going book crazy || FREE ice cream

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Every time I go to the library I seriously feel like I take half of it home with me. When I get home to put them on my shelves struggling to make them fit I wonder what in the world I was thinking.

After staring at all those books we ran (not literally) over to get some ice cream because we got some free coupons from summer reading, (you can't go wrong with FREE ice cream. I mean, come on.)

While waiting in line to order, this tiny (1 year old?) from the table nearby wandered over to me. Her soft blonde hair curled around her hair in soft wisps. She stared at me with her sparkling blue eyes (and I mean, sparkling) so intently until she was standing right in front of me. Just gazing up at me.

SHE WAS SO ADORABLE. I am not kidding. I would have taken a photo—but you just don't go around taking photos of random kids, do you? But really, she was ADORABLE.

P.S. Camp NaNo starts soon!! :D

what flavor of ice cream is your favorite?
aren't some toddlers so cute you just want to hold them forever?? AH.

i am a nerd || effected by paint fumes

Friday, June 24, 2016

Walking through the library with a stack of books two feet high rested under my chin I looked like a 

nerd. 5 inch thick world history books at that. I think I might have pulled something in my arm as I looked around

for Julia, holding the books so they wouldn't all slip to the ground with a clatter.

That would have been embarrassing.

In case you are wondering why I was carrying 5 inch thick history books around, the simple answer is: i am

a writer.

'nough said.

Julia and I have been painting my parents room..and well, after the second coat on the walls wall (we still need

another coat) Julia started getting annoyed that she was so messy painting and that I, apparently, am too neat.

So she slapped her paint-y brush on my legs then continued to roll her roller all over me.

Some sister, you'd say? Julia does get a little odd with paint fumes.

*shrugs* I considered splatting paint in her hair. But, yeah. I didn't. I guess that's just how Julia and I are.

It's kinda fun.

do you ever look like a nerd?

would your sibling paint all over you?

strawberry picking || "look out for the tree!"

Monday, June 20, 2016

People, people, people. Strawberries are amazing. They taste like summer. Summer + strawberries = amazingness. The strawberry farm we have been going to for over 10 years to actually sold last year and we were worried the new owners were going to shut it down, but, thankfully they didn't. xD
It was the perfect day for picking. Nice and overcast...until, the sun shot through the clouds and seriously scorched my back. You coulda' cooked an egg on the cement.
Today's weather as forcasted? "HOT." << yeah, that's really what it says.

So my grandpa got this new ATV thing..and, well..Julia and I got in with him and started going around 40mph down the road, (so my grandpa says, I have no idea. I was screaming). You can seriously watch the ground pass below you in a blur.
It was fast. I really screamed. and it was F-U-N.
"Look out for the tree!" I screeched before he jerked to the left. Oh, grandpa.

P.S. I've got my plot! I came up with an idea and my sister and I brainstormed for a couple hours. I didn't sleep much that night. lol.

do you go strawberry picking?
have you ever ridden an ATV or quad super fast?

shopping at hobby lobby || shattered glass

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Yesterday my sisters and I met up with my friend Hannah (from the Relentless Daydreamer) and her sister to go

on a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby. Like, how awesome can you get?!


"That didn't sound good," I glanced at the sound of shattering glass in the distance.

"Yeah," Hannah added, "hope it wasn't someone we know. That would be embarrassing." 

uh. It actually was someone we knew. But, uh, that person will remain nameless. lololol.

After drooling over everything at Hobby Lobby, (I ended up buying a sword charm and chain to make a 

necklace), we headed over to Steak and Shake and got some fries and shakes. (I got a heath shake. NUM.)

oh, and we of course, had to take some pics with my new dslr, (it goes with me everywhere).

have you ever broken glass in a store?

what kind of shake is your favorite?

an hour of plotting || planting the garden

Friday, June 10, 2016

I don't know how it happened, but somehow, Camp NaNo is starting again in less than a month.
like, whhhaaaaa?!
I believe I've decided on starting a new novel instead of editing for July NaNo. I've been working on my book for over a year and a half, so, starting a new book is going to be interesting (and kinda hard, but fun).
oh, and I totally have the best cabin this month. xD

The other night Julia and I talked for an hour, trying to come up with an idea for my novel (I'm one of those writers who isn't constantly flooded with ideas but has to dig for them. yay), and we ended up spending an hour plotting out Julia's book for NaNo. lol. At least I have a few more weeks, right?

We planted our garden a bit late this year, actually, because a bit of cold weather popped in un-invited. Actually, tomorrow is supposed to be warmer so we might be able to go swimming. :D Can you believe how fast the months are going? I wish it could be summer forever.

are you participating in camp nano next month?
are you constantly flooded with story ideas, or are you "dry as dust" like me?

the day I stole a shirt from my mom || by a single hour

Sunday, June 5, 2016

My mom was showing me this shirt she had gotten from a thrift shop (she was planning on cutting it up for a

project). As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine. 

It had a perfectly sketched out camera on it that looks exactly like mine and says, "let's click." um, can it get


"Nooooo!! You can't cut this up! It's mine."

lol, and as you can see my mom let me have it. I mean, WHO COULD CUT THAT PERFECT THING UP?!

SUMMER READING. *freaks* LIKE, I MUST BEAT JULIA THIS YEAR. (she'll probably get after me for saying that,

but..oh, well.)

*ahem* if you've been following my blog for a while, you may remember last year and Julia's and my 

competition with summer reading.*distant coughing*

She won. BY ONE SINGLE HOUR. It about killed me.

This year, I must prevail! (in a fun sisterly way, *ahem*)

*flies off to read like nuts*

isn't that shirt the most perfect thing you ever saw??

do you participate in summer reading?

the power of words tag || s'mores

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

- thank the person who nominated you (*waves*, THANKS KATIE!
- answer the 6 original text-themed questions
- add a typography/word related question of your own for those you tagged to answer
- tag 6+ bloggers and let them know
- include these rules in your post

(1) - what is your favorite letter of the alphabet?
Well, not X. And not W. (I was pondering the letter W a while ago and found it too odd for my taste). I would have to say T. It's just very interesting.

(2) - three words that you love

(3) - what are three words that you hate?
...algebra. I think that fills all three words of hate. *ahem*

(4) - if you were to create a word, what would it be?

1. supressed laughter; forced silence
(when you are told not to laugh and feel like laughing for no reason)

(5) - what are your three favorite punctuation marks?
Italic. Or parenthesis. Both the perfect way to bug you guys with thoughts without it being confusing. hahahaaaa

(6) - what are your three favorite fonts?
For web design, I'm ALL out on the fonts. *scrambles over to find names*

Katie's question: What is one word that makes you laugh?
because whenever someone asks me that I like to reply "the sky."
...until it gets cheesy and they throw a book at me.

to those who love words and:

P.S. we set up our pool and had a bonfire. it's summer.

what makes summer 'official' for you?
what is your favorite word?

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