my canon rebel t5

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Randomly searching around online at DSLR's I noticed the Canon website had marked down their prices.  Baffled, I clicked on it, thinking of course, it couldn't be true. After looking around, I discovered that it was true. 

My EXACT dream camera, and my EXACT dream lens were both on a major sale.
I decided to think on it, and prayed for God to show me if I should get it or not. Then I thought that maybe a friend of mine (a fellow photographer) would like to know about the sale as well. So I hopped on over to  message her, and saw she had messaged me. She had sent me the link with the EXACT same camera, telling me  about the sale.

um, God, can you be any more clear? That sale had been going on for a couple weeks and she just "happened" 

So here's a couple pics from the T5, I cannot wait to take many more pics with this thing lol.

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