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Monday, March 28, 2016

I received this email with a coupon for $10 to Snapfish.
Me: *thinks* "I can get some of those free square prints I've been wanting.."
So my sisters and I scrolled through Pinterestland searching for adorable things to print. 50 things to be exact.

Me while loading all 50 photos: " sure takes a lot of work getting something free."
Dad: "It's not completely free if it takes time."
Me: .............

But they did turn out super adorable, didn't they? #campnanoinspiration

BTW I'm never sarcastic. Nooooooo. Never.

*Much thanks to Pinterest for adorable, inspirational, pinteresty things. And thanks to Snapfish, this post wouldn't be the same without them. XD*

p.s. happy (late) Easter! He is Risen!

do you often try to get "free" things?
are you sarcastic?

to wear green, or not to wear green || pancake competition

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

For St. Patrick's day I just wasn't in the green mood, (strange, really). So I decided to paint my nails green to avoid pinches. My family said I was cheating, but hey. It was green, wasn't it?!
(I did get a couple pinches in the end, lol).

As you know, Julia and I compete in about everything, (fun sisterly competition. lol). Julia was making pancakes, and so we competed to see who could make the most round, golden pancakes.
Julia: "Mine are fluffier."
Me: "Mine are golden."
Julia: "So are mine."
Me: "Yours are half pale!"
We were laughing like crazy in the kitchen, so much so, that my dad called over and asked, "what the commotion was about," to which I replied, "what commotion?" lol!

Camp NaNo is coming up people! I'll be doing a full super, duper post on this soon, will you be joining in on the crazy adventure?

P.S. I updated my pages at the top..check them out! 

did you wear green for St. Patricks day?
are you competitive?

lighting + thunder = rain || donuts for breakfast

Thursday, March 17, 2016

It was dark.
and I mean darrrrkkkk.
Pitch black to be exact. With flashes of blue now and again. Booms of thunder shook the house.
*ahem* you may have gathered there was a thunderstorm. Anddd, we lost power. It was night, or, er, early morning. (2:36 A.M. to be exact) I had brought my little sister in my bed because she woke from the storm.

"Lightning is quiet, and thunder is loud," she whispers in my ear, "and when you mix them together, it makes rain."
Me: "oh, really?"
"uh huh."

When a huge blue strike of lighting flashed in the room followed by a quake of thunder, she again whispers in my ear: "'That was the biggest thunder I ever heared" (a.k.a 'heard')

How can anyone get asleep in all that cuteness? She just wraps her arms around you and just snuggles in a ball. #soadorable

do you often lost power from storms?
do you like the dark?

stuck in the mud || photographer disease

Monday, March 14, 2016

My sisters and I decided to take a walk the other night. A while into our walk, a car started coming down the road.
Now, I look rather strange. With my blue sneakers, pinkish orange striped tunic with leggings along with a grey GAP sweatshirt and a printed blue camera strap. Don't ask.
We decide to start walking in the field. Then, we start running as soon as we realized how very muddy it was to escape being sucked in by the muck.
Very. Muddy. So muddy, in fact, I lost my shoe in the mess. (Thanks's sis for retrieving it. :P )
Adventurous, aren't we?

Julia: *points to sky* "Look!"
Bree and I simultaneously jerk cameras to take photos of the bright moon.
Julia: *groans* "Can't you just enjoy it?"
Me: "Sorry. Photographer disease."

have you ever run in a patch of mud? (doesn't work too well)
do you have the 'photographers disease?'

strawberry art || oh, the possibilities

Thursday, March 10, 2016

My room is the prior sewing room..resulting in me finding many lovely pins on the ground. 

(Normally by stepping on them). Seriously, I can't get rid of all of them.

Stepping on a pin isn't to bad, it's when you step on one and walk in the same second.

Don't do that.

It hurts. :P

I've shared this 8GB memory card for over a year now with my sisters, and it just kept filling up awful fast.

So I went online.

Me: "Another 8GB card would be good."

Me: "Well, a 16GB card isn't that much more."

Me: "...might as well spend a couple extra dollars and get a 32GB card." I got the 32GB memory card two days later (LOVE YOU AMAZON PRIME), stuck it in my camera and boom.

Me: *GASPS* 7,771 photos to take!

Oh, the possibilities.

if you have a camera, how much space do you have?

have you ever stepped on a pin?

my non-belief in mountains || don't sneeze

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Getting colds are quite dreadful. You practically must sit up in bed all night, for fear of suffocation.

A friend of mind also informed me that your heart stops when you sneeze.


so, whatever you do. Don't sneeze too much.

Did you also know that some people also sneeze from the reaction of the bright sun? (I'm one of those people..)

I'm in this writing rut at the moment. You know why?

...I can't describe mountains. I have never seen mountains. Therefore, I have a hard time making them huge, and

describing trekking through mountain terrain.

For some reason, I just can't get past that. :P

have any tips for describing surroundings?

do you sneeze in reaction the sun?

wipeout || "are all those books yours?..."

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Those few seconds when you go over the jump backwards and do a roll down the hill and finally you're just sprawled down at the bottom of the hill and you're just like, "did that just happen?"
Me: "I'm dead."
Julia: *from top of hill* "Hold still, let me take a pic."
Me: ......

Where we went sledding was right across the street from our Julia and I hopped on over. Snowy stuff and all.
I hadn't been to the library for a while, so I uh, kinda got a lotta books. Just kinda.
Dad: "Are all those books yours?.."
Me: "Yeeaahhhhhh.."

Which reminds me, I have to order some more books. ;P

isn't sledding just awesome?
do you often get stacks of books?

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