abandoned onion factory || brownies

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Every once in a while Bree will call me and ask if I will come take some photos with her. Sometimes we can drag Julia along, lol, and this time we were able to. We went out back where the old barn, old onion factory, and old silos are. It's pretty dangerous to go in the buildings, so we usually use them as our background shots. Pretty cool looking, huh? The whole time passing around the camera I'm like, "AH! I see a photo!" ;)

I made some brownies today. We have this really awesome recipe that doesn't take any butter, just oil...and tastes SUPER good. XD Like, YUM. :D Do you have any favorite recipes?

Do you ever have this?:
It's a problem at night when you go in your room, turn your lights on, pull your shades, pick up your room, get in your pajamas...then sit down and think to yourself, "what should I do tonight?" when you know very well you should be writing.
But...reading, or painting and listening to an audio book is just too tempting. One of those usually wins over then you keep complaining at how you should be writing, but don't....*ahem*
Yeah, I'm totally not one of those people...not...

aren't old buildings the coolest?
do you ever feel like you have "too many hobbies?"

a sip of lattee || condiment crazy

Saturday, January 23, 2016

We are the condiment family.....seriously. I hadn't realized it until  a bit..but we are the family who loves ketchup,

mustard (me anyways, lol), hot sauce, mayo, bbq, ect., ect., ect. 

I dared my friend to eat a spoonful of hotsauce (because she dared me to drink coffee). And I was shocked to

learn they didn't have any. (not having hot sauce in our family is like...a tragedy.) She didn't have any mustard

either. whaa?! 

Anyways, I did drink a sip of a lattee. *GASP* It wasn't horrid, yet, hot cocoa is a hundred times better. *grin*

Oh, and she hasn't eaten the mayo. Yet. hahahahaaa.

As you all very well know, Julia is something. *bolds, underlines, and makes word italic to emphasize* 

I was taking a photo for my blog of some candles. (they didn't end up here because I didn't like how the photo

turned out). Anyways, the whole time trying to take the photo:

*Julia blows out candles*

Me: "Julia! SERIOUSLY!"

*Julia laughs, then tries to blow them out as I am lighting them*

*me shields the candles while laughing, "stop it! I'm trying to take a photo!" 

Like I said, shes something. 

are you 'condiment crazy?'

do you have that kind of siblings?

the brilliant problem-solving idea || tripod

Monday, January 18, 2016

I've been keeping my eye out for a tripod online and in the stores..but they were just too expensive. Last night we stopped at a thrift shop..and guess what?! I found an awesome tripod for $4. Perfect. I have yet to play around with it, do any of you know what it to use it for, and what to not use it for?

About a month ago, I decided to rewrite my novella. (which you may have heard about). My first draft was about 33k. Pretty good, I thought, but I wish it was more. (yeah, perfectionist here. ;P) 
I came up with a brilliant idea to rewrite my novella and expand the word count to make it a novel. This solved my problems! After planning some things out, I got started. Cringing a bit at the beginning, trying to figure out what to do with...this.

Then I got it. A brilliant idea. Ya know, the one to fix it up, solve my problems and add the word count that I wanted. My first draft was pretty bare, so I'm aiming for atleast  40k (though I'm expecting more) and hoping for around 50k. :D 

(oh yes, and don't we all love Mrs. Olson? Little house is wonderful to watch while painting. ;) ) 

 what good deals have you found?
Is it just me, or should there be a January/February NaNo?

success || on the radio

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

After you set out all your brushes, paints, water and paper you have to decide what to paint. Sometimes inspiration just comes, sometimes you have to randomly start drawing something. Watercolor does take a while to paint, but it's very relaxing and enjoyable. :D Above you can see some of my art... ;)

Today I tried curling my hair again, surprisingly, this time it worked. I think last time when I tried too big chunks of hair, this time I tried smaller and it curled much easier. Actually, when I do curl my hair, it lasts for a long time, normally into the next day. Curling it didn't take too long for me, and I tried curling it the same day I washed my hair (normally I had tried second day hair, as people had said worked better). Not sure it that made a difference or not. lol.

Yesterday Julia and I were making dinner, (which was meatball subs with potato salad) we had the radio on (duh!) and the challenge they were doing was on. It's a challenge called Bible or Not, where they give a phrase and you have to say whether you think it's in the Bible, or not. To get in, you have to be the fifth caller. Well, Julia grabbed the phone and dialed the number and ran up stairs. I continued making the potato salad until I heard a sibling saying that Julia got on the radio. Sure enough, she had! She ended up winning a new music CD by someone she doesn't even know...supposed to be one of the top CD's..and was upset she didn't get something by Josh Wilson. LOL. Oh, Julia. ;)

do you use a curling wand, or iron?
have you ever gotten on the radio?

"prettyful" || the hair problem

Saturday, January 9, 2016

I bought these smaller bulletin boards that Julia helped me put up on my wall once I realized I just didn't have

enough room to pin up all my art. I just needed more space to pin up art from siblings, things from friends in

the mail, and drawings and such. So my siblings made these cardboard cameras where you "take the photo"

and pull out an image you drew. ;) Adorbs! 

My youngest sister: "Say cheese!"

Me after she shows me photo: "That's a bad photo of me."

To which she replied: "uh uh, you is prettyful!"

My hair is super, super, super finicky. Like seriously, I can't get it to curl for the life of me. 

I spent 45 minutes one time just to get a curl with the curling iron. Fail.

I spend 30 minutes using the heat curlers. Fail. 

If I want extreme curls, I use the overnight curlers. But I don't like extreme curls. Sometimes, french braiding it

over night works. In other words, my hair just doesn't curl. 

So I got this book a while back to review, and dried the new "style" of blow drying my hair. 

Normally, if I blow dry it...Poof! Disaster. :P 

If I left it and let it dry normally, I had extremely flat hair. 

So I found this new technique of blow drying hair.  yeah, sure, righttt. That's totally going to make a 


Well, I was wrong. lol. It works great! So great, that even *GASP* Julia now has me doing her hair. lol. ;)


what texture hair do you have?

what is your hair routine?

the movies at midnight || power outage

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

You know what people, it's really cold. Too cold. *see above for photos of snow to make you shiver* This morning, I woke up, glanced over at my clock, blinked, and noticed it was off. Strange. So I reached to my right and switched my lamp on—to no avail. Great. The power is out. I shut my eyes in bed for a few moments before I groggily slid out of bed.
I am really not a morning person.
I went downstairs and found my mom in the kitchen filling a pot with water, which resulted in me asking, "What are you doing with that?"
"An experiment—I'm going to try boiling this water on the woodstove," she replied.
"Will that pot be okay?"
"Should be." lol!

So the other night my mom and sister randomly looked up to see if Star Wars was playing in the theater nearby us. It was. So after talking about it (after all, it was 9:30 at night), we decided to go. lol. Yeah, in the dark, on the somewhat snowy roads. We stopped at the Dollar store to get some treats to "smuggle" in. (doesn't everyone do that?!) We went and saw the 9:30 showing until midnight. lol.
Hey, that's a night we'll always remember. ;)

BTW, the power came on soon after thankfully, it was only off for a total of less than 2 hours. lol.

are you a morning person?
have you ever gone to the theater at night?
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