. *nervous laugh* yeah, and I have to use all of that.

Oh, and look at this website to officially freak out at how soon Christmas is. *nods* Just watch the seconds tick. You're welcome.

do you have any suggestions on my dilemma?
what is the coldest is has ever gotten for you?

"what is THAT?" || night on a cot

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A sneak peak of my room tour!
You see, there was this sale on I bought a whole thing of grey. ;) After loading most of my furniture out and momentarily dumping it in other rooms (bahaha), Julia and I started rolling and painting. After painting the whole room, we painted the trim with a fresh coat of white. (IT LOOKS AWESOME)

And after the trim, we moved to Julia's room and painted her trim. Then, wacko people as we are we decided to paint her bed white to match her room decor. Julia started slapping paint on it, exclaiming that she already hated it. (she often decides things before she sees the result ;) ) But I could see how adorable it would be in my head, and finally she got painting so bad that I said, "Get out! I'll finish it. Seriously. Get out!" Anyhow, I convinced her that I could finish and she headed out. Every time she came in, she groaned. I told her "get out, it'll look adorable. Trust me." And, after it dried and we put the bedding on. As I said, it looked adorable. ;P 

My room smelled filled with paint fumes, much too fumy sleep in, (it was in no condition to sleep in anyhow, as my bed was in the middle of the room, and my furniture had been momentarily moved) so I loaded a cot into Ju's room. We were just about to turn out the lights when I heard a buzzing sound.
Me: "What is THAT" 
Julia: "What is what?"
I look over and spot a huge bee buzzing about two feet away from me: "BEE!" I pulled the covers over my head and stated, "I am NOT going to bed until that thing is dead."
I was not risking another sting. That thing was huge. Last time as you may know my arm got all swollen, resulting in me having to get an Epipen.

Thankfully, Julia killed it with a lotion bottle. #sistersrock

what color paint is your room?
do you have an older sister to kill all the "bugs" for you?
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