one of those park days || windblown

Monday, April 25, 2016

It was one of those park days. One of those days you just feel like being a kid again.
One of those where you just sit around on the monkey bars and hang out. One of those days when you feel like the “tough customers.” << You will only get that if you have ever watched Arthur. If you know what I’m speaking of, you are totally cool.

Julia and I have this thing with those amazing swing sets at parks, so did a challenge to see who could go the highest (ALWAYS competing, I know, I know). I have no idea who won because my hair was in my face the whole time.
Julia: “GO HIGHER!”
Me: *struggling to pull back hair and swing at the same time* “I CAN’T. I’m eating my hair!”

P.S. I reached 30k!! Only 5 days left of camp. XD 

have you ever just sat around on the monkey bars?
do you sometimes “eat your hair” because of the wind?

the day my sister hacked my blog || sun burn

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

So I came back from hanging out with friends the other evening and when I was talking with Julia, I mentioned that I still hadn't replied to my blog comments. She gave me this odd, sheepish look. 
The guilty look.
"Julia Ryan!" I realized what she had done.
Little Miss Hacker, hacked into my blogger account and replied to a couple of my comments from my last post. Like, seriously Julia.
Do you all want to know how she hacked into my blog? My stinker of a sister plotted this whole thing.

First, she faked the innocent "forgot password" (of course, Julia can't remember and of her own passwords for the life of her let alone know mine), then she went into the recovery email and got in from there. And boy, if she was trying to sound like me. She failed.
Oh, and I will add that she just happened to mention her name in every. single. comment. *rolls eyes* seriously Julia?

oh, and of course the first sunny warm day of the year..I burnt my neck because there was no shade outside. At all. But guess what? The leaves on the trees are budding. EEEK. GREEN.

did any of you notice that "I" sounded a little different? 
can you pick out who Julia replied to? (comment below with your answers)

a peek of summer || "I've got the shots!"

Saturday, April 16, 2016

You know it's spring/summer when you go outside to play basketball for an hour with your siblings and when you come back in you discover you have been bitten about 9 times by mosquitoes.
Yup. Here comes summer.

We were walking along the path and this guy with a dog went by (if you know Julia really well, she is allergic to them. arg.) So I started forming this plot in my head:
"Julia," I hissed as the guy walked by, "what if you start hysterically screaming and run away, and I'll run after you and yell, 'It's okay Julia, I've got your shots!'"
Julia: "Let's do it."

We found this little cove around the river bend and set up my sisters hammock by the creek, then Julia and I waded in the river and sat on rocks.  (I got off when I saw this huge, creepy looking spider on a log next to me). (Hammocks make you want to take a nap. XD )

Today I should reach 20k on my book, which is a little less than halfway. XD

do the mosquitoes "eat you alive?"
aren't sisters the best to form plots with?

odd weather || my 6 ft. desk

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I'm really not getting this weather...
last week:  *snows*
this week: *70 degree weather*
me: whaaaaa???

I have this thing for long desks. The other day my dad found this 6 ft. desk and picked it up for me, (thanks, dad!) I had been wanting a longer desk to fit in my room for a while now, and this one looks perfect, (and totally adorable).
I've always liked roll top desks, but knowing myself, I'd just shut the top to get rid of the mess. lol. *guilty*

I'm the girl who organizes every single art/craft item in mason jars and put all my favorite pens away (no touch-y,) but, I'm also the girl who either will make her bed in the morning, or won't, because I just don't feel like it. XD I believe clean rooms are easier to focus and think in, but Julia says her messy desk helps her. O.o

P.S. camp nano's going great. Reached 15k yesterday!

do you often have odd weather?
what is your desk like? do you prefer clean, or "messy?"

me? a math teacher? HA || april snows

Saturday, April 9, 2016

So this Algebra thing. (Yeah, I know, again.) I'm memorizing this quadratic formula, (for which I have no reason


Math teacher: "Because if someday you want to build a rocket—"

Me: Yeah, sure, rightttt.

Math teacher: "...become an engineer or a math teacher—"

Me: Especially not the latter.

Math teacher: "Even if you don't, it's handy to know this because you may use it someday in other life scenarios."

Me: ...why?...

Okay, okay, it's not that bad. I don't mind it too much, sometimes I even enjoy it. *distant gasping*

I'll trade algebra for geometry any day. Just keep geometry away from me.

For all you snoops out there, (hahaha, hello fellow snoop), you may have noticed my word count on the nano

site above. I actually have more since then. I'm at about 12k, though, I'll reach 13k today.

BTW where is spring? Or those 'April showers?' ...all I'm seeing is 'April snows.' :P 

algebra or geometry?

has spring arrived where you live?

headphones rock || camp nano rules

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Did you know that headphones make music a thousand times better?
If you crank the sound up, you can practically get rid of every single distracting sound.
(just don't crank it up too loud. You don't want a headache, lol).

Why is it that with Camp NaNo you can write like nuts, and normal life it's like, "I just didn't have time.."
I don't get it.
I've written 4k in the last 4 days. I haven't written that much in a couple weeks because of writers block. did that happen? Why can't I always do this? What's the trick?
I have no idea, but I love it. (plus it's totally fun watching the words add up so quickly).

I'm the girl who goes into the store and my first stop is the office isle.
I can't help myself.
All that paper. All those wonderful pens to try. Deliciously colorful folders to fill. Sticky notes to stick. Highlighters to test. Index cards to plot. Erasers for mistakes.
..I could go on.

are you an 'office isle girl'?
what kind of music do you love?

the force || 15 hours without power

Friday, April 1, 2016

A week or so ago we lost power for 15 hours. 15 hours people! On a cold, freezing, icy day (hence the power outage). It was cold.
I layered leggings, jeans, a long-sleeved shirt and a pulled a sweatshirt on myself and went downstairs. (We had lost power at about 5:30 A.M.)
Half of my family were tucked in blankets on the couch. To keep warm, we competed in jumping rope.
Bad idea.
I was SO sore the next day. I couldn't even walk down the stairs. *note to self: don't ever jump rope again.*

I went to the dentist the other day, and while I was there I thought of this pin Julia and I had uncontrollably laughed at a few days before;
I struggled, 'kay, I almost burst out laughing. I about choked. Seriously.

do you get sore from "exercising?"
isn't it hard to keep from laughing sometimes?

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