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Friday, May 27, 2016

Wellllllll, you may have noticed something different around here. *ahem* Yup. I updated the design. I got this awesomeness off Etsy. Pretty neat, huh?

Along with the new design AND a new DSLR I have another something new for you all...Julia and I have been brainstorming and we came up with the idea for a photography prompt challenge.
Well, we're creating a pinterest group board to post our daily photo prompts on.
Even more interested? Perhaps you'd like to join us.

Sign up before the 1st so you can start with the fresh new month. We'd love to have you!

are you interested? did you sign up?
what do you think of the changes around here?

my canon rebel t5 || "maybe it was lost"

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Randomly searching around online at DSLR's I noticed the Canon website had marked down their prices. 

Baffled, I clicked on it, thinking of course, it couldn't be true. After looking around, I discovered that it was true. 

My EXACT dream camera, and my EXACT dream lens were both on a major sale.

I decided to think on it, and prayed for God to show me if I should get it or not. Then I thought that maybe a

friend of mine (a fellow photographer) would like to know about the sale as well. So I hopped on over to 

message her, and saw she had messaged me. She had sent me the link with the EXACT same camera, telling me 

about the sale.

um, God, can you be any more clear? That sale had been going on for a couple weeks and she just "happened" 

(ha, yeah, right) to message me THE exact day I had found it myself.

So I ordered it and waited. I waited four days (it really wasn't that bad). The morning of the scheduled delivery I

checked the tracking. Out for delivery. Four minutes exactly 12:00 the beloved, white Fedex truck pulled

into the driveway. I raced to the door.

I waited for a good solid three minutes (it felt longer) as the Fedex guy dug through the truck to find it.

"Maybe it was lost," my dad joked.

Once I got the box in my hands, I ripped it open and sighed at the beauty of it all. It felt perfect in my hands. 

Like it was made for me.

In the end, both my friend and I ended up getting our dream DSLR's. I got my Canon Rebel T5 with the 50mm

lens and the kit lens. The camera I thought I *might* get in the near future.

i can't wait for the adventures yet to come.

the alphabet game || "rock climbing"

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Long car rides make for interesting games.
Like when you are on the highway for hours and you start up the "alphabet" game by going through the alphabet and finding words (on signs, cars, license plates, ect.) going through A to Z.
We actually made it through the whole alphabet, (kinda cheated with the letter X, a license plate on a car had to substitute lol).

"Rock climbing" is hard. Well, that wall was anyways. Like, when you got just about up there—your hands started slipping until you had to jump off because you couldn't get a grip. I just sat there staring as six year olds climbed it with ease.
I have gone rollerblading and ice skating before, (had a huge purple bruise to prove it) but it was super fun. ;)

P.S. I have a huge surprise for you all coming up in my next prepared!

do you have any game suggestions for long car rides?
have you ever gone actual rock climbing, ice skating or rollerblading?

the hair eating fan || painting adventures

Monday, May 16, 2016

I live in an old farmhouse, and over here, we like to paint things.
A lot.
As you know, I painted my room last year and since then, I've been wanting to paint my closet. So Julia and I painted it all a creamish white. (I was sick of the wood. ugh. so dark.)

After that, I decided to paint my bedstead. I was working on it, and the fan was right behind me. A strand of my hair got sucked into the fan and I pushed the fan back.
As the fan wound around knocked over a full glass of water spilling ALL OVER the fan. My first instinct was to rip out the plug then tell Julia to get a towel while I shook the water out of the fan.

"What happened?" Julia grabbed the fan, dripping it all over everything in the process.
"It was eating my hair! So I pushed it back," I put my hand on the freshly, wet, painted bedstead. Then pulled it back with a wince. My hand was layered with white paint.
Thankfully, the fan was fine and everything got painted with no further...adventures.

P.S. I Love Lucy is da best show for painting


do you like changing things up by painting?
has a fan ever "eaten" your hair?

I cut my hair || when you can't sneeze

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I cut my hair.
Like, I did it. Like, 5 INCHES OFF. It was just getting too long for summer, so I chopped it off. Don't you hate the feeling when the scissors are just about to go snip and in that moment you consider backing out. :P

Me while getting my hair cut: "It's a good thing you don't feel your hair when it's getting cut."
To which my sister replied: "Yeaahhh, that would be painful."

Oh, I didn't get another update pictures yet from when I "dyed" it with lemon juice and other stuff. Whoops.

Spring is HERE. FINALLY. The other day I walked out into a cornfield with my notebook and pen and just sat there in the middle of the field for about 20 minutes just writing a page full of description, thoughts and random things. Just listening to the wind ripple around me and the birds chirping. It's just an amazing feeling. God created such a AWE-some world. :D

The worst things about colds have to be when you feel like sneezing, but can't. And you just sit there, waiting with this weirdest look on your face. :P

have you ever regret a haircut?
do you ever feel like sneezing, but can't?

a box with wheels || sleeping by bears

Thursday, May 5, 2016

 So at this zoo we went to, you can sleep in a camp right above the hill where the bears are kept.
Like, no thankssss.
Never. Nope. Not me.

How strange we humans are. We ride in this SMALL box with wheels to get to this place where we see animals in cages as entertainment. We pay to ride camels around in a circle (I didn't, lol), and we buy feed to toss at birds.
...we are strange.
Can you imagine how many times God looks down and just laughs at us?

Note to self: Next time I do NaNo, finish my book in the month. Just do it.
Note to self: Don't ever take a break after NaNo.
Note to self: Stop getting ideas in the middle of my book. It makes editing a pain.

P.S. otters are totally adorable. <3

would you ever sleep nearby bears?
do you ever ponder how strange we humans are?

"stop wandering off!" || dangerous procrastination

Sunday, May 1, 2016

The other day Julia and I were walking through all the craft aisles, with me ooh-ing and ahh-ing at every. single. craft. item. oh, gosh, look at all that amazing stuff. XD
I turned around, and Julia was gone.
"Juliaaa," I rolled my eyes and walked down the aisle. Peering around the corner, I find Julia looking at all the cooking items, "stop wandering off," I grabbed her arm to drag her away.
"I'm not-" she pulled away from my arm to walk away again, "ooh, look at this."
"Stop acting like a kid," I arched my eyebrows before following her.

aaaannndd, that's what it's like shopping with Julia. XD

For all you people out there who think Julia is my YOUNGER sister *inserts evil laugh*, she is the older one. (But you can think what you want, hhahahaa)

Camp NaNo is overrrr! I can't believe that month is gone. For the last two days I procrastinated dangerously until I ended up writing at 1 A.M. :P #notrecommended
But, I DID finish. I won at 35k. *dies*
It was a good month. I only felt like quitting a few times. And my cabin mates were awesommmee. Sometimes writing was painful, writing horrible words that I knew I am scratching. Other times, it was super.

Overall, it was a good camp session. See you in July, NaNo!

do you enjoy wandering the craft aisles?
if you participated in NaNo, how much did you write?

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