"beware of algebra" || the foreign language of anatomy

Friday, February 26, 2016

I'd advise you against helping a sibling study for an anatomy test...spare yourself of the embarrassment of even daring to utter such nonsense.
Why can't they make the words even slightly understandable?

Dear me people, algebra. For years I listened to all people complain of the thing.
"Beware of algebra."
"I about died from algebra."
"Wait until you get into algebra."
Quite daunting. Hm?
I'm here to give you some hope, people! It isn't that bad.
...And it isn't that great either. I can't say I enjoy it, can't say I hate it. There's a drop of hope for you. :P The problems aren't hard, my thing is the amount of math problems I get.
*dies* I calculated the problems....I have completed a total of: 1,704 math problems thus far.

...why must there be such a thing algebra II?

if you do algebra, do you find it hard?
do you enjoy math?

prayer journal || a taste of summer

Monday, February 22, 2016

I recently got this idea to start a prayer journal...I talked a bit about it with a close friend (you know who you are, you awesome person you). I thought it would be a great way to grow deeper with the Lord. Every day I've been painting a quote, encouraging note or something on every other page. It's become my nightly routine to write my prayers before I hit off to bed.
After I write in my prayer journal I'll read a chapter or two or a book. I've really enjoyed it, it's a good way to watch yourself grow as well and be able to "get it out" sometimes. ;)

When I think of summer I think of: birds chirping, fresh air, green loveliness, t-shirts, capris, and bare feet. << pretty much my life in the summer.
I've gotten a taste of that today...*whispers* I opened my window. All the way. *shrieks in delight.* And I'm wearing shorts, my painting shorts because I was painting a little table for my room. lol.
Sadly, it's only a teasing. For the weather predicts horridness later this week. :P

Do any of you fellow photographers out there relate to the, "I can't wait for summer so I can take photos of something other than depressing brownness." Or is it just me? :P

do you have a prayer journal?
when you hear the word 'summer', what comes to mind?

music crazy || don't look closely

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A friend of mine sent me an Etsy shop that sells camera strap scarves. They really were adorable, but I about died at the price. $30-60?! My seamstress of a sister informed me that the fabric would cost $4 tops. I got my fabric for $1, and only used half the amount I got.

Sewing through leather is tough. Gosh, okay. So we were able to get through part of it before the needle on the sewing machine bent.
So I got out a needle and managed to stitch through a couple stitches before that bent.
I got out a super duper thick needle and began painstakingly pulling it through.
Me: "Never look at this stitching."

P.S. you know the problem with trying to take a photo of your camera strap?....you have to take it off your camera to take the photo. *ahem* so I'll work on that photo soon.

P.P.S. isn't my little sister just adorable?! She just loves music. ;)

have you ever seen those adorable camera straps?
are you 'music crazy?'

painting at midnight || "stop kidding around."

Saturday, February 13, 2016

I was finishing up a contest for my sisters for the bread they were making. (everything is competition lol) I just had to finish up all the baking and different stuff because they went into town to run some errands.
So I had to call them to ask how to transfer this weird new kind of bread.
Me: Scrolls around phone directory to find the number and listen...
Them: "Hello?"
Me: "Hey, so how do I transfer this bread?"
Them: "......um...."
Me: "You know, the bread."
Them: "What bread?...."
Me: .........
Suddenly I make the realization that the voice doesn't quite sound like Julia. (It sounded like she had a cold. I thought she was just joking around.)
Me: OH MY GOSH. *hangs up*
Then I had a laughing fit.

And I seriously almost said, "Julia, stop kidding around."

Ya know those nights when you have the urge to write, read, or do something you are interested in? Well, I had that at midnight the other night...I wanted to paint. hahahaaa. So I painted. See the results? Maybe I should do more midnight painting?
have you ever accidentally called the wrong number?
do you ever just have a sudden urge to do something?

11 writing tips for my writerly readers

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

  • Make it simple. Keep one notebook for your your whole story. With ALL the information you need. Just one notebook. 
  • Get a red pen. Somehow it helps. *shrugs*

  • Take your time where you are, and focus in making it flow. Don't get excited about your next part and jump. It's called "jumpiness." << bad thing.
  • DO NOT. Whatever you do, DO NOT compare with other people's writing. It does not help whatsoever.
  • Word War. Find a writing buddy, and war to your hearts content. (you won't believe how easily the words add up).

  • Don't check out half a billion (exaggerating here), books from your library. You learn from writing. So write
  • Do basic formatting as you go. It helps relieve the dauntingness in the end. << Blogger protests this isn't a word, but my friend informed me otherwise. lol!
  • Read what you write. See if it flows. Read aloud, (embarrassing, yes, but helpful. You are allowed to whisper.) 

would you like to see pictures of my "writing system?"
what writing problems do you struggle with?

the unreliable imaginary step || did you write??

Friday, February 5, 2016

Innocently walking upstairs (in the pitch black dark) lifting your foot to the last step and WHAM. You trusted that step with your whole soul, and wham, it just abandoned you. Your foot faced empty air because you really believed in that step, resulting in a mini heart attack.
Then you continue to stumble over the chair in the hallway. Smart. Blame it on darkness people!

Do you have this "routine" you go through? My friend and writing buddy, Hannah, and I go through this every. single. time. we talk.
One of us will ask: "Did you write???"and either reply:
ashamedly: "nooooooooo..." or
"YES YES YES. I WROTE CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?" << More often I'm more enthusiastic because I've been going through writers block lately. lol.

So I showed this to Hannah (to get her permission to post about her, lol).
Hannah: "Soooo how is writing?"
Me: *facepalm*

have you ever tried word warring?
do you have an awesome writing buddy?

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